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Mark Gutterman: "rich people piss me off".

So you're a Valley kid?

Yeah, I'm from Agora Hills, CA.

You done with high school?

Yeah, I'm 19. But I didn't graduate. I dropped out my senior year.

Why would you go through three years, then quit with only one more year to go?

I couldn't stand it, like learning stuff that doesn't matter. I just wanted to go skate. I did get my GED, if that even matters.

You Valley kids have some weird jargon. Tell me about a hobofest.

It all started when me, Alex and Elliot slept at Deville's house one night after skating all night. Then in the morning Deville's roommates came in and started yelling "hobofest" while we were sleeping. So basically, whenever there are three people, or bobo skaters, it's a hobofest.

So what's bobo?

Someone who's bobo is basically just embarrassing, and makes embarrassing comments. It just makes you embarrassed to be around them.

I hear you get quite angry looking at people's faces?

Yeah, some people's faces just piss me off. I don't know, just looking at it, seeing it, pisses me off. It makes me angry.

Who's face pisses you off the most?

Definitely Matt Mumford's face pisses me off the most. It just pisses me off.

Did you go to Mumford's birthday party?

Yeah. We were the only ones dressed casual. Everyone else was all dressed up and shit. And that fucker made us pay for drinks.

Any good 88 tour stories?

I would have to just say Ed Dominick is fucking crazy. He's a good guy, a good family guy, but he gets crazy when he drinks.

You don't drink?

No, I do. I'm down for it. I like Jack and Coke.

Is it true you hate rich people, specifically entrepreneurs?

Yeah. Those rich people piss me off, driving around in their big cars with their Bush stickers.

So you agree that George W is the devil?

Oh yeah. His face really pisses me off too.

You have a pretty environmentally friendly car.

It's a Ford Tempo. I crashed it though, and it has a bunch of colors on it now. One night I fell asleep driving and hit the center divider and crashed into some other guy. Then he took off.

What do you think of people who make careers off basic stuff?

I don't know. I guess I'm a basic Joe, kind of, I hope not. I guess that shit is pretty bobo. You should always push yourself and do new stuff.

How can someone with the last name Gutterman not have a nickname?

What would it be?

Oh, I don't know. Maybe like Supergutterman, Supermangutter?

I don't know about that.

Would you ever ride for Mountain Dew?

Fuck no.

What about Campbell's soup?

Puck no. It's not all about the money. Selling yourself out is lame, skating for that shit is lame. They don't know shit about skating and they don't care. They're just trying to make extra dollars by making people look bad.

What kind of music do you listen to?

Like, Rilo Kiley and Bright Eyes.

Is that emo shit?

No. It's definitely not emo. Well, what is emo?

Emotional. Like you go to the concert and cry your eyes out.

I didn't cry, but I didn't feel really good.

Tell me about the trouble you used to get in at school?

I didn't really get into trouble.

You've never been to the principle's office with your mom?

Oh shit. One time I put this porno in an Aladdin videotape cover. I was hiding it from my mom. Then I got called into the counselor's office. My mom was standing there crying, holding the Aladdin tape. She was yelling at the counselor, saying I'm watching porno. I made up some stupid excuse, said I was holding it for a friend.

Are you the next Edgar Allen Poe?


Aren't you a poet?

No, not really a poet. I just write things down. Like when I can't sleep at night, I just write down the things I'm thinking about.

Is this drug-induced poetry?

No. It's girl-induced poetry.

Girl induced poetry?

Yeah, one girl. I'm trying to make her like me. Well, just trying to let her know I like her. I'm going to give it to her one day, on the back of a photo I took of her.

What kind of chicks do you go for?

I guess the ones with small boobies. I just like cool girls. I'm over those skimpy, blonde hair, big-boobs chicks.

Then I'd recommend you don't come around the OC.
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