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Mark Abernathy.

Name: Mark Abernathy Age: 41 Title: Owner of Juanita's Mexican Cafe & Bar and Blue Mesa

Yearly updates are necessary to keep track of Mark Abernathy.

In addition to owning and operating two successful Little Rock restaurants, Juanita's and Blue Mesa, Abernathy is involved with a number of organizations.

Last year, it was reported that Abernathy was looking into a trolleybus operation to serve the local convention and tourism trade.

"We're wrapping up the business plan," Abernathy says. "And it appears it is going to tell us that, yes, there's a good market for a trolley system. But it would be difficult to do it without federal or local assistance."

That doesn't mean Abernathy is going to give up. But he's involved in other projects.

"We're working on a major event for August of |92," says Abernathy, who isn't ready to give details about the event.

He does say, "It's not a secret that we're working on a festival."

The festival was scheduled for this year but grew too large to handle.

"We need more time to do it right," Abernathy says.

Time seems to be just what Abernathy needs. He has a full schedule.
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Title Annotation:Our 30 for the 90's - An Update
Publication:Arkansas Business
Date:Sep 16, 1991
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