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Maritime union restructures.

The National Marine Engineers Beneficial Association/National Maritime Union recently announced the restructuring of its Unlicensed Division into two separate units-an Industrial, Technical and Professional Division and an Unlicensed Division. The Industrial, Technical and Professional Division, currently with 12,000 members, primarily would represent workers employed on shore at U.S. military installations. The Unlicensed Division, currently with 5,000 members, would represent personnel working on U. S. Merchant Marine vessels. According to the executive vice-president of the union's District No. 1, the reorganization solves a simple, but significant problem, "Our seagoing members traditionally and justifiably have wanted their leaders to focus on their specific concerns, while our shoreside units have felt that leaders more familiar with shoreside concerns would more effectively service their needs."
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Publication:Monthly Labor Review
Date:Jul 1, 1991
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