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Mario unveils Nintendo's newly remodeled NYC store.

Mario himself was there--and so was Luigi!--at the reopening of the remodeled Nintendo New York store in Rockefeller Plaza. The video game cousins took part in the ribbon-cutting ceremony to unveil the supremely designed space. The store certainly has a novel look and feel. The powered-up overhaul included an updated interior design, new Wii U and Nintendo 3DS demo units, a 15-foot gaming screen, and a number of let's-have-fun elements and surprises. A large bronze coin installed at the entranceway displays the store's tagline: "Where everyone comes to play."

It certainly appeared that "everyone" had come to play, as the line started forming outside the store the day before. By the time the front door finally swung open, the line had swelled to six blocks long. For Nintendo followers, however, it was worth the wait, as there was a series of fan-based activities, including giveaways, like exclusive Splatoon art created by the developers of the hit game, and, of course, appearances by costumed characters like Mario (who this year is celebrating his 30th birthday) and Luigi. The store also was selling exclusive souvenirs that only could be purchased that weekend, including a limited-edition T-shirt featuring Mario or Link. Fans who wanted to try out some of Nintendo's latest games were in luck as well, as just-released and upcoming Wii U and Nintendo 3DS games were available.

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