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Marine Diesel Basics.

Marine Diesel Basics

Author: Dennison Berwick

Publisher: Voyage Press

212 pages

Price: US$15.99

Too often we can become passengers on our own boats if we don't understand or are intimidated by the systems we rely on. Marine Diesel Basics aims to help all boaters become familiar and confident with their diesel system--from the fuel deck fill and engine, to the shaft and propeller.

Most engine trouble can be avoided by using quality components, installing them correctly and servicing them regularly. Marine Diesel Basics aims to ensure that owners understand the importance of routine maintenance and basic system lay-up.

The book is laid out in three sections, each divided into chapters covering different parts of the marine diesel system. Marine Diesel Basics helps boat owners with all aspects of maintenance, lay-up and recommissioning, and provides step-by-step explanations and clear drawings of how things work so readers can learn the boat. With more than 300 illustrations, this first book in a series explains all basic maintenance tasks of the marine diesel, covering sailboats, motorboats and narrowboats.

This book will be a boost to owners' confidence and comfort and will help make pre-purchase assessments which could save piles of money, time and heart-ache.

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Date:Feb 1, 2018
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