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Marinades for the educated palate.

Marinades for the Educated Palate

Although marinading is now becoming popular in the UK, it has been a well established method of flavouring food throughout the world for centuries. The first marinades were simply brine for preserving fish - the word stems from the same root as maritime.

It is traditionally a seasoned tenderising agent. In modern usage, it consists of oil, acid (lemon juice, vinegar or wine) and spices or aromatics.

RHM Ingredients has extended its range of natural marinades with the Premier Collection - developed to precisely replicate authentic regional dishes for what they perceive as a much more aware British consumer. RHM of Owl Lane, Ossett, West Yorkshore, tel: 0924 280444 have offered a wide range of generalised 'national' marinade flavours, such as Italian, Cajun, Creole and Hawaiian, for two years but their Premier Collection responds to the demand of the consumer with a more educated palate.

Mexican Tomato is a cooked tomato flavour enhanced with spices and the aroma of freshly cracked chilies.

Sour Cream and Chives is an American style marinade, currently the most popular flavour of snacks on the USA market. Flecks of chives provide strong visual appeal.

Szechaun is hot and spicy with a more robust flavour than is usually associated with Chinese cuisine from which it is derived.

Gyros is a Greek flavour, pale lemon in colour with a strong peppery influence, and speckled with herbs.

Marinades are a convenient and economical way to add value to portioned poultry, meat and fish products. Research has shown that consumers are willing to pay a premium price for marinaded foods, however they demand authenticity, to remind them of dishes tasted on holidays or sampled in ethnic restaurants in the UK.

Over 25 distinctive marinades are available, outstanding amongst them being hickory smoke, au poivre, blue cheese and teriyaki.

Premier Collection products are suitable for thick and thin tumble processing, are easy to prepare and consistent in strength. Their use is not limited to portioned products and they are effective as the flavour component of stir fry dishes, pizzas and other ready meals.

PHOTO : A product marinaded with RHM Ingredients material
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