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Marie Vieux Chauvet's Theatres: Thought, Form, and Performance of Revolt.


Marie Vieux Chauvet's Theatres: Thought, Form, and Performance of Revolt

Edited by Christian Flaugh and Lena Taub Robles



250 pages



Caribbean Series; Volume 35


Scholars of Caribbean and African theater examine the drama of Haitian novelist, poet, and playwright Chauvet (1916-73) through the lens of revolt. They cover gestures of black and brown subjectivities, theaters and aesthetics: crossings of her revolt, actionable thought policing acts, and revolt's theatrical returns. Their topics include perceiving the relationship in nature: an ecofeminist reading of La Legend des Fleurs, the carnivalesque theater of revolt in her Folie, La Danse sur le volcan: Marie Chauvet tells "her-story" of theater in Saint-Dominique at the dawn of the revolution, the crime narrative as social commentary: justice and power in her "Birds of Prey" and Lucha Corpi's Eulogy for a Brown Angel, and "To Fire:" a process of dramatically adapting depictions of 18th-century Haiti. (Ringgold, Inc., Portland, OR)

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Article Type:Book review
Date:Jan 1, 2019
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