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Maria cut up at affair; Hairdresser tries to make best pal Eva hate her in a bid to allieviate her guilt.

It's clear that Maria and Aidan can't keep their paws off one another. Poor Eva is blissfully unaware of her man's duplicity and is feeling loved up after enjoying a great night out.

However, Maria texts Aidan and when he sneaks off for a passionate clinch, they're spotted.

Maria can't help but feel guilty about betraying her best friend and goes on a mission to make an enemy of Eva so she feels less guilty about the affair.

She begins by impersonating her in front of all the factory girls and then slags off Leanne. It's not long before a storm brews, but will Maria get what she wants? Sally and Tim pay Gina a visit and are appalled at the state of her house. Sally insists that she should live with them, but when they all arrive home, Rosie and Sophie are horrified. Will they be able to keep quiet about Gina's trolling? Michelle is short-tempered with Robert, who's unaware that Ruairi's due date is approaching. She is dealt another blow when she overhears that Steve is taking Oliver to the beach where the pair scattered Ruairi's ashes.

There's more heartache to follow when baby Oliver takes ill after Steve returns him to Leanne. She and Nick rush to the hospital, with Leanne insisting that Nick calls Steve - which he's far from happy about.

Shona overhears Faye telling Phelan that there's been a fight in the Young Offenders' Unit and Clayton's been hospitalised. When David hears Clayton may not make it, he heads to the pub to celebrate, and ends the night sitting on the cobbles where Kylie died.


PASSION... Aidan and Maria get close, left, and Leanne and Nick take Oliver to the hospital, below

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:May 6, 2017
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