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Mari Miditirraniu.

    The promise of life, death, or rebirth
   is relative to where you are born.
   A woman banished from her home by poverty and fear--
   Hers a mouth without words,
   lips torn off and eaten like sour cherries.
   Her ears tuned to the sound of destruction,
   the soft whistle of a balloon slowly leaking air.
   Her despair like sand drifting lost
   in the crimson sea where I spent my childhood summers.
   Hers a sad story that no one will ever know,
   that will lie uncovered in murky waters for millennia
   to come.
   cross the canal,
   the imaginary confines of history,
   to wash up,
   defeated and lost,
   on this shore.

GISELLA FAGGI has had her short fiction and poetry published in such magazines as Emerge Literary Journal, Grey Sparrow Journal, and The Sand Hill Review, among others. She calls Chicago, Philadelphia, and Rome home.

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Author:Faggi, Gisella
Publication:War, Literature & The Arts
Article Type:Poem
Geographic Code:0MEDI
Date:Jan 1, 2017
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