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Marconi Medical Systems Announces New Infinite Detector Technology For Mx8000 Multislice CT Scanner.

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CLEVELAND--(BW HealthWire)--Nov. 15, 2000

Revolutionary New Detector Technology Enables Non-Invasive Coronary

Artery Disease Diagnosis and Whole-Body Polytrauma

Evaluation In Seconds

Eight years after it introduced the world's first multislice computed tomography (CT) scanner, Marconi Medical Systems today announced the world's most accurate CT imaging device -- Infinite Detector(TM) technology for its Mx8000(TM) CT scanner. Marconi's continued aggressive technology development program, built on more than eight years of multislice CT experience and nearly 1,000 installed multislice scanners, makes this breakthrough in medical imaging possible.

Marconi's Infinite Detector technology removes the constraints that previously limited the number of simultaneous slices, and is expandable as CT users' clinical requirements grow. When installed on the Mx8000 CT scanner, the first generation Infinite Detector system will be able to acquire an unprecedented 16 simultaneous slices with sub-millimeter isotropic accuracy. The Infinite Detector technology changes the CT scanning paradigm by always acquiring thin slices. The unprecedented image quality resulting from thin slices benefits every scanning protocol from whole organ isotropic imaging to extended whole body polytrauma surveys.

"Our continuing goal is to improve patient outcomes," said Fred B. Parks, Marconi Medical Systems president and CEO. "CT systems incorporating Marconi's unique Infinite Detector technology will produce volume coverage many times greater at thinner slices than current scanners for the most accurate representation of patient anatomy and physiologic function. This will change the way CT imaging is done."

The high performance Mx8000 CT scanner with Marconi's Infinite Detector technology covers more than four centimeters of patient anatomy in one second with sub-millimeter isotropic accuracy. This unprecedented coverage is more than twelve times faster than the current generation of quad multislice CT scanners.

This exponential leap in acquisition speed and image quality makes advanced applications routine, and makes an Mx8000 CT scanner with Infinite Detector technology fast enough to be dedicated to cardiac vascular imaging. Its acquisition rate will make thin-slice, whole-heart coverage available in mere seconds. This massive coverage and the ultrahigh spatial resolution brings routine cardiac functional imaging like ejection fraction, wall motion and valve studies within easy reach for every Mx8000 user.

"The speed and image quality of the new Mx8000 detector technology will make it one of the most remarkable medical imaging devices in the world," said Dr. John Haaga, Professor and Chairman of Radiology at University Hospital of Cleveland, Case Western Reserve University. "The ability to scan at these speeds with ultrahigh isotropic resolution enables high quality artifact and motion free images of the entire cardiovascular system."

"Because the Mx8000 CT scanner incorporating the breakthrough Infinite Detector technology is fast enough to be dedicated to cardiac imaging, we believe it could largely replace invasive diagnostic coronary artery catheterization procedures with non-invasive CT scanning," said Jerry C. Cirino, Marconi's executive vice president. "Millions of patients could benefit from the reduced risk of a non-invasive diagnostic procedure that could reserve cardiac catheterization for only those that require actual treatment."

Marconi's Infinite Detector technology will change the way patients are imaged in the emergency room. Its large area coverage and nearly unlimited acquisition rate will aid in the evaluation and rapid treatment of patients suffering from stroke symptoms. And when combined with Marconi's exclusive Venue(TM) interventional tools, diagnosis and treatment of patients battling critical injuries can happen in one episode of care.

Tach(TM) technology, a tiny application specific integrated circuit (ASIC) chip, is the heart of the Infinite Detector and is responsible for this breathtaking performance. Developed by Marconi with patents pending, the Tach technology chip transfers data from the detector array at a revolutionary gigabit-per-second rate. It directly converts the detector signal to a digital data stream and virtually eliminates noise introduced by conventional analog electronics, decreasing dose requirement and improving image quality. This chip is small enough to be mounted directly on the detector assembly, yet it can easily handle the huge stream of data from multislice scans. As a result, Tach technology has the capacity to handle the data stream from 16 slice and even larger detector configurations.

"The development of the Mx8000 CT scanner and Infinite Detector technology is based on a great deal of feedback from hundreds of clinical sites around the world and collaboration with some of the world's finest universities," said Eliezer Tokman, Marconi's senior vice president of product strategies. "We continually work with luminary sites around the world to establish benchmarks in patient care and define the clinical needs that lead to these kinds of technology breakthroughs."

Marconi's existing family of Mx8000 CT scanners opens the gateway to advanced clinical applications including rapid trauma evaluation, cardiovascular screening and imaging, functional CT, isotropic neuro, multiphasic organ specific scanning and whole body CT angiography (CTA), for hundreds of customers worldwide. When available, every installed Mx8000 scanner including both dual and quad slice systems may be quickly and easily upgraded with the radical new Infinite Detector technology.

About Marconi

Marconi Medical Systems, a part of Marconi plc, is a global supplier of clinically focused medical imaging systems, services and information central to modern patient care.

Marconi plc is a global communications and IT company with 49,000 employees worldwide and sales in over 100 countries. It supplies advanced communications solutions and key technologies for the Internet. Marconi is listed on the NASDAQ and London Stock Exchanges under the symbol MONI.
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