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4 (1856) Governor E.F. Noel was born near Lexington.

8 (1911) Frank William Foote Jr., who retired as professor emeritus from Cornell University on July 1, 1976, was born in Hattiesburg.

15 (1974) The name of Alcorn A&M was changed to Alcorn State University.

17 (1849) Charles William Buck, who wrote two novels including Under the Sun; or the Passing of the Incas: A Story of Old Peru, was born in Vicksburg.

22 (1915) The Lynn Castle Hotel, located in Pass Christian, was seriously damaged by fire.

30 (1798) The last Spanish soldier withdrew from Natchez, leaving Fort Panmure to Major Isaac Guion, who officially raised the American flag for the very first time over Mississippi soil.


11 (1992) Gulfport's police department became the first police department in the state to form a bicycle patrol.

15 (1867) Tupelo was chosen as the county seat of Lee County.

16 (1862) Governor John Marshall Stone, whose face is sculpted on the Confederate soldier atop the CSA monument in Jackson, was elected colonel in the CSA.

20 (1920) Ingomar (Union County) School was destroyed by a tornado.

24 (1802) The United States government agreed to pay Georgia $125 million to relinquish claims to certain disputed territory partly in the new Mississippi Territory.

28 (1822) The manuscript map and plan for the new town of Jackson was completed and signed by Port Gibson's Peter A. Van Dorn, father of (later to be) CSA Gen. Earl Van Dorn.

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Title Annotation:mississippi matters of fact: heritage & culture
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Date:Mar 1, 2015
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