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Marc Johnson Thrasher Skater of the Year award party 1/18/08, Great American Music Hall, SF, CA.


"THERE ARE A LOT OF AWARDS in skateboarding--but this is the only one that matters." Marc Johnson's acceptance speech at this year's Skater of the Year party said it all. Skateboarding's not a team sport, it's an individual activity. World Cup points, Dew Tour results ... not even the X-Games will get you a legitimate board sponsor. You gotta bring it on the raw streets. It isn't about winning; it's about ruling.


IN 2007, Marc Johnson stood head and shoulders above the rest of the crazy individuals in skateboarding, and on January 18. 2008. we celebrated.

The Girl/Chocolate/Lakai crew came out in full force, making it a night of legends. I'm pretty sure the bricks at EMB glowed with a little extra warmth that evening when so many of its prodigal sons returned to The Bay. Deluxe and Street Corner crews were also in heavy attendance. Koston, Cardiel, Chris Senn, Mike Carroll, Brian Anderson, Trujillo--the list of past SOTYs also there was longer than any I've seen before. Everyone was stoked to see MJ finally get the recognition many believed he deserved back in 2004.

Thanks to J Gold for the $5,000 bar tab, Harley Davidson for the bike and bucks, Valient Thorr for melting faces and rocking the house, and Activision/"Tony Hawk's Proving Ground" for putting up the big money. Most of all, thanks to Marc Johnson for raising the bar for all of skateboarding in 2007.

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Author:Sterling, Eben
Date:Apr 1, 2008
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