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Marc Blitzstein: a Bio-Bibliography.


Marc Blitzstein; a bio-bibliography.

Lehrman, Leonard J.



645 pages




The "bio" part of this bio-bibliography of American composer, lyricist, and music critic Marc Blitzstein (1905-1964) consists merely of a three-page biographical essay and a brief family genealogy. The remainder of the work chronologically lists Blitzstein's musical works and written texts to others music, as well as annotated lists of Blitzstein's articles and other writings, works about him written during his lifetime, memorials and death notices, and general writings about him penned after his death. The major part of the text follows, providing an annotated list of documents pertaining to each individual work of Blitzstein's including letters, sketches, performances, preview articles, reviews, analytical books and articles, recordings, and recording reviews. Also included is a discography and videography of Blitzstein's musical works and index of persons and organizations mentioned in the text.

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