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Mapping the NBA: understanding metropolitan areas.

Which is your favorite National Basketball Association (NBA) team? Does that team play in your home state? Our map shows the locations of the 30 teams in the NBA.

How does the league decide which cities will have teams? Every professional sports team wants fans, and lots of them. So the first consideration is population. Ali NBA teams play in cities with large populations.

But there are several additional factors. Is there another NBA team close by that might compete for fans? Does the city have a good arena in which to play home games? If not, are local taxpayers willing to help pay for a new arena?

This map's key introduces you to a new term: metropolitan area. The United States Census Bureau defines a metropolitan area as an urban center and adjacent (nearby) communities that have economic, social, and other links to the city.

Use the map to answer the following questions. Note: When a question calls for a city's name, it is referring to that city's metropolitan area.



1. Every NBA team plays in a metropolitan area that has a population of at least how many people?--

2. How many teams play their home games in a metropolitan area of more than 10 million people?--

3. The Atlanta Hawks play in a metropolitan area having a population of how many people?--

4. Which team or teams are located in a metropolitan area of 7 million to 9 million people?--

5. Where are the New Orleans Hornets playing home games this season?--

6. Which state has the greatest number of NBA teams?--

7. Which state has the second-greatest number of NBA teams?--

8. Why do you think Los Angeles has two NBA teams?--

9. Which team or teams play in the New York metropolitan area?--

10. Tampa, in central Florida, has a metropolitan population of 2.4 million. It doesn't have an NBA team. Why might that be?-


1. 1 million

2. four

3. 4 to 6 million

4. Chicago Bulls

5. Oklahoma City, OK

6. California (four)

7. Texas (three)

8. because the city has a population of more than 10 million people

9. New York Knicks; New Jersey Nets

10. possibly because it is close to Orlando, which has a team, and both cities have relatively small populations, compared with other NBA teams
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