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Mapping meanings from a rainbow of feelings; Cyndi Dale explains to Laura Davis about the power of your body's chakras.

Byline: Laura Davis

IT WAS the colours that swirled around people's heads that gave away the fact that Cyndi Dale was no ordinary child.

When her mother was surrounded by a shade of red it was obvious to Cyndi that she was angry and, when yellow appeared about her father, she realised he was happy.

At first excited by what she could see, the girl later became alarmed by the gift she realised was for her alone.

It was only years later that she felt strong enough to accept it and let it lead her through life.

``Fascinated by these swirling rainbows, I became scared of this gift once I figured out that other people couldn't see what I could see. I shut down these abilities as a teenager, partially because I was depressed and partially because I wanted to be normal.

``My psychic visioning gift returned in my early 20s, to my deep concern. Seeing colours just made me feel weird, until I took a class in healing and my teacher explained that I was seeing chakras.

``Since that day, I have passionately studied these energy organs, as they hold so many clues to our happiness and health, '' explains the healer, who lives in Minneapolis, US, with her two sons Michael and Gabriel.

Cyndi began a journey of spiritual searching, travelling across the world to study with sham en and healers, that would end in her writing a book on how balancing the body's energies can lead to financial wealth.

She will be visiting Liverpool this week to give a seminar on her theories about healing at an event organised by Wirral-based firm Emerald Professional Speakers.

Cyndi believes that by understanding your personal chakras, energy organs positioned within the body, you can learn to improve your money management skills. Your dominant chakra determines how you think about finance.

She explains: ``Chakras are data processors. Loaded into the chakra hard drive are prog rams inherited from family, culture and experience. These programs affect your ability to make or increase wealth.

``If you run on a software prog ram that assists you in making money, you will intuitively attract situations that will increase your money-making potential. You will also make choices that boost your chances for bettering your finances.

``If the inherent prog rams discourage prosperity, you will ignore money making opportunities and make bad financial decisions. Negative programs might include beliefs like, `Money is evil' or `I'm too stupid to succeed'. These ideas will dominate your perceptions and behaviour, and keep you from attracting or creating success. ''

Each individual has one or more dominant chakras that defines their path in life - manifester, feeler, thinker, relater, communicator, visionary, spiritualist, shaman, idealist, naturalist, commander. By following their true spiritual calling they are able to attract wealth.

Cyndi herself is a manifester, so is most successful when working with tangible reality. She struggles to get her head around the seemingly abstract concept of stocks and shares so decided instead to invest in property - physical buildings she can see and touch.

``Money is simply the way that the world packages the energy that we need for survival. If you can tap into the powers of your strongest chakras, however, the energy organs that support your spiritual purpose, you begin to attract money for your purpose, not just to meet the bills.

``Your strongest chakras become even more vital and healthy, you now link with universal energies and suddenly, you magnetize the prosperity and abundance that assure a full assumption of your spiritual mission.

``You become prosperous, by responding to your spiritual calling through your strongest chakras, '' explains Cyndi, who has a corporate background, working in public relations and on company boards in the US.

Working out your strongest chakras, possible through a 66 question quiz in Cyndi's book, allows you to tap into their hidden powers and use them to attract and build wealth, she claims.

``The most important factor in making money is to put your energy into achieving your spiritual purpose. This effort boosts your enthusiasm, keeps you in good health, inspires others to help you and magnetizes universal energies to your cause.

``It's also helpful to make financial decisions that attune with your chakra personality. Are you a first chakra whiz?

You'll want to invest in tangible product. Are you a more spiritual person? Invest in stocks that support your spiritual beliefs. Are you a natural-based chakra personality? Plant a garden and sell the produce.

``If you put your money where your heart lies, you'll increase your earthly treasures, '' she suggests.

Cyndi, who has trained in shamanism, therapeutic touch and reiki amongst others, says that many people who have taken her advice have since contacted her to share their success stories.

One man realised he had the gift of organizing and now runs a flourishing personal assistant business. A woman, who had found herself in insurmountable debt, discovered she had a strong spiritual personality and forgave herself for the situation, accepted bankruptcy, got a new job and is now able to rebuild her life.

Cyndi believes that understanding your chakras can have an impact on your whole life. The most important advice she says she can give is: ``Be okay being yourself. If someone doesn't like you, it might be that he doesn't like himself. Then again, he or she simply might not like you. Should this matter, if you are expressing your true, spiritual identity?''

ATTRACTING Prosperity Through the Chakras is published by The Crossing Press, priced pounds 6. 99.

Further details on Cyndi Dale's workshop, held on Saturday as part of a full-day speakers event at Oakmere Conference Centre, Liverpool, from www. emeraldspeakers. com or 0151 632 5888.

A wheel of light to connect your body to the universe

``CHAKRAS are energy organs which, like your liver and your heart, are believed to perform vital functions for your well being.

``They run on sensory data, but also psychic data, which is information or energy that moves faster than the speed of light, '' says Cyndi.

``Each of the major 12 chakras connects you into the universe at large. They not only help run your physical body, but also your emotional, mental, and spiritual welfare.

``The word chakra is actually derived from a Sanskrit term that means spinning wheel of light. If you could see one with your naked eye, that's what you would see - a spinning light wheel.

``Many chakras are planted right in your body, connected to your spine and major endocrine glands. This position assures them power, as they spin or convert psychic into sensory energy, and back again. By perceiving psychic energy, they can predict the future, gain knowledge of the past, and connect with the invisible parts of current reality.

``This information becomes useful when it is slowed down by a chakra and turned into a thought or a feeling. ''


Cyndi Dale believes that a person's aura influences their well-being; Cyndi Dale
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Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Jan 26, 2005
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