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Map of Colonial America. (Skills Master 2).

Read the article "Colonial Heroines," on pages 16-19. Now, study this map of Colonial America in 1770. 'Use information you learned to answer the following questions.


1. Massachusetts was located in two separate areas. What state now occupies the northernmost part of the former colony?

2. What was the only colony that did not border the Atlantic Ocean? Write the number "2" on this colony on the map.

3. Which colony shared a border with five other colonies?

4. What colony did Anne Hutchinson move to after leaving Massachusetts? Write the number "4" on this colony on the map.

5. Which colony was home to Phillis Wheatley and Abigail Adams? Write the number "5" on this colony on the map.

6. Which country controlled the territory that is now Florida?

7. Which colony was home to Eliza Lucas Pinckney? Write the number "7" on this colony on the map.

8. In what city was the Declaration of Independence drafted?

9. Which colony controlled the area that is now Vermont?

10. How many miles apart are Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and Boston, Massachusetts?

1. Maine

2. Pennsylvania

3. New York

4. Rhode Island

5. Massachusetts

6. Spain

7. South Carolina

8. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

9. New York

10. about 250 miles
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