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Map app by Google lets kids explore Himalayas.

Google has just made available a new app in the Google Play Store that allows kids to explore the world through 3D imagery and maps.

The new app, called 'Verne: The Himalayas,' is described by Google as an experiment that utilizes Google Maps' 3D imagery of the Himalayas. It then combines this with some game-play elements, and a 3D mascot of what looks like a Yeti, to make zooming around the 3D scene seem more fun and engaging for kids, Tech Crunch reported.

The app also gives out bits of educational information through a disembodied voice. It points out various facts such as the Himalayas being the tallest mountain range in the world.

By giving kids a character to identify with in the form of the Yeti, children can experience a different way of exploring, which would be far more interesting than just looking at 3D images on Google Maps or Google Earth.

This app was initially built by Google employees to test the effectiveness of the concept on their own children. They used a Unity game engine and Google Maps' 3D imagery to achieve their target.

With the app's limited focus on the Himalayas, it's not likely that it can keep children entertained for long. However, at some point they would have already done a number of activities in the Himalayan mountains such as running up mountain slopes, skating and flying, among others.

As of now, 'Verne: The Himalayas' is exclusive to the Google Play Store for Android devices.

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Publication:Philippines Daily Inquirer (Makati City, Philippines)
Date:Aug 4, 2016
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