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Many versions of democracy.

Byline: SYED ZAHID ALI - Khairpur

Democracy means to have rule and authority in the hands of public. It provides everyone equal chance, equal opportunities and equal resources. But what when this Democracy is converted into the hurting and horrible form that resists country from development and gives all authority and rules to small group of people? Oligarchic version of democracy is when your resources and rules are distributed and governed by a few people regardless of knowing and caring about others. When this form of democracy is practised, the gap of rich and poor, poverty, inequality and other decimating issues take birth.

When selected and few persons rule again and again without giving chance to new ones and regardless of know the issues in country, they weaken the economy, vanish the life style of people and insist people to spend their life by sleeping on footpaths and paying much more taxes. Every nation prefer Democracy over dictatorship or other form of governing because they think that democracy will save them from corruption, terrorism and other burning issues caused by ruling of single party.

Now when a few politicians deceive public with the name of democracy and implement oligarchic ruling, the belief and hopes of people hurt. Oligarchic democracy increases the resources and power of selected people and rest feel disgust, unhappy, therefore, real democracy (public friendly) should be implemented to have development in the country.

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Publication:Pakistan Observer (Islamabad, Pakistan)
Date:Jun 24, 2019
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