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Many still favor brand-name statins.

NEW YORK -- Treato, a consumer health care website, has revealed its first annual list of top statins. This ranking is part of a new series of drag rankings from the company.

Statins are one of the most commonly used medications to treat high cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease. They work by blocking cholesterol's production in the liver.

The U.S. Preventative Services Task Force recently announced its recommendation that adults as young as 40 without a previous heart attack should consider starting a low-dose statin.

In the Treato rankings, Merck & Co. formulations took the top two spots, with Vytorin at the top of the brand list and lovastatin, the generic for Merck's Mevacor, at the top of the generics list.

Treato notes that despite the fact that generic statins have been on the market for many years and have been deemed safe and effective by the Food and Drug Administration, large numbers of consumers are still favoring brand name statins. Many brand names scored higher in overall satisfaction than generics. Among popular statins, Bristol Myers Squibb Co.'s Pravachol is the statin with the highest rate of posts discussing concerns, while lovastatin has the lowest rate.

"By ranking consumers' experiences of their satisfaction with statins, we hope to empower individuals with information based on the experiences of other patients. We want patients to be more confident in their discussions with their doctor when picking a statin to meet their needs," says Treato chief executive officer Ido Hadari. "We anticipate that a year from now the rankings of treatments for high cholesterol will look very different with the recent FDA approvals of first-in-class PCSK9 inhibitors Praluent and Repatha, both of which are anticipated to be blockbusters."

Treato's top list of statins was created with data from OneRx, a free prescription management app designed to help insured and uninsured Americans save on medications. OneRx is part of Truveris, a health information technology company with a suite of solutions servicing the pharmacy value chain.

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Title Annotation:RX: RETAIL PHARMACY: Branded Drugs
Publication:Chain Drug Review
Date:Feb 22, 2016
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