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Many die in Syria again and the UN just writes a letter, again.

Houla massacre elicits UN Security Council empty rhetoric Hollow words from a council that seems to have not done anything effective in stopping the bloodshed.

"Such outrageous use of force against civilian population constitutes a violation of applicable international law and of the commitments of the Syrian Government under United Nations Security Council resolutions 2042 (2012) and 2043 (2012) to cease violence in all its forms, including the cessation of use of heavy weapons in population centers. "

Houla : Another Massacre in a long record of Massacres Some video and pictures from the carnage in Houla, Syria. The murder of children alone topped 30. Every time we see even one dead child it sears into our hearts and steals a piece of our hope in humanity.

This routine mowing down of people with a different opinion must not go on.

The Camry Accident For anyone who may have missed it, this is a horrendous accident caught on live film from Saudi Arabia. The blogger floats some theories as to whether this was fake or real. Be warned, body parts fly everywhere.

"This video has been circulating the web for the past 2 days (warning it's graphic) but I was wondering if anyone else thinks it could be a fake?

For some reason this feels like a Saudi awareness campaign to try and show the guys who street drift like this what could happen. "

Syria: Houla Massacre "HEAVEN and HELL" "Go hug your children and pray for the children of Syria and do whatever you can to raise awareness about what's happening. It's your duty as a human being."

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Date:May 28, 2012
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