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Manugistics, Inc.: integrating STATGRAPHICS Plus into a Six Sigma program. (Profile).

STATGRAPHICS Plus Version 5 is a powerful statistical package that contains over 250 analyses and a host of innovative features, and one of the easiest-to-use statistical packages available. Automation of analyses, publishing results to the company web page and forecasting for future decisions are just some of the features and benefits of STATGRAPHICS Plus. It also allows you to measure processes and tests for normality while establishing preventative maintenance controls for out-of-control conditions, and provides step-by-step instructions to design a new experiment of sampling plan. STATGRAPHICS Plus is available as Standard Edition, Quality and Design, Professional, and Network Version.

The STATGRAPHICS Plus Statistical Toolkit

STATGRAPHICS Plus is one of the few available statistical software applications flexible enough to provide entry-level access for virtually everyone within a company, while still ensuring that high-level statistical algorithms are available for addressing complex issues and calculations.

To provide this wide latitude of functionality, STATGRAPHICS Plus incorporates a number of unique features:

StatWizard--A tool to guide novice or casual users through the creation of an analysis from the selection of data to the choice of analytical options.

StatAdvisor--A feature that provides short and easy-to-understand interpretations of all the reports and graphs in a statistical analysis.

StatFolios--An alternative to a macro language, this dialog-box driven approach allows users to save a single analysis of a combination of analyses that can encompass the most complex calculations.

StatGallery--A special tool for archival and report-generation purposes. Up to nine text and graphics panes can be arranged on a single page. An overlay feature allows users to create compound graphics.

StatReporter--A reporting tool that allows users to combine tables, graphs and their own notes into a personalized report. Using the Paste-Link feature, the StatReporter information updates whenever you update the linked analysis.

StatPublish--Provides enterprise-wide collaboration by publishing reports and data onto the Internet.

SnapStats--Automatically formatted one-page summaries of commonly encountered data analysis problems.

SnapLink--Query ODBC compliant data sources to make integration a breeze.

These features, plus others, allow you to complete tasks quickly and efficiently. It can be a powerful force in decisionmaking or empowering employees.

STATGRAPHICS offers various analyses to support multiple aspects of the goals of a Six Sigma implementation: methods for monitoring, controlling, and improving a process through statistical analysis. They include: Measuring the Process, Statistical Tolerance Limits, Control Charts, Special-Purpose Control Charts, Product Reliability, Comparing Two Populations, Analysis of Variance, Attribute Data, Regression Analysis and Curve Fitting, Analyzing Variance Components, Experimental Design, Gage R&R Studies, Pareto Analysis, Cause-and-Effect Diagrams and Acceptance Samplings and more.

Integrating STATGRAPHICS Plus into a Six Sigma program should translate into cost reduction and profit improvement because:

* It helps define specification limits and set realistic tolerances for machines and process variables using capability indices.

* It helps companies set up a plan of action for processes that highlight out-of-control conditions and helps establish preventive maintenance controls.

* It helps provide prevention plans during production with techniques for establishing and controlling critical machine parameters and product characteristics.

* It provides techniques that can reduce setup and process variability, and help to standardize the use of SPC methodology.

* It contains methodologies for optimizing processes.

STATGRAPHICS Plus can be a capable component of any company's Six Sigma program. The combination of text and graphical information accessed through an easy-to-use interface is a way to address the largest impediments to success for any Six Sigma program; the barriers to empowering all employees in the enterprise and keeping the engaged in the process.

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