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Manufacturing Software.

Cim Works Gage Talker has introduced Visual MEM (Machine Event Monitoring), a suite in its family of manufacturing software. It offers both automatic and manual hardware and software solutions that help users analyze production processes, machine utilization and downtime by monitoring the performance and productivity of machines and their operators. With the automatic data collection solutions, users can monitor the performance and productivity of CNC machines or other automated equipment. Using the MEM Gateway circuit board, the suite captures signals generated by machine events and uses these signals to monitor and analyze cycle time, spindle time, tool change times, feed rates, emergency stops and all types of alarms including those for limit switches, coolant levels, hydraulic pressure and lubricant levels. Any time an event occurs on the machine being monitored, a message is time-dated and immediately sent to the host computer. The manual data collection solution lets the operator collect information fro m the shop floor by entering key machine events and machine status data with VisualMEM ShopFloor. It allows up to four operators and machines to share a single shop floor PC, which further reduces the payback period in the hardware investment while increasing machine operator productivity.--GageTalker Corp.
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Publication:Modern Casting
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Date:Feb 1, 2000
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