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Manufacture And Supply Registers And Test Plates For Motor Vehicles And Their Trailers.

Contract notice: Manufacture and supply registers and test plates for motor vehicles and their trailers.

1. Production and delivery of registration plates for motor vehicles and their trailers: 1.1 The license plate of the vehicle is registered, 1.2 license plates for vehicles intended for export, 1.3 The license plate for a vehicle of the Police, 1.4 license plates for vehicles of foreign consular and diplomatic missions, 1.5 license plates for historic vehicles; 1.6 The license plate for a vehicle of the Slovenian Army - white, 1.7 The license plate of the vehicle Slovenian Armed Forces - masking, 2. Manufacture and supply of test plates: 2.1 adhesive test plate, 2.2 permanent test plates and 2.3 permanent test plates for vehicles of the Ministry of Defense and the Slovenian Armed Forces (hereinafter: the Slovenian Armed Forces). 3. Manufacture and supply of spare license plate: The provision in the second paragraph of Article 37 of the Law on motor vehicles (Official Gazette of RS, no. 106/10, 23/15 and 68/16) provides that instead of missing, destroyed or worn license plates on request of the owner of the vehicle shall issue a new registration plate, which registration marks are the same as missing, destroyed or worn plate. 4. Manufacture and supply specimnov registration and test plates: The successful tenderer will be at the client~s request, manufactured and supplied specimne registration and test plates, which cost manufacturing and supply must be included in the price registration and test plates. 5. The storage register and test plates: The successful tenderer will be required to maintain storage inventory and registration of the test plates in the Republic of Slovenia in the premises which are duly protected. 6. The destruction of the registration plates: The successful tenderer will be required to ensure the removal of worn registration plates, which will be taking over at least once a month from subscribers-users. Furthermore, the need to ensure safe and traceable destruction license plates, which also includes the manufacture of acquisition records license plates by subscribers-users surrender to destruction, photos of individual registration plates before destruction, and an electronic list of the destroyed plates. Sold scrap the proceeds of the successful tenderer that this must included in the price of license plates. The Contracting Authority estimates that the annual weight of the returned license plates intended for recycling, approximately 16 000 kg.

This contract is divided into lots: no

Major organization : MZI

Address : Langusova ulica 4



Contact person:

Country :Slovenia

Email :

Url :

Tender notice number : 150327-2017

Notice type : Tender Notice

Open date : 2017-06-06

Tender documents : T39059495.html , G39059495.html , X39059495.html

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Publication:Mena Report
Date:May 28, 2017
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