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Manual lifting; a guide to the study of simple and complex lifting tasks.


Manual lifting; a guide to the study of simple and complex lifting tasks.

Colombini, Daniela et al.

CRC Press


238 pages


Ergonomics design and management: theory and applications


This technical manual was written by two engineers and two physicians and is designed to quantify the mechanical ergonomics of lifting tasks. They are the founders of the Ergonomics of Posture and Movement Research Unit. Its goal is to turn the complex engineering equations that describe moving loads, and information on the mechanical needs and medical problems of the human body, into specific, simple ways to calculate the risks of lifting weights, and create policy guidelines that will protect workers from injury. The book is a training manual for their system of how to calculate how much weight workers are lifting in a specific task, and how they are lifting it. The system is designed so that risk managers can calculate maximum safe weights and assess risks for actual real-life lifting jobs, and find the safest lifting technique for a given real-life task. It looks at the NIOSH Lifting Equation, the Lifting Index, the Variable Lifting Index, and the CLI Exposure Index. A short section at the end looks at medical pathologies caused by lifting, their risks, outcomes, and how to measure them. The book is a specialist risk management manual.

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Date:Oct 1, 2012
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