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Germany : Scientists probe Earth's deep mantle in the lab. Dec 17, 2019 623
Omani wins best director award at Casablanca festival. Nov 3, 2019 255
St George Mining lands more strong nickel-copper sulphide results at Mt Alexander. Oct 30, 2019 710
Germany : Geochemists measure new composition of Earths mantle. Sep 17, 2019 590
The Petrogenesis of the Permian Podong Ultramafic Intrusion in the Tarim Craton, Western China: Constraints from C-He-Ne-Ar Isotopes. Zhang, Mingjie; Feng, Pengyu; Li, Tong; Li, Liwu; Fu, Juerong; Wang, Peng; Wang, Yuekun; Li, Zhongpi Sep 1, 2019 9886
Volcanogenic C[O.sub.2] Degassing in the Songliao Continental Rift System, NE China. Zhao, Wenbin; Guo, Zhengfu; Lei, Ming; Zhang, Maoliang; Ma, Lin; Fortin, Danielle; Zheng, Guodong Sep 1, 2019 8943
Scientists Discover Source Of Seafloor Methane. Aug 23, 2019 415
Mobility of Volatiles in the Earths Mantle by Experimental and Numerical Technics. Jul 20, 2019 332
Earth's Leaking Core Could Cause Planet's Magnetic Field To Collapse. Jul 17, 2019 422
Cuba : Scientists find a new source of Earth's magnetic field. Jul 17, 2019 370
Evidence of Tectonic Control on the Geochemical Features of the Volatiles Vented along the Nebrodi-Peloritani Mts (Southern Apennine Chain, Italy). Italiano, Francesco; Bonfanti, Pietro; Maugeri, Salvatore Roberto Jul 1, 2019 14062
Nature and Origin of Mineralizing Fluids in Hyperextensional Systems: The Case of Cretaceous Mg Metasomatism in the Pyrenees. Quesnel, Benoit; Boiron, Marie-Christine; Cathelineau, Michel; Truche, Laurent; Rigaudier, Thomas; B Jul 1, 2019 13118
Germany : Magnetism discovered in the Earths mantle. Jun 6, 2019 959
Germany : Geologists discover previously unknown region of the Earths mantle. May 20, 2019 736
What lies beneath? Apr 1, 2019 436
Australia : NewGe lamic Framework for Ni-Cu-PGE ndCu-A -Co-REE Exploration at the Broken Hill Project, NSW. Mar 8, 2019 875
MERMAIDs Dive a Mile Underwater to Detect Incoming Earthquakes. Mar 1, 2019 385
Mountains Discovered Deep Within Earth's Mantle. Feb 16, 2019 1218
The Distribution of Oxygen in Earth's Mantle. Feb 6, 2019 499
Mouawad Dragon: world's largest round yellow diamond. Feb 5, 2019 404
Quantifying West Antarctic mantle viscosity via precise GPS measurement of Earth's response to surface mass balance anomalies. Feb 4, 2019 504
Protecting The Coastlines. Jan 31, 2019 852
Mantle neon illuminates Earth's formation: Study. Dec 10, 2018 374
American spacecraft touches down on Mars. Nov 27, 2018 193
Huge amount of water dragged into Earth's interior: Study. Nov 15, 2018 401
Tsunami a lurking calamity risk to the coastal region. Nov 6, 2018 667
Timeman: Rheology of earth materials: Closing the gap between timescales in the laboratory and in the mantle. Aug 7, 2018 354
Is there still something lurking in Bardrain Wood? Jul 12, 2018 403
Primordial Reservoirs Fuel Volcanic Hotspots. Jun 1, 2018 435
United States : Multiple Orbital ATK Technologies Support Mars InSight Lander Launch. May 10, 2018 341
The Silent Superhero. Apr 3, 2018 644
Fears for ERUPTION as gigantic 'fountain of magma' plume discovered underneath Yellowstone; The researchers believe it could stretch all the way to Mexico. Mar 22, 2018 580
Water may exist in Earth's lower mantle, shows diamonds study. Mar 18, 2018 394
Rare Diamond Reveals Deep-Earth Geology. Mar 8, 2018 520
Insight into the origins of metasomatism along the southern margin of the North Atlantic Craton, South Greenland. Hoare, Brendan Jan 1, 2018 39300
Origin of Boron and Brine Evolution in Saline Springs in the Nangqen Basin, Southern Tibetan Plateau. Han, Ji-long; Han, Feng-qing; Hussain, Syed-Asim; Liu, Wen-yu; Nian, Xiu-qing; Mao, Qing-fei Jan 1, 2018 9571
Will Yellowstone Erupt? Geologists Look For Supervolcano's Heat Source. Dec 23, 2017 438
Taking Earths Inner Temperature: WHY THE MANTLE MAY BE HOTTER THAN WE THOUGHT. Lacapra, Veronique Dec 22, 2017 686
Why Does Earth Have A Metallic Core? Dec 5, 2017 448
Did water, iron blend deep inside the Earth to give rise to human life? Nov 14, 2017 376
Meteorite Crashes Made Earth What It Is. Sep 26, 2017 598
Guillain, Charlotte: The Street Beneath My Feet. Worley, Wendy Book review Sep 22, 2017 210
NASA Creating Plans To Dangle Satellite Above The Moon To Study Its Surface 'Tattoos'. Aug 9, 2017 498
The Moon Is Surprisingly Rich In Water. Jul 24, 2017 710
Largest Neutrino Detector In US Starts Construction. Jul 22, 2017 683
Earth Rock Temperature Shows Planet's Hottest Lava. May 23, 2017 511
See And Hear An Earthquake From The Inside [VIDEO]. Apr 14, 2017 259
Plan to drill through Earth's mantle in the works. Apr 10, 2017 375
Rocks From Baby Earth Erupt Out Of Volcano. Apr 8, 2017 333
The earth moves. Feb 23, 2017 725
Vocabulary quiz. Jan 1, 2017 196
Geofluids in Deep Sedimentary Basins and Their Significance for Petroleum Accumulation. Luo, Xiaorong; Jin, Zhijun; Liu, Keyu; Zhang, Shuichang Jan 1, 2017 3292
Deep physical structure and geotectonic implications of the eastern margin of the Qinghai--Tibet Plateau. Li, Jun; Wang, Xuben; Qin, Qingyan; Zhang, Gang; Li, Dahu; Zhou, Jun Report Dec 1, 2016 6299
SEIC: Setting Earth~s Initial Conditions: A fluid dynamics study of core-mantle differentiation. Nov 14, 2016 332
Deep earthquakes surprise scientists: new type of weak temblor in upper mantle detected. Sumner, Thomas Brief article Nov 12, 2016 269
Young, hot Earth kept gold in mantle: sulfur later ushered precious metals into core, study argues. Witze, Alexandra Oct 29, 2016 478
CSEM: The Collaborative Seismic Earth Model Project. Oct 24, 2016 412
Mission to the Mantle: scientists attempt to drill deeper into Earth than ever before. Drimmer, Stephanie Warren Sep 1, 2016 1181
Interaction of the lithospheric mantle and crustal melts for the generation of the Horoz Pluton (Nigde, Turkey): whole-rock geochemical and Sr-Nd-Pb isotopic evidence/Litosfaarilise vahevoo ja maakooretekkega magmade suhted Horozi intrusiooni (Turgi) tekkes kivimi geokeemiliste ning Sr-Nd-Pb isotoopgeoloogiliste andmete alusel. Kocak, Kerim; Zedef, Veysel Report Sep 1, 2016 12975
Israel : Three Hundred Million Years Under the Sea. Aug 20, 2016 329
Earth's iron-lovers: geochemists explore platinum, gold and other rare elements to understand the planet's evolution. Witze, Alexandra Aug 6, 2016 2736
Mummified microbes: life thrives in niches deep below the seafloor. Lippsett, Lonny Jun 22, 2016 446
The quest for the Moho: for more than a century, scientists have yearned to find out what's going on at the mysterious boundary between Earth's crust and mantle. Schanker, Gwendolyn; Lippsett, Lonny Jun 22, 2016 3565
Life dwells deep within Earth's crust: what's living there and how? Schanker, Gwendolyn Jun 22, 2016 1110
ATUNE: Attenuation Tomography Using Novel observations of Earth's free oscillations. Jun 8, 2016 378
GOBMEUM: Generation of Basaltic Magmas in the Earths Upper Mantle. Jun 4, 2016 397
Rb-Sr isotopic geochronology and geological implications of Dongfeng gold deposit in Jiaodong area. Zongyong, Wang; Guxian, L.V.; Xunyu, Zhang; Xin, Han; Yingchun, Zhang; Xiao, Fan; Qinglong, Huo; Yaq Report Mar 1, 2016 5612
Gooey mantle boundary discovered: region resists movement of magma plumes, sinking plates. Sumner, Thomas Jan 9, 2016 530
Age, growth, and population structure of the red flying squid (Ommastrephes bartramii) in the North Pacific Ocean, determined from beak microstructure. Fang, Zhou; Li, Jianhua; Thompson, Katherine; Hu, Feifei; Chen, Xinjun; Liu, Bilin; Chen, Yong Report Jan 1, 2016 6198
Origin of Earth's water questioned: deuterium levels in mantle suggest comets not the source. Sumner, Thomas Dec 12, 2015 570
Isostatic crustal thickness under the Tibetan plateau and Himalayas from satellite gravity gradiometry data/Espesor isostatico de la corteza bajo la meseta Tibetana y los Himalayas a partir de datos satelitales de gradiente gravitatoria. Tenzer, Robert; Bagherbandi, Mohammad; Sjoberg, Lars E.; Novak, Pavel Report Dec 1, 2015 6099
Provision of Service for Stse 3d-earth. Oct 28, 2015 382
Map captures sources of Earth's antineutrino glow. Rosen, Meghan Brief article Oct 3, 2015 278
Australia hosts planet's longest chain of continental volcanoes. Sep 15, 2015 382
Respuesta gravimetrica regional de la pluma mantelar Hawaiiana. Padrino, Emilio; Arnaiz-Rodriguez, Mariano; Rodriguez, Alexsay; Alberti, Harnorld Jul 1, 2015 2909
Electromagnetic exploration of the oceanic mantle. Utada, Hisashi Report Jun 1, 2015 11759
Plate loss gave chain of Pacific islands, seamounts a kink: shift in mantle flow repositioned hot magma plume responsible for Hawaiian archipelago. Sumner, Thomas May 2, 2015 647
New results for Palaeozoic volcanic phases in the Prague Basin-magnetic and geochemical studies of Listice, Czech Republic. Elbra, Tiiu; Schnabl, Petr; Tasaryova, Zuzana; Cizkova, Kristyna; Prunera, Petr Report Mar 1, 2015 2864
New Secrets At The Center Of The Earth. Feb 12, 2015 511
New Secrets At The Center Of The Earth. Feb 12, 2015 522
CORE BLIMEY; Scientists find secret second part to centre of the Earth... and sorry, Jules Verne, no dinosaurs. Feb 11, 2015 236
DEEPCARBON: Deep partial melting of subducted carbon and the formation of sub-lithospheric diamonds and their mineral inclusions. Jan 28, 2015 320
Deep-Earth Carbon: Clues To Origin of Life. Nov 23, 2014 470
SICOMIN: Silicon carbon oxide minerals at extreme pressure and temperature conditions. Nov 18, 2014 311
Systematic differences in eye numbers between the left and right valves of the sea scallop Placopecten magellanicus: an evolutionary response for visualizing the water column? Whoriskey, Kim; Whoriskey, Sophie; Whoriskey, Frederick G. Report Aug 1, 2014 4187
Water permeates Earth's interior: blue mineral offers peek at conditions inside the mantle. Ehrenberg, Rachel Jul 12, 2014 589
'Echoes' of earth proves how moon was formed. Jun 10, 2014 202
Four-billion-year-old ancient rocks yield clues about Earth's earliest crust. May 30, 2014 268
Mars' 2016 Lander launch to probe how Earth-like planets are formed. May 20, 2014 412
United States : Construction to Begin on NASA Mars Lander Scheduled to Launch in 2016. May 20, 2014 435
Parts of Antarctica sliding sideways. Apr 1, 2014 413
'Worthless' brown diamond hints at vast underground oceans inside Earth. Mar 13, 2014 325
Water in middle Earth. Mar 13, 2014 184
Ocean Water May Reach Upper Mantle Via Faults. Jan 28, 2014 510
Earth's Crust Dripped to Mantle in Archean Eon. Jan 5, 2014 521
Petrology of the mantle rocks from the Muslim Bagh Ophiolite, Balochistan, Pakistan. Dec 31, 2013 5330
Large impact crater could hold clues about moon's mantle. Dec 10, 2013 329
Canada : Successful Launch of the Swarm Constellation Carrying Canadian Science and Technology. Nov 23, 2013 333
How Earth evolved billions of years ago. Nov 7, 2013 258
Saturn and Jupiter have Diamond-Studded Atmospheres. Oct 10, 2013 304
How continents formed on Earth. Sep 17, 2013 182
Say what? Shergottite\SHER-goh-tite\n. Zielinski, Sarah Brief article Sep 7, 2013 124
Heat flow from Earth's mantle leading to Greenland ice melting from below. Aug 12, 2013 500
New discovery could help explain earth's origin. Jul 17, 2013 386
Reference crust-mantle density contrast beneath Antarctica based on the Vening Meinesz-Moritz isostatic inverse problem and CRUST2.0 seismic model. Tenzer, Robert; Bagherbandi, Mohammad Report Jun 1, 2013 4825
Earth's mantle affects long-term sea-level rise estimates. May 24, 2013 620
Sandy Shook the Earth, Helping Scientists Study Crust and Upper Mantle. Apr 19, 2013 500
Cause of congestion in Earth's mantle revealed. Apr 1, 2013 561
Ocean of molten rock covered Moon's entire surface. Mar 12, 2013 453
Multiphase alkaline basalts of central Al-Haruj Al-Abyad of Libya: petrological and geochemical aspects. Abdel-Karim, Abdel-Aal M.; Ramadan, El-Nuri M.; Embashi, Mohamed R. Report Jan 1, 2013 6940
Permeability models for magma flow through the Earth's mantle: a lie group analysis. Mindu, N.; Mason, D.P. Report Jan 1, 2013 4394
Petrology of the mantle rocks from the Muslim Bagh Ophiolite, Balochistan, Pakistan. Dec 31, 2012 297
Late Cretaceous mantle plume activity in Ceno-Tethys: Evidenced by intra- plate volcanism in the Naik Area, Balochistan, Pakistan. Dec 31, 2012 420
Why Do The Caribbean Islands Form An Arc? Aug 21, 2012 382
Ancient meteorites shed light on Earth's birth and infancy. Jul 23, 2012 589
World's most brilliant X-rays illuminate origin of volcanic hotspots. Jul 19, 2012 822
Titan's tides point to hidden ocean beneath Saturn's largest moon. Jun 29, 2012 471
How oldest continents were formed. Mar 13, 2012 573
Now, get unprecedented glimpse between earth's crust and mantle. Mar 11, 2012 240
Building blocks of early Earth survived massive collision. Feb 18, 2012 307
The thermal structure and composition of Tibetan crust and upper mantle. Author abstract Dec 31, 2011 589
Heating the Over-Thickened Lithosphere, downward from Crust or upward from Mantle? Author abstract Dec 31, 2011 695
Cenozoic Bimodal Volcanic Rocks of the Northeast boundary of Tibet Plateau: implication for the collision-deduced mantle flow in Tibetan Plateau and the rifting genesis of North- south tectonic belt. Author abstract Dec 31, 2011 546
New Kind of Metal in the Deep Earth. Dec 20, 2011 494
Milky Way could harbour colossal super-earths made of diamonds. Dec 6, 2011 419
Brazilian diamonds reveal carbon cycle reaches Earth's lower mantle. Sep 16, 2011 305
Russians dig to reach below Earth's Crust. Brief article Aug 13, 2011 198
By land or by sea in the earth sciences' 'space race'. Quill, Elizabeth Brief article Aug 13, 2011 263
Plumes of hot magma driving Earth's massive tectonic plates. Jul 7, 2011 297
Perovskita MgSi[O.sub.3] con hierro bajo las condiciones del manto inferior de la Tierra. Fang, C.; Ahuja, R. Report Jan 1, 2011 2934
Estructura profunda del Zagros y de la meseta de Iran: modelo geofisico y petrologico. Tunini, L.; Jimenez-Munt, I.; Fernandez, M. Report Jan 1, 2011 5155
Imaging of deep structure using reflection waves detected by spectral matrix analysis and confidence levels. Moriya, Hirokazu Jan 1, 2011 4614
New discoveries resolve debate over oxygen in Earth's mantle. Dec 15, 2010 386
'Speed gun' for Earth's insides developed. Oct 28, 2010 377
First dynamic model 'to explain' mystery of Mount Etna. Oct 8, 2010 387
Scientists recreate extreme conditions 1800 miles below Earth's crust. Sep 24, 2010 247
Earth's mantle and core mix 2900 km below our feet. Sep 18, 2010 538
New research improves odds of finding diamonds. Jul 15, 2010 598
Geo-neutrino anti-matter found by scientists for first time. Mar 16, 2010 426
India might be sinking into Earth's mantle. Feb 1, 2010 197
Ocean of the future: an East African desert will one day become an ocean. Norlander, Britt Jan 1, 2010 699
Hawaiian hot spot's deep roots uncovered by scientists. Dec 5, 2009 402
Earth formed from meteoritic material, say scientists. Nov 14, 2009 368
Scientists create first complete seismic image of crust beneath Himalayan Mountains. Sep 12, 2009 448
Where we live forged by "superpiles". Sep 1, 2009 485
Global 3D map indicates presence of water in certain areas of Earth's mantle. Aug 20, 2009 412
Scientists find evidence of hydrocarbons in Earth's upper mantle. Jul 27, 2009 402
How iron isotopes were distributed in Earth's deep interior 4.5 bln yrs ago. Jun 16, 2009 464
Scientists solve mystery of Earth's leaky mantle. May 28, 2009 413
Melting minerals found to be source of Tanzanian volcano's carbon-based lavas. May 8, 2009 414
Indian origin scientist finds active African volcano to have most fluid lava in world. Mar 15, 2009 431
Dispersion of G type seismic waves in low velocity layer. Chattopadhyay, A.; Gupta, S.; Kumari, Pato; Sharma, V.K. Report Mar 1, 2009 2887
Earth's continents function as a thermal blanket. Jan 23, 2009 336
core [1]. Jan 1, 2009 129
Superplumes deep within Earth may have shaped the continents. Dec 16, 2008 453
'It was a great homecoming'. Oct 4, 2008 134
Rosy Mantle impresses on debut for Muir; GREAT LEIGHS. Sep 13, 2008 622
Rosy Mantle impresses on debut for Muir; GREAT LEIGHS. Sep 12, 2008 622
Football: Wayne's main man for Fabio; Capello tips Rooney to take on Owen mantle. Sep 6, 2008 528
Lunar liquid. Cowen, Ron Aug 2, 2008 738
Titanite-ilmenite-magnetite phase relations in amphibolites of the Chynov area (Bohemian Massif, Czech Republic). Rene, Milos Jul 1, 2008 4595
Earth: softer on the inside. Brief article Apr 1, 2008 221
Old rock woven into new seafloor crust. Brief article Apr 1, 2008 197
Bullen, Keith Edward. Biography Jan 1, 2007 5027
Triple geospheres: oxidic carapace: hydridic mantle: ultimetal core. Hunt, Charles Warren Report Sep 22, 2006 3244
Dig this! Sep 1, 2005 106
Under pressure: high-stress tests show surprising change in a mantle mineral's behavior. Perkins, S. Jul 23, 2005 470
Airguns gauge undersea volcanoes. Jun 1, 2005 489
Deep squeeze: experiments point to methane in Earth's mantle. Goho, A. Sep 25, 2004 460
Questions & answers. (You are the expert). Brief Article Jun 1, 2002 534
Buoyancy causes volcanic rocks to rise. (Geology). Brief Article Jun 1, 2002 533
A late arrival for platinum and gold? J.G. Brief Article Sep 23, 2000 258
Deep rock gives lift to Africa. Monastersky, Richard Brief Article Sep 26, 1998 313
Global graveyard: new images of Earth's interior reveal the fate of old ocean floor. Monastersky, Richard Cover Story Jul 19, 1997 1818
Volcanoes reveal Earth's hidden currents. Monastersky, Richard Nov 25, 1995 602
Deep heat unites the volcanoes of Europe. Monastersky, Richard Brief Article Mar 4, 1995 556
Earth's mantle and core. Asimov, Isaac Reference Source Jan 1, 1994 208
A-blast lights up core-mantle boundary. Mar 6, 1993 410
Mixing Earth's mantle with a delayed flush. Monastersky, Richard Feb 27, 1993 621
Drilling shortcut penetrates Earth's mantle. Monastersky, Richard Feb 20, 1993 653
Rock flows when ice goes. Sep 14, 1991 191
Planetary coffee: take a five-minute break inside the earth. Monastersky, Richard Dec 1, 1990 946
Deep rocks offer a glimpse into mantle. Monastersky, Richard May 26, 1990 488
Mimicking the deepest quakes. Monastersky, Richard May 21, 1988 743
Set adrift by wandering hotspots: these sources of volcanic activity have long served as scientific benchmarks. But are they really that reliable? Monastersky, Richard Oct 17, 1987 2448
Earth's most abundant mineral. Weisburd, Stefi Feb 14, 1987 491
Plunging plates cause a stir; scientists are beginning to rally around a decade-old idea that oceanic plates descend into the lower mantle of the earth. Weisburd, Stefi Aug 16, 1986 2572

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