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Mantell captures Golden title.

A be Mantell was the class of the Golden Masters field as he defeated Lenny Salvo 25-11 in the championship final. "He made some shots, and moved a lot better than me." said Salvo. Mantell played exceptionally and was conditioned enough to reach the finals of both the Masters and Golden divisions.

Mantell edged Pedro Rivera in the semifinals while Salvo dropped Ecuador's Enrique Rugel in the other semifinal.

Men's Golden (50+) Singles Results:

Quarters: Enrique Rugel (Ecuador) d. John Torres, 25-13; Abe Mantell d. Steven Kraft, 25-8; Pedro Rivera d. Mike Griffin (Westmount, QC), 25-3.

Semifinals: Len Salvo d. Rugel, 25-14; Mantell d. Rivera, 25-12.

Final: Mantell d. Salvo, 25-11.

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Date:Aug 1, 2013
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