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Manitou upgrades telescopic, truck mounted forklift power, functionality.

Migration to Tier IV engines has brought the TMT 55 and TMT 55 4-Way Telescopic Truck Mounted Forklifts single engine hood design; plastic roof cover for the cabin; new dashboard layout; and, improved instrument cluster. They ease machine operation and offer solutions to increase productivity--topped by the ability to load/unload from the single side of a truck bed.

"The enhanced TMT 55 offers multiple solutions for any business looking for a compact telescopic forklift to perform loading applications quickly, along with the ability to travel lightly," says Manitou Forklifts Associate Product Manager Wayne Cox. "The true advantage of this machine comes from its free lift design, which allows it to smoothly sideshift like a telescopic handler, unload from the single side of a trailer, and perform in areas with restricted heights. These features make the TMT 55 unique in its market, and adaptive for many applications."

Four TMT 55 versions include the HT with "High Traction" flotation tires or XT with "Extra Traction" flotation tires, each offered on the standard or 4-Way models. The latter machines' steering pivots to travel sideways or forward at 180 deg., enabling operators to handle longer and wider loads, or work in areas with tight entrances.

The series runs on a Tier IV-certified Kubota diesel engine, 49 hp with 111 ft.-lbs. torque rating. Through diesel oxidation catalyst technology, it requires no regeneration downtime nor extra fluid additives. The engine and other routine maintenance components are fully accessible with a new hood, located to the right of the machine. The radiator is accessible with a three-threaded knob cover behind the engine compartment.

A new dashboard layout and enhanced digital display are likewise TMT 55 upgrades. The latter shows hour meter, fuel and fluid levels, driving direction, engine temperature, and warning indicators. The machine comes standard with working lights, interior and exterior mirrors, all-new plastic roof cover, and strobe light with breakaway bracket.

The TMT 55 series sports three intuitive, multi-function joystick controls. Most of the key boom functions are contained within the first main joystick, which navigates the up and down motion plus telescopic extension and retraction. A switch on the right side of the joystick selects directional drive. The remaining two joysticks are located behind the first: one controls the tilt and boom side shift, the other the standard stabilizers. When fully deployed, the stabilizers double the capacity at forward reach from 1,650 lbs. to 3,300 lbs. Also standard on TMT 55 models is a differential lock switch, allowing all three wheels to rotate in the same direction at the same speed for more traction when necessary. Among additional features new to the series:

* Hydrostatic transmission with a hydraulic reversing shift, providing power and fast machine control.

* "Free lift" boom design. The absence of a mast increases operator vision, decreases overall parts, allows the machine to perform in areas with restricted lift heights, and provides optimal ground clearance.

* Telescopic boom. Enables operators to perform one-side telescopic unloading with 4 ft. 10 in. of forward reach, easing deliveries.

* Compact dimension. A short turning radius and light weight equate to hauling of more materials with each delivery.

* Short overhang. The truck-mounted forklift has a 56 in. of rear overhang, reportedly the shortest in the industry.--Manitou Americas, Inc., West Bend, Wis., 262/334-9461;


Caption: Shown here in "High Traction" or HT configuration, the compact TMT 55 travels lightly on a trailer. Maximum lifting capacity and lift heights are 5,500 lbs. and 11 ft. 3 in.
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Publication:Concrete Products
Date:Aug 1, 2016
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