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Manitoba's fifty fastest growing companies.


PROUDLY, WE PRESENT THE NAMES AND RANKINGS OF THOSE companies that made the effort to vie for the title of No. 1 in Manitoba Business's sixth annual 50 Fastest Growing Companies competition for 1991. The winner is PowerRich Corporation, an agricultural fertilizer firm of which owners Neil Knight and Gary Christianson are justly proud and whose story, written by Bramwell Ryan, appears on page 7.

When considering the example of these free enterprisers, we couldn't have said it better than Dave Richardson of Kaufmann's Catering. His three-page letter to the editor thanked this magazine for publishing the needs and concerns of the Manitoba business community. Richardson has his own concerns and he makes his point well. In short, he believes that the majority of young people in Manitoba want secure employment in the civil service. This condition arises, Richardson says, because the largest employers in Manitoba are the three levels of government.

"Have our young people lost the challenge of being self-employed, of risk-taking?" he asks. "Has this lop-sided number of state workers created the impression that private enterprise is unable to provide continuous employment?"

One hears that a great deal from Manitobans. What can you expect when businesses are closing every day? But the solid ones survive. Learning to work for yourself, undaunted by failure, is what entrepreneurial risk-taking is all about. And we need more of those risk-takers.

Will they try in the '90s? If they do, in the not-too-distant future the companies they start will be included on such lists as the one below as examples of what is possible when someone aims for success. We can only cross our fingers.

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