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Manhattan Gold receives makeover.

Manhattan Gold receives makeover

Manhattan Gold beer, brewed and bottled by the Manhattan Brewing Co., has a sleek contemporary look, thanks to the redesign work by D'Addario Design Associates, Inc.

"The staff at D'Addario Design Associates was most helpful in putting our ideas down on paper," said Rick Noble, vice president, Manhattan Brewing Co. "Not only did they give us a label that met our demographic needs, but it also pops off the shelf, and is very readable."

Manhattan Gold debuted in 1987. The original bottle was green glass featuring a teal blue foil label with gold lettering and a horse drawn wagon, against a black silhouette of Manhattan's skyline. After two years in the marketplace, "the beer was not selling as well as we wanted," Noble recalled. "So we decided this year to take a hard look at the product's presentation."

After consulting retailers, distributors and consumers, "we concluded that the level design was missing the style and quality of the beer inside," Noble said. In addition, market research showed that the label did not have a very strong appeal with men, "although women loved it," he added.

For the new label, "we wanted a color scheme and a design to attract male beer drinkers in the 21-to-25 age group," Noble explained. The purpose of the redesign was also to attract an upscale market - consumers who are willing to spend $5.99 to $6.99 for a six-pack of beer.

"To give the product that `super premium' look, we created a concentric label design," said Adam D'Addario, vice president, D'Addario Design Associates. "In addition, a more masculine palette of colors was used on the label."

While the original design emphasized "Gold" in the beer's name, the redesign highlights "Manhattan." The reason for this change was because "there's a stronger association among consumers with Manhattan," D'Addario said.

The skyline from the original design was retained and modified to look more contemporary, although the horse-drawn wagon graphic was omitted. The redesign also includes special details as well as descriptive copy about the product that has been incorporated into the overall redesign. Opaque and transparent inks were used to take full advantage of the metalized paper label stock. Additionally, the product's bottle was changed from green glass to an amber long neck.

"The new Manhattan Gold beer won't be in the stores for a few weeks, but already early response to the new packaging has been very positive," Noble said. "Distributors, retailers and consumers have all loved it."

D'Addario Design Associates also redesigned the product's six-pack carrier to stimulate added consumer interest by including interior and exterior photographs of the on-premise tap room in SoHo; as well as a map of the area and subway directions to its Thompson Street location in New York City.

PHOTO : GOIN' FOR THE GOLD - Manhattan Brewing Co. has a sleek, new look thanks to D'Addario Design Associates, Inc, which redesigned the label.
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Title Annotation:Manhattan Brewing Co.; new label
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Nov 27, 1989
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