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Mandatory health coverage.

Pennsylvania is the latest state to unveil a proposal to provide health coverage to its uninsured adults. Known as Prescription for Pennsylvania, the plan proposes to provide mandatory health insurance for the state's 800,000 uninsured adults with income levels more than 300 percent of the federal poverty level. As a means for paying for the coverage, employers in the state who do not supply health insurance that is equal to 3 percent of their payroll would be imposed a "fair share" tax. Additionally, the plan proposes to increase the states per-pack cigarette tax as well as taxing smokeless tobacco and cigars for the first time. Federal dollars would augment the revenue derived from these special taxes.

Pennsylvania joins Massachusetts and California in enacting legislation to stem the tide of the uninsured in their respective states. Massachusetts recently enacted legislation requiring individuals who do not qualify for the state's Medicaid program or job insurance to buy it through low cost plans. California's plan for coverage of the uninsured centers on a combination of hospital paid fees and federal funds.
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Title Annotation:Health Plans for the Uninsured
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Date:Apr 1, 2007
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