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Mandatory Celibacy: A Handbook for the Laity.

Embattled bishops trying to ensure that the Eucharist is celebrated regularly in all of their churches will be hearing more and more often from Catholics who understand that they have a right to the sacraments. Michele Prince is one of this number. In Mandatory Celibacy: A Handbook for the Laity (Pasadena, Calif.: New Paradigm Books, 114 pages, $9.95 paperback), she concludes that the people want change, and they must make it happen.

She looks at history and gives guidelines for change. The issues she sees include inconsistency and priorities out of order. Frank discussions like this one, which some may read as difficult or disloyal, grow out of love of church and Eucharist. And those who are the church are demanding answers from those who make decisions.
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Author:Graham, William C.
Publication:National Catholic Reporter
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Feb 5, 1993
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