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Mandates antithetical to liberty.

For the first four- or five-score and seven years or so, the people of the U.S. were dedicated to the proposition that the Declaration of Independence was the true Bill of Rights of the nation conceived in Lady Liberty's embrace, born July 4, 1776.

Self-evident truth held life, liberty and pursuit of happiness among the unalienable rights of all created equal. Governments instituted among equals with powers derived from consent of equals.

Never in the course of human events did the equals grant power to dissolve the bonds connecting the people to their revolutionary history. No state, court justice, senator, representative, no president can impel the people to separate from laws established within the true Bill of Rights or histories dearly bound to that Declaration.

Whenever any abuse betrays a design that severs the Constitution from its inseparable foundations it is the people's right and duty to throw off such usurpations. No court ruling, executive order, no law can abolish the bond between the Constitution, Declaration and the founding history shared by equals.

New offices are erected. Health care bureaucrats swarm. Red tape's armies operate beyond consent of legislatures, harassing people in their private decisions.

Insurance mandates are court-ruled as taxation. Premium increases equal taxation without representation, imposed without consent of the people or legislatures. Tax immunity for some religions, denied to others.

It is self-evident. End health insurance mandates. Now.



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Date:Mar 11, 2015
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