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Manchester United ace attended Hearts' trip to Celtic Park to watch 'brother' in action.

Manchester United midfielder Andreas Pereira was in attendance at Celtic Park on Sunday to watch Hearts' trip to the Ladbrokes Premiership champions. fans were initially curious as to why the Belgian-born Brazilian international had been pictured at the game, with other publications reporting the "mystery".

Fellow United academy graduate Joel Pereira was keeping goal for the visitors, though despite being each other's namesake, there is no relation between the pair.

However, while there is no blood ties, Andreas and Joel consider each other brothers, such is the strong bond in their friendship.

Andreas even posted on Instagram to the effect. Along with a picture of the Celtic Park turf he wrote: "Support my brother @joelpereira1, El gato [the cat]."

Marcos Pereira, father of Andreas, once explained the story behind the friendship in Portuguese paper Record.

He said: "My son lived with Joel in one of United's houses. But when I came to Manchester, Andreas moved in, and Joel asked to live with us.

"He lived in our house for almost three years. Is he adopted? No (laughs), the same surname is a coincidence. By the way, we have a great friendship with his parents, Mr. Francisco and Mrs. Maria.

"I only have good things to say about Joel: he's a fantastic boy, polite and very lovely. He's like a third child to me, as I also have a daughter besides Andreas. They're like brothers."

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Publication:The Scotsman Online
Date:Aug 26, 2019
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