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Managing with Style.

MANAGING WITH STYLE by Alan J. Rowe Ph.d. Richard 0. Mason, Ph.d. Jossey Bass Inc., Publishers 350 Sansome Street San Francisco, California 94104 U.S.A. - $22.95 US

Does management style have anything to do with productivity and performance? Yes, say researchers Alan J. Rowe and Richard O. Mason in their new book, Managing With Style.

It's not that any particular style of managing is more effective than another the authors explain, it's that unless managers' styles are well matched to the work they do, performance suffers greatly.

They estimate that as many as 80% of North Americans are mismatched with their work.

To be successful, they say, managers must know not only their own styles, but also the styles of their subordinates, peers and superiors. The authors have developed a test - the Decision Style Inventory - that simply and reliably assesses a manager's decision-making style based on the idea that each manager's decision-making style is actually a combination of four basic styles: DIRECTIVE logical, systematic, quick and result-oriented; ANALYTICAL focused on analysis, planning and forecasting; CONCEPTUAL creative, adaptable, risk-taking; BEHAVIORAL - focused on people and their needs. Every manager has one dominant style and one or two backup- styles. Individual managers have used the test to correct limitations in their own techniques and to improve their decision-making skills. Many people have used the test when making career choices.
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Publication:Canadian Manager
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Date:Mar 1, 1989
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