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Managing with Power: Politics and Influence in Organizations.

Decision-making and planning have no value without proper execution. Execution requires power - the ability to get things done. Managing with Power provides an in-depth look at the role of power and influence in organizations. Pfeffer illustrates how power is created, nurtured and transferred into action within an organizational framework.

Written in a case-study style, Managing with Power provides some provocative insights into the art of implementation: transforming business concepts or plans into results. The message interwoven throughout the chapters of this book is that the individual components of an organization - its divisions, departments supervisors, and employees - must be empowered to achieve success.

Written for the executive, manager, supervisor or project leader, Managing with Power clarifies how to recognize situations that require power and identifies the probable sources of this power. The book then explores how power is influenced by politics, organizational design, culture, personalities, information, regulations, and change.

Many clear examples and memorable illustrations are presented throughout the book; (e.g., the transfer of executive control at Apple Computer, power struggles at General Motors, culture clashes at Ford and corporate dog fights at RJR Nabisco). A very readable book, Managing with Power sharpens skills to recognize, to manage and to utilize power.
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Author:Philips, John S.
Publication:Mortgage Banking
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Jan 1, 1993
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