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Managing the Communication Function: Second Edition.

Managing the Communication Function Second Edition by Diane Gayeski, Ph.D.

One of IABC's most essential manuals, Managing the Communication Function, 2nd edition helps communicators to manage communication and their careers in a changing business landscape. With this manual, you'll learn:

* What education, experience, skills and traits will position you for key positions as a communication executive.

* How to assess your organization's overall communication infrastructure and manage it as a key business asset.

* How to manage cross-functional teams and vendors, using project management tools. * Best practices about how communication departments are organized and funded.

* How to leverage your skills as a professional communicator to launch new career opportunities and continuing personal development plans.

This invaluable resource contains job aids, model contracts and project management documents; examples of organizational structures and job descriptions; and assessment tools that you can immediately apply and customize for your own use.

Seven ways to leverage leaders as key communicators and subject matter experts:

1. President-hosted quarterly "Town Hall" meetings.

2. Distributed monthly president's message.

3. President and other leaders hosted regular site visits.

4. President-held regular employee dialogue sessions.

5. Working with HR, launch a leadership training program on communication.

6. Working with HR, incorporate accountability for communication into leaders' performance appraisal process.

7. Develop an electronic toolbox and printed vehicle for leaders.


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Publication:Communication World
Date:Jan 1, 2008
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