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Managing editor's column.

Welcome to the new and improved Valuation Insights & Perspectives. To the thousands of valuation practitioners receiving this publication for the first time and our 20,000 Appraisal Institute members, I believe you will enjoy the revamped magazine.

Our publication has been redesigned to benefit and inform the practicing valuation professional to an even greater extent.

Every issue of Valuation Insights & Perspectives is geared to provide business tools and highlight opportunities to enhance your practice. We at the Appraisal Institute feel an obligation to our members and the broader community of appraisers to provide news and information on the issues facing our profession while offering practical advice and suggestions for furthering your business opportunities.

For example, in this edition you will find columns on a variety of issues including how to market your appraisal services with attractive print ads; fatal flaws small businesses make and the solutions that can save them; how to fend off third-party E&O insurance claims; and are cell phones going to replace your need for a laptop?

This issue also features articles on branching into litigation support, including expert witness, condemnation, divorce, estate and title insurance claims; the current state of property rights, including recaps of Supreme Court cases (Government Spotlight, page 32) and the ongoing battle in Oregon for just compensation in takings cases; and an overview of the hot topic, right-of-way appraising.

All of that packed into a brand new package. We've widened our column-width to increase content and made sure to retain all of the informative features readers have come to expect, including the Korpacz National Market Indicators, the latest monthly economic indicators, all the news from our Washington, D.C., office and viewpoint columns from association leaders spotting trends and tracking changes.

In fact, we're so thrilled with the content, that licensed non-member appraisers nationwide will be receiving professional courtesy copies of the magazine quarterly throughout 2002. Just like our members, VIP is committed to the profession. To that end, also allow me to direct your attention to the call for nominations for innovative members on page 47. Valuation Insights Perspectives seeks names of trendsetting members for profiles in its second quarter issue. Nominations in one of the five categories outlined are due by April 1.

And the magazine isn't the only component that is receiving a whole new look: the Appraisal Institute's logo, corporate image and its Web site have all been redesigned. Our communications materials have been streamlined, allowing for quicker access to the issues that matter most. For more information on the Web site changes, see Spinning a New Web on page 50, and for more information on the organization, visit the Web site,

We're excited to get your feedback on the magazine, which is why we have provided a postage-paid reader survey card next to page 29 for your convenience. Fill it out, mail it in, and we'll be sure to continue evolving the magazine into the publication you want to read.

You can also contact me directly at 312-335-4459 or via e-mail at Letters to the editor can be mailed to: Editor, Valuation Insights & Perspectives, 550 W. Van Buren St., Suite 1000, Chicago, IL 60607.

Happy reading!

Adam Webster
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Date:Jan 1, 2002
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