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Managers putting problems in checkmate.

Today's property managers are tech-savvy. By glancing at their smart-phones or computer, they know exactly what is happening in their buildings.

This real-time, dynamic information enables them to monitor and manage fuel and water usage more effectively and save money.

Tech-savvy property managers typically start each day by glancing at their "Alerts," which is a list of critical issues they must deal with immediately.

For example, they will receive an Alert if the runtime is long or the stack temperature is too high. They can easily schedule service and maintenance assignments right through the interface.

Next, the tech-savvy property manager might compare his building to others in the system, and determine if it is running as efficiently as Other similar buildings. Some do a "daily spot check," where they glance at the thresholds set for each building and the indoor temperatures to make sure they are not overheating their apartments.

Through glancing at visual displays featuring historical analyses and projections, the savvy manager can tweak his buildings to achieve maximum efficiency, while keeping his buildings safe and in compliance with benchmarking requirements.

"The new generation of building owners and property managers understand technology," explained David Unger, chief operating officer of US Energy Group.

"They grew up using computers, so using an online information system makes sense to them."

USE Manager is the online building information hub for US Energy Group's Building Energy Management System (BEMS), which reduces fuel usage by 15-30% and returns investment in under two years.

By using the USE Manager, a property manager can view details on all the buildings in his portfolio at once and compare their performance to other similar buildings. Visual displays synthesize key building data, and the system provides alerts to draw attention to issues before they become problems.

"One property manager explained that his 50-building portfolio is like a chessboard, and he uses the system to move his maintenance people around and checkmate the problems," Unger explained.

"For many building owners, it is about having ultimate control, and USE Manager gives that to them."

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Date:Jan 30, 2013
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