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FIGHTING FRAUD IN THE WORKPLACE: Management accountants can help their company face the rising tide of occupational fraud. Butcher, Daniel Jul 1, 2020 1045
MEASURING MARKETING RETURN ON INVESTMENT: Marketing outcome metrics improve both market-related investment decision making and market professional accountability. Emmer, Marc; Merchant, Kenneth A. Jul 1, 2020 1575
Going for Gold. Dai, Yujing Personal account Jul 1, 2020 548
UPSKILLING WITH RPA: Prepare for the technologies that will change the face of finance and accounting. Jiles, Loreal Jul 1, 2020 1066
A Commitment to Research. Cuzick, Christian Sep 1, 2019 481
ADAPTING ACCOUNTING ETHICS TO NEW TECHNOLOGY: The IESBA has revised its code of ethics to clarify how ethical principles should be applied in today's tech-dominated business landscape. Butcher, Daniel Jul 1, 2019 1052
Management Accounting: Expanding Relevance. Frigo, Mark L.; Williams, Kathy Jun 1, 2019 2913
DO YOU HAVE EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE? Advanced degrees and credentials are important for your career, but so, too, is your ability to connect with people, communicate clearly, and remain calm under pressure. O'Brien, Patrick E.; Boyle, Douglas M. Jun 1, 2019 2923
THE FUTURE OF TECHNOLOGY AND ANALYTICS: It's essential to track disruptive trends and maintain your knowledge base and skill set for what's next. Monterio, Brad J. Jun 1, 2019 1059
Institutional Factors and Earnings Management in the Asia-Pacific: Is IFRS Adoption Making a Difference? Wijayana, Singgih; Gray, Sidney J. Apr 1, 2019 13194
KEEPING THE CMA RELEVANT: conducting a job analysis survey makes sure the CMA exam tests the right skills. Juras, Paul; Whitney, Dennis Jan 1, 2019 2041
TOWARD BUSINESS 2030: Aligning purpose with performance and sustainable strategy is key. Busco, Cristiano; Frigo, Mark L.; Hickey, Loughlin; Pavlovic, Andjela; Riccaboni, Angelo Dec 1, 2018 4453
Management Accounting Service Quality: What Is Most Important to Your Customers? Walker, Kenton B.; Johnson, Eric N.; Fleischman, Gary M. Sep 22, 2018 4117
Maximize Asset Performance With Asset Integrity Management. Shoker, Inderpreet Sep 21, 2018 883
Leaving Your Comfort Zone: Research-Based Suggestions for Improving Innovative Management Control Systems. Mackey, James T.; Deng, Feng "Johnny" Jun 22, 2018 4218
MAINTAINING RELEVANCE IN-THE DIGITAL AGE: In the face of technological change, the management accounting profession needs to refocus on providing actionable cost information to support internal decision making--or risk becoming obsolete. Lawson, Raef; White, Larry R. Apr 1, 2018 2648
Overhead Cost Allocation and Earnings Manipulation between Quarters. Wahab, Susan; Teitel, Karen; Smith, Carl Mar 22, 2018 5629
The Predictive Ability of S&P's Core Earnings: An In-Sample, Out-of-Sample Estimation Approach. Thielemann, Felix Mar 22, 2018 4346
CAMPUS INFLUENCERS SUPERSTARS. Kennedy, Elizabeth Brief article Mar 1, 2018 228
EXEMPTION FROM EARLIEST-YEAR MD&A REPORTING? Barlas, Stephen Brief article Mar 1, 2018 258
Flying Forward. Eng, Alex C. Nov 1, 2017 507
IMA MILESTONE. Kennedy, Elizabeth Brief article Nov 1, 2017 146
The Right Company. Ido, Ayima Nov 1, 2017 529
Managing retail challenges. Hart, Lea Oct 1, 2017 585
How accounting programs can help students pass the CPA exam: best practices include setting up on-campus study rooms for off-campus students and creating academic champion programs. Gaynor, Gregory; Askew, Sidney Cover story Sep 1, 2017 1058
Starting from scratch: here are some tips from BYU on how to develop an active IMA student chapter. Smith, Steve; Swain, Monte; Tayler, Bill Aug 1, 2017 3006
Becoming better students: the combination of attending IMA Student Leadership Conferences and starting an IMA student chapter can help students prepare for the workplace. Dean, Passard C. Aug 1, 2017 1089
Improve your technology skills: it's always a good idea to track technology trends and pick up new strategies for management accounting. Brands, Kristine Aug 1, 2017 1018
Accounting student transformations: Baylor University takes a few cues from HGTV's Fixer Upper to help students find the right accounting career path. Burney, Laurie Aug 1, 2017 2896
Excel-based active learning: use Excel projects to engage students with management accounting topics. Braun, Karen W. Report Aug 1, 2017 3948
High-impact mentoring: IMA's Louisville Chapter Mentoring Program not only helps students, but it also increases member engagement and is a source of new members for the chapter. Merrill, Kristina; Bordador, Ted; Book, Lisa; Barney, Doug Aug 1, 2017 3462
The importance of killing projects: organizations must cast a critical eye at their own initiatives, keeping ego and ownership out of the equation. Amato, Neil Apr 1, 2017 1888
Management Accounting Change and the Contemporary Business Environment: An Article Review. Yassin, Mohamed; El Guindy, Medhat Report Apr 1, 2017 7648
Highlights of management accounting research: learn what the scholarly community has to say about the balanced scorecard, performance reviews, and other management accounting topics. Bolt-Lee, Cynthia E.; Swain, Monte Dec 1, 2016 2073
Accounting in the international age: future-focused and more relevant than ever. Rainey, Valerie Jun 1, 2016 565
Protecting the core, progressing the profession. Olbricht, Joel Jun 1, 2016 568
Process-oriented managerial accounting. Hrabal, Martin Report May 1, 2016 860
The balanced scorecard: an excerpt from the CGMA book 'Essential Tools for Management Accountants'. Kaplan, Robert S.; Norton, David P. Excerpt May 1, 2016 746
Foreword. Swamy, M.R.K. Essay Jan 1, 2016 2044
Bringing analytics to life. Hagel, Jack Feb 1, 2015 572
Strategic management accounting and business strategy. Ghaseminejad, Mina; Heirany, Forough; Rategh, Erfaneh; Riahi, Mohammad Hossein Report Jan 15, 2015 5506
The new revenue recognition standard. Devonish-Mills, Linda Sep 1, 2014 1159
Nimble thinking takes the lead. Hagel, Jack Aug 1, 2014 985
The four D's of better strategic planning. Hagel, Jack Jul 1, 2014 677
Managing the accountability of your staff. Pickett, Ronald B. Jul 1, 2014 1207
A new day for sustainability: is your company ready to take on increased responsibility for its activities throughout the globe? Epstein, Marc J.; Buhovac, Adriana Rejc Jul 1, 2014 4283
FAQs for the CGMA exam: begin preparing for the test of management accounting skills in 2015. Amato, Neil Jun 1, 2014 1818
A word from the president: 'integrated reporting has cropped up in conversations everywhere I've been'. Furber, Malcolm Column Jun 1, 2014 609
From arm's-length relationships to collaboration in intermediary food-chain businesses. Jack, Lisa; Manuel, Juan Jun 1, 2014 1158
Study notes. Apr 1, 2014 1004
Top 7 trends in management accounting, part 2. Cokins, Gary Jan 1, 2014 3131
Top 7 trends in management accounting. Cokins, Gary Dec 1, 2013 3947
XBRL and the Audit Data Standards. Brands, Kristine Dec 1, 2013 829
Signaling credibility. Lennon, Geoff Nov 1, 2013 499
The effect of paradigm in accounting scientific development. Moslemi, Seyyed Seif-Allah; Nikseresht, Mohsen Essay Oct 1, 2013 3991
The global finance function: five focal points. Hagel, Jack Sep 1, 2013 733
Master Budget project: Manufacturing Overhead Budget. Cox, Patricia Sep 1, 2013 810
Accounting fanatic. Jiles, Loreal Column Jun 1, 2013 467
Management accountants: doing both ... and more. Thomson, Jeffrey C. May 1, 2013 913
Using the CMA toolbox: in order to perform your management accounting duties to the best of your ability and help your company succeed, you need the right set of tools as well as the right skills. Remmen, Doreen Viewpoint essay Oct 1, 2012 777
Continuous improvement. Vasquez, Janrich L. Personal account Oct 1, 2012 513
Paper P2 performance management: too many students go into the exam without a firm grasp of the syllabus and how topics will be examined. This leads them to give unfocused answers when they need to show their knowledge of specific areas. Whittle, Norwood Oct 1, 2012 1617
The role of the Management Accountant: 2003-2012. Clinton, B. Douglas; White, Larry R. Survey Sep 22, 2012 6088
The CMA: fueling IMA's growth in respect, influence, and size. Thomson, Jeffrey C. Conference notes Sep 1, 2012 625
How the CMA exam is developed. Cordes, William Sep 1, 2012 1129
The CMA turns 40! Thompson, Rick; Whitney, Dennis Cover story Sep 1, 2012 3047
Global passport for success. Gurowka, Jim Sep 1, 2012 2460
The Dutch way. de With, Elbert Sep 1, 2012 2649
Benelux activity. Michels-Kim, Nina Sep 1, 2012 500
Growing the CMA around the world. Beaudoin, Lisa Sep 1, 2012 2718
Developing management accountants. Grantz, Regina E.; McEachern, William; Gruber, Robert Report Jun 1, 2012 4361
Master budget project: budgeted beginning inventory. Cox, Patricia Report Jun 1, 2012 873
Beyond my expectations. Ford, Amy Viewpoint essay May 1, 2012 537
Measuring management accounting service quality. Walker, Kenton B.; Fleischman, Gary M.; Johnson, Eric N. Report Mar 22, 2012 6441
Happy anniversary CMA! Thompson, Rick; Whitney, Dennis Jan 1, 2012 1499
Idle capacity costs: it isn't just the expense. Bettinghaus, Bruce; Debruine, Marinus; Sopariwala, Parvez R. Report Jan 1, 2012 3930
Linking management accounting and finance: assessing student perceptions. Leauby, Bruce A.; Wentzel, Kristin Report Jan 1, 2012 2832
Management accounting practices in the gulf cooperative countries. McLellan, John D.; Moustafa, Essam Dec 22, 2011 5712
AICPA, CIMA joint venture would offer new management accounting designation. May 1, 2011 777
A new hue of green: for the management accountant. Barton, Thomas L.; MacArthur, John B. Mar 1, 2011 2687
XBRL beyond SEC filings. John Chironna; Zwikker, Ernst Mar 1, 2011 1293
Editor's note. Payton, Scott Brief article Jan 1, 2011 210
Impact of management accounting on the performance and viability of public-private partnered projects in Nigeria. Ezirim, Chinedu B.; Amuzie, Edith A.; Emenyonu, Emmanuel N. Dec 22, 2010 9270
Johnson & Johnson: a model for sustainability reporting. Borkowski, Susan C.; Welsh, Mary Jeanne; Kristin, Wentzel Sep 1, 2010 4066
The ongoing preparation gap in management accounting education: a guide for change. Siegel, Gary; Sorensen, James E.; Klammer, Thomas; Richtermeyer, Sandra B. Jun 22, 2010 3447
IMA's professional certification program has changed. Van Zante, Neal R. Jun 22, 2010 2088
Driving your budget message: the art of clear communication in good times and bad. Sygielski, John "Ski" J. Viewpoint essay Feb 1, 2010 1190
Innovation corner. Taylor, Audrey Column Dec 1, 2009 438
Are employees buying the balanced scorecard? Chen, Clement C.; Jones, Keith Sep 22, 2009 5188
Touching the future. Parham, Abbie Gail Viewpoint essay Sep 1, 2009 510
Reflections on China. Schea, Frederick E. May 1, 2009 744
Sandy Richtermeyer named IMA Chair-Elect. Barlas, Stephen; Dowsett, Christopher; Tucker, James; Williams, Kathy May 1, 2009 720
Old meets new: Chinese companies are blending some of their traditional techniques with some new ones from the West to achieve good working management accounting practices they can use. Lawson, Raef Apr 1, 2009 2931
IMA issues Business Valuation SMA. Williams, Kathy Brief article Mar 1, 2009 252
Moving ahead: the evolving role of the finance & accounting function in China. Lawson, Raef Cover story Mar 1, 2009 3119
Management accounting--decision management: in the second of his two articles on risk and uncertainty, Ian Janes shows how two-way tables can be used to deal with multiple uncertain variables. Janes, Ian Viewpoint essay Feb 1, 2009 1382
How do German companies run their cost accounting systems? Cost accounting systems in German companies provide a high level of detail for managers, focus on cost centers and cost center accounting, and separate costs into fixed and variable components for easy analysis of profits. Friedl, Gunther; Hammer, Carola; Pedell, Burkhard; Kupper, Hans-Ulrich Jan 1, 2009 4935
Trade-offs in objective and subjective performance evaluation: a case study examining the validity of agency theory predictions. Kren, Leslie; Tyson, Tom Case study Jan 1, 2009 6616
Considerations for use dashboard as inductor of performance of enterprise. Niculescu, Nicoleta; Ionescu, Adriana Mihaela; Golea, Valentina; Leustean, Beatrice Report Jan 1, 2009 1858
Let's certify the quality of a manager's information. Cokins, Gary; Euske, K.J.; Millush, George; Nostrom, Peter; Vercio, Alan Dec 1, 2008 3899
IMA to update Management Accounting Glossary. Williams, Kathy Nov 1, 2008 325
Professors receive grants for management accounting research. Oct 1, 2008 268
Motivating creativity through appropriate assessment: lessons for management accounting educators. Wynder, Monte Report Jul 1, 2008 7972
In search of practice-based topics for management accounting education: IMA and AICPA members are surveyed to find the skills and abilities accounting practitioners feel are most important for those entering the management accounting profession. The results indicate a need for changes to the accounting curricula in order to better prepare graduates for their future careers. Ahadiat, Nas Jun 22, 2008 4570
The development of accounting in Europe in the era of scientific management: the Italian engineering conglomerate, Ansaldo, 1918-1940. Antonelli, Valerio; Boyns, Trevor; Cerbioni, Frabrizio Report Jun 1, 2008 12849
Why did ABC fail at the Bank of China? Unless top management lends its support, employees understand the purpose of using ABC, models are tested, and costs/benefits are determined, ABC implementations could fail. Abdallah, Abed Al-Nasser; Li, Wei Mar 22, 2008 4094
Regaining relevance in the classroom revisited: many individuals and groups have called for changes in accounting education. The authors conducted a survey to determine the progress that has been made. Buttross, Thomas E.; Schmelzle, George Survey Mar 22, 2008 2426
Redefining management accounting: promoting the four pillars of our profession. Brewer, Peter C. Conference notes Mar 1, 2008 3973
Moving forward, echoes of 2007. Sharman, Paul A. Jan 1, 2008 1631
Boosting management accounting's stature on campus. Dutta, Saurav K.; Lawson, Raef A. Dec 1, 2007 2843
Management accounting--performance evaluation: Bob Scarlett charts the rise of the Beyond Budgeting movement and explains how it differs from traditional approaches to financial control. Scarlett, Bob Sep 1, 2007 1462
Real-time value chain management. Chan, Joseph O. Report Aug 1, 2007 4341
IMA issues Statements on Management Accounting. Jul 1, 2007 291
Crisis! When will the accountancy profession finally recognize the value of management accountants? Clinton, B. Douglas Jan 1, 2007 3822
Team assessment task for management accounting: a divisional management case study approach. Carrol, Amanda Report Jan 1, 2007 3960
Chapter 14 Front of the house and managerial mathematical operations. Jan 1, 2007 9038
Chapter 15 Personal taxes, payroll, and financial statements. Jan 1, 2007 11336
Appendix A. Appendix Jan 1, 2007 432
Glossary. Glossary Jan 1, 2007 3641
Interventionist research: Kari Lukka explains why a CIMA research initiative is seeking academics and practitioners who are prepared to collaborate closely on real, practical issues. Lukka, Kari Nov 1, 2006 673
Management accounting--risk and control strategy / business strategy: P3 and P6 approach the key topic of information from different angles. David Laws discusses some issues that candidates might expect to encounter in the two exams. Laws, David Oct 1, 2006 1028
A bridge over troubled water. Sharman, Paula A. Oct 1, 2006 1125
Do we teach enough it skills in management accounting courses? A survey of accounting educators that explores the current use of Information technology content in management accounting Education shows that accounting students are not being taught the it skills They will need in the business world. Chandra, Akhilesh; Cheh, John J.; Kim, Il-Woon Sep 22, 2006 3070
Supply chain management: monitoring strategic partnering contracts with activity-based measures: second-generation ABC systems may be the wave of the future, not just for TQM but now also in supply chain management. In a creative tale of a fictitious small-town business, the authors illustrate why. Thomas, Michael F.; Mackey, James Sep 22, 2006 4842
Test of professional competence in management accounting: the lead examiner and case writer for TOPCIMA offers some hints and tips to help students facing the final test to improve their performance on exam day. Sep 1, 2006 1959
Linking management accounting with finance. Leauby, Bruce A.; Wentzel, Kristin Sep 1, 2006 1073
Taking a stand. Brower, William Aug 1, 2006 591
Strengthening our voice for management accountants. Brower, William Jul 1, 2006 574
Management Accounting--Financial Strategy: one of the examiners for P9 analyses the issues raised by an exam question on the use of fixed forward and option contracts in currency risk management. Jul 1, 2006 3014
Delivering quality accounting services: are your accounting services giving maximum help to your customers? a study performed within a large corporation illustrates how you can measure the quality of your accounting support and identify service expectation gaps. Walker, Kenton; Johnson, Eric Jun 22, 2006 3591
Managerial accounting and continuous improvement initiatives: a retrospective and framework. Albright, Tom; Lam, Marco Jun 22, 2006 7215
Management accounting--decision management: gain-sharing deals are, on the face of it, a win-win situation for suppliers and their customers. Tim Thompson examines their possibilities and practicalities. Thompson, Tim Jun 1, 2006 2470
Management accounting performance evaluation: traditional accounting methods still have their place in a modern manufacturing environment. Grahame Steven examines the limitations of backflush accounting. Steven, Grahame May 1, 2006 1312
Management accounting papers: even holy matrimony isn't sacred when it comes to the application of cost theory. Victor Sheahan explains why a small wedding could prove to be a false economy. Sheahan, Victor May 1, 2006 882
A new beginning for SMAs. Lawson, Raef May 1, 2006 410
Increasing the relevance of undergraduate accounting education. Danvers, Kreag Column May 1, 2006 1547
Three-questions accounting: this proposed new name for Throughput Accounting shows that we have to answer three important questions to see if a decision is good for a company. Corbett, Thomas Apr 1, 2006 3675
SOX as opportunity. Osheroff, Mike. Apr 1, 2006 720
Test of professional competence in management accounting: Adrian Sims analyses the pre-seen material for next month's exam and finds that it's time for the directors of Zubinos to wake up and smell the coffee. Sims, Adrian Apr 1, 2006 2528
Management accounting--risk and control strategy: David Laws offers his guide to the balanced scorecard and explains why a sound understanding of non-financial controls is important for both P3 and P6 students. Laws, David Apr 1, 2006 1512
Improving the cost accounting advantage: often poorly understood by undergraduate students, traditional cost accounting is still a valuable and much needed tool. The challenge for academics is to make it engaging. Giguere, Pierre Apr 1, 2006 1627
A larger contribution. Colman, Robert Editorial Feb 1, 2006 474
Professional accountants in business are valuable. Williams, Kathy Jan 1, 2006 353
Quality membership growth: building the future success of the management accounting profession; The CMA Canada partners' strategic growth strategy draws excellent talent to the designation. Dec 1, 2005 1015
IMA takes a giant step forward. Smith, Carl Nov 1, 2005 543
Exploring the China market. Albrechtson, Jeff Nov 1, 2005 816
The future of the profession: Hassan Yazdifar explains the findings of his research into the changing roles of management accountants in both independent companies and subsidiary firms. Yazdifar, Hassan Survey Nov 1, 2005 1108
Management accounting--risk and control strategy: candidates must take more than the traditional accounting view of risk, control and internal audit. The examiner for paper P3 uses a case study to explain why. Nov 1, 2005 1542
Management accounting--business strategy: a co-examiner for paper P6 discusses the relationship between strategy and management accounting, and the scope for numerical analysis in the exam. Sep 1, 2005 803
OFR set to create new CIMA roles. Brief Article Jun 1, 2005 231
Cost and management accounting in pre-industrial revolution Spain. Gutierrez, Fernando; Larrinaga, Carlos; Nunez, Miriam Jun 1, 2005 12541
Managerial level, strategic level and TOPCIMA papers: the addition of reading time for papers P1 to P10 is intended to reduce the time pressure on students. But this extra 20 minutes must be managed properly, too. Taylor, Martin May 1, 2005 788
Smart startups don't wait to set up accounting systems. May 1, 2005 740
CMA Canada expands resources for management accounting research: management accounting research will nourish growth of CMA competencies and enhance the competitiveness of leading-edge organizations. Apr 1, 2005 1303
How management accountants make physicians' practices more profitable; the key to profitability is to use cost analysis by determining a practice's cost structure and using those costs to evaluate contracts, allocate bonuses equitably, and make strategic decisions about the financial future of the practice group. Scheidt, Marsha; Thibadoux, Greg Mar 22, 2005 4523
Merging management accounting with database design: management accountants have a greater opportunity to support the implementation of corporate strategy when they are involved in developing IT databases using a conceptual design tool in concert with the balanced scorecard. Joseph, George; George, Asha Jan 1, 2005 5227
Accounting specialties need more public recognition. White, Larry Jan 1, 2005 637
Strategic finance self-study quiz. Dec 1, 2004 2457
Lessons from German cost accounting. Sharman, Paul A.; Vikas, Kurt Dec 1, 2004 4310
How does your company measure performance? Williams, Kathy Dec 1, 2004 660
Delivering strategic business value: business intelligence can help management accounting reclaim its relevance and rightful role. Williams, Steve Aug 1, 2004 4009
Centre stage: CMAs bring financial and administrative expertise to the ballet. Colman, Robert Aug 1, 2004 2953
Let's move management accounting to the forefront. White, Larry Jul 1, 2004 454
Our legislatures--a bargain at twice the price. Brief Article Jul 1, 2004 300
Editorial comment. Prickett, Ruth Editorial Jul 1, 2004 512
Setting your sight lines: how to position performance measures to connect staff to an organization's goals. Milroy, Peter Jun 1, 2004 843
The effects of national culture on the design of management accounting information systems *. Choe, Jong-min; Langfield-Smith, Kim Jun 1, 2004 8720
Talent wars: the voluntary sector needs the skills management accountants offer. In return, the sector gives these individuals a valuable place to hone those skills. Markham, Chris May 1, 2004 1425
From Abidjan to the big apple: Colette Turmel, CMA, adapts Canadian financial management techniques to support international aid. Colman, Robert Cover Story May 1, 2004 1498
Back to basics--practical magic for project management success; the Interior Health Authority in British Columbia recently completed two major IT implementations. The key to their success was simplicity--understand what you need, and keep everyone in the loop. Wyllie, Tara Apr 1, 2004 2054
New structures for strategic growth: CMAs are taking on prominent strategic leadership roles in administering public accounting firms, adding corporate structures to established partnerships to create stronger businesses. Colman, Robert Cover Story Feb 1, 2004 2379
0 introduction: marginal costing as a management accounting tool. Offenbacker, Stephen Jan 1, 2004 15948
How to pursue a grassroots mentoring program: with an IMA grant, we developed a program for chapters that matches students and professionals in a unique mentoring program. Falgiani, A. Anthony; Coe, Martin J.; Thompson, Joel Jan 1, 2004 1727
Chapter zero in perspective: although the management accounting profession has undergone major transformations in the last 20 years, many practitioners and academics say Germany is far ahead of the united states in developing standard practices. What are the next steps the profession needs to take to have worldwide cohesiveness? van Der Merwe, Anton Jan 1, 2004 3379
Management accounting: some comments. Horngren, Charles T. Jan 1, 2004 2418
Above and beyond: certain business issues are simply too complex to be decided by sticking to economic principles. David Allen ponders the need to take the financial management profession to a higher level. Allen, David Dec 1, 2003 866
Welcome to sarajevo: the civil war in Bosnia-Herzegovina may have ended seven years ago, but the republic is still fighting to repair the economic and socio-political damage that has slowed its progress towards a modern market economy. Duncan Williamson reports on his work in reforming local firms' management accounting practices as part of the aid effort. Williamson, Duncan Dec 1, 2003 1711
Six sigma in action: how NCR has used it to improve its critical services. Xagoraris, Mathew Nov 1, 2003 2130
All aboard with Eco-Nova: CMA Phil Sceviour sets a financial course to help an innovative TV production company unravel the mysteries of the ocean depths. Colman, Robert Cover Story Nov 1, 2003 1326
Assessing adequacy of internal controls. Brief Article Nov 1, 2003 187
The case for management accounting. Sharman, Paul A. Oct 1, 2003 2982
For the public good: CMA Michael McLaughlin brings clarity of purpose and astute financial management to air transport and public performance reporting. Colman, Robert; Fletcher, David Interview Oct 1, 2003 2645
Shorter cycles, increased demands influence now CFOs meet new objectives. Hartlen, Brian Sep 1, 2003 410
New evidence of benefits from effective ethics systems. (Ethics). Verschoor, Curtis C. May 1, 2003 776
Electronic access to cost/managerial accounting journals. (Education). Aldridge, Rick; Colbert, Jan; Ross, Mark May 1, 2003 1224
An object-oriented model for Ex Ante accounting information. Verdaasdonk, Peter Mar 22, 2003 7824
Uplifting growth for on-line underwear company. (E-Commerce). Brief Article Mar 1, 2003 158
Hell to pay: a dogmatic reward strategy can seriously damage your organisation's financial health--which is why management accountants should get more involved in policy-making. (Management). Allen, David Mar 1, 2003 865
Factor choice distortion under cost-based reimbursement. Christensen, John; Demski, Joel S. Jan 1, 2003 8500
Experimental evidence on the links among monetary incentives, task attractiveness, and task performance. Fessler, Nicholas J. Jan 1, 2003 7394
Introductory note to "Management Accounting: a personal history". Birnberg, Jacob G. Jan 1, 2003 422
Management Accounting: a personal history. Anthony, Robert N. Jan 1, 2003 2519
Policing, firefighting, or managing? Why multi-project management is an essential skill. (Project Management). Spoede, Charlene W.; Jacob, Dee Bradbury Dec 1, 2002 2132
Keeping score. Dye, R. W. Dec 1, 2002 2944
Professional dominance: The relationship between financial accounting and managerial accounting, 1926-1986. Richardson, Alan J. Dec 1, 2002 11183
Sweet clarity: rightly or wrongly, recent high-profile accounting scandals in the US have dented shareholders' faith in the quality of UK firms' financial reporting. The whole accountancy profession is under pressure to improve the transparency of the information it provides. Ruth Prickett explains what management accountants can do to restore confidence. (Cover: feature reporting). Prickett, Ruth Cover Story Sep 1, 2002 2237
The case for resource consumption accounting: It can give you a more accurate projection of the resources you need and their costs than traditional methods can. (Cost Management). Merwe, Anton Van Der; Keys, David E. Apr 1, 2002 2440
An Empirical Examination of Competing Theories to Explain the Framing Effect in Accounting-Related Decisions. Chang, C. Janie; Yen, Sin-Hui; Duh, Rong-Ruey Jan 1, 2002 12156
Cut down on contract stress: automating a critical process can make your business work better. Laursen, Eric Jan 1, 2002 4433
Letter from the President. Bell, Bob Brief Article Nov 1, 2001 319
Using the Team-Learning Model in a Managerial Accounting Class: An Experiment in Cooperative Learning. Lancaster, Kathryn A.S.; Strand, Carolyn A. Statistical Data Included Nov 1, 2001 7520
New financial times. May, Margaret Sep 1, 2001 1180
S shareholder cannot offset self-charged management fees against nonpassive income. Fiore, Nicholas J. Sep 1, 2001 920
IMA's Plans. Bell, Bob Brief Article Aug 1, 2001 354
MEMORIAL EDUCATION FUND. Brief Article Aug 1, 2001 280
CHANGE OF VENUE. Jul 1, 2001 127
ASB publishes exposure draft. Jul 1, 2001 85
Small firms ill-prepared for euro. Bernstein, Marc Jul 1, 2001 531
Letters. Nash, David J; Laurence, Stewart Brief Article Jul 1, 2001 969
New world order. Squire, Nick Brief Article Jul 1, 2001 847
Hold on to footloose handhelds. Brief Article Jul 1, 2001 438
People make the difference to your bottom line. Brief Article Jul 1, 2001 237
Aspiring managers are signing up for MBAs in record numbers. Brief Article Jul 1, 2001 137
THE TEMP IS RISING. Brief Article Jul 1, 2001 153
Outgoing president's address. Jeans, Mike Jul 1, 2001 1154
Annual general meeting report. Jeans, Mike Brief Article Jul 1, 2001 260
Editor's letter. Jun 1, 2001 466
Ethical reporting crucial for survival. Jun 1, 2001 169
Quality of Life in Management Accounting. Siegel, Gary Jun 1, 2001 1248
Breeding programs. Johnson, Colin (Australian writer); Abdel-Kader, Magdy Feb 1, 2001 2036
Figures of hate. Hope, Jeremy; Fraser, Robin Feb 1, 2001 3642
The impact of activity-based costing techniques on firm performance. Kennedy, Tom; Affleck-Graves, John Statistical Data Included Jan 1, 2001 11493
Communicating and controlling strategy: An empirical study of the effectiveness of the balanced scorecard. Malina, Mary A.; Selto, Frank H. Statistical Data Included Jan 1, 2001 20140
Referent cognitions and budgetary fairness: A research note. Libby, Theresa Statistical Data Included Jan 1, 2001 7047
Interdependencies in organization design: A test in hospitals. Abernethy, Margaret A.; Lillis, Anne M. Jan 1, 2001 11966
Exploring downsizing: A case study on the use of accounting information. Radcliffe, Vaughan S.; Campbell, David R.; Fogarty, Timothy J. Jan 1, 2001 15093
The Changing Organizational Structure And Individual Responsibilities Of Managerial Accountants: A Case Study [*]. Davis, Stan; Albright, Tom Dec 22, 2000 8625
Management Accountants: The Great Communicators. Siegel, Gary Brief Article Dec 1, 2000 872
Adding Value. Siegel, Gary Nov 1, 2000 1312
Who Wants to Be a CEO? Brief Article Oct 1, 2000 282
Rules of the Game. Huppe, Jocelyne Brief Article Sep 1, 2000 824
Measure for Measure. Atkinson, Anthony; Epstein, Marc Sep 1, 2000 3527
To Boldly Go. Cooper, John Sep 1, 2000 1174
Financial Forecasting It's All About Teamwork. Pendock, Cleve Sep 1, 2000 1275
Business Partner and Corporate Cop: Do the Roles Conflict? Siegel, Gary Column Sep 1, 2000 1414
European companies are struggling to reduce their accounts consolidation and reporting times -- many took two days longer in 1999 than in 1998. Brief Article Sep 1, 2000 89
Dotcoms told to go back to business basics. Townley, Gemma Brief Article Sep 1, 2000 462
The Image of Corporate Accountants. Siegel, Gary Aug 1, 2000 1335
What Do Management Accountants Do? Siegel, Gary Jul 1, 2000 1319
IMA Rolls Out Valuable SMAs for Improving Your Operations. Gambin, Anthony J. Brief Article Jul 1, 2000 791
Management Accountants' Roles on Cross-Functional Teams. Siegel, Gary Brief Article Mar 1, 2000 1307
Sources of Education for Certified Management Accountants (CMAs). Barber, Robert L.; Brackner, James W. Brief Article Mar 1, 2000 749
Making Sense of Money Matters. GALLOP-GOODMAN, GERDA Feb 1, 2000 2855
Linking Balanced Scorecard Measures to Size and Market Factors: Impact on Organizational Performance. Hoque, Zahirul; James, Wendy Statistical Data Included Jan 1, 2000 7850
A Review of the Effects of Financial Incentives on Performance in Laboratory Tasks: Implications for Management Accounting. Bonner, Sarah E.; Hastie, Reid; Sprinkle, Geoffrey B.; Young, S. Mark Statistical Data Included Jan 1, 2000 24083
The Cost of System Congestion: Evidence from the Healthcare Sector. Balakrishnan, Ramji; Soderstrom, Naomi S. Statistical Data Included Jan 1, 2000 9256
Second-Order Uncertainty in Accounting Information and Bilateral Bargaining Costs. Haka, Susan F.; Luft, Joan L.; Ballou, Brian Statistical Data Included Jan 1, 2000 12705
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