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Conditional currency hedging. Bucher, Melk C. Report Dec 22, 2020 16356
Cokuluslu Sirketlerin Dogrudan Yabanci Yatirim Yer Seciminde Sektor Tasima Kapasitesinin Gerekliligi/The Necessity of Sector Carrying Capacity in Multinational Companies' FDI Location Choice. Baskici, Cigdem; Ercil, Yavuz Report May 1, 2019 5567
Grant Thornton report explores perceptions of manufacturing. Sep 1, 2016 261
A comparative analysis of public and private political risk insurance policies with strategic applications for risk mitigation. Waters, James J. Mar 22, 2015 10273
India looks at Japan to invest in Africa. Dalby, Alexa Brief article Apr 1, 2014 198
The impact of foreign direct investment and regional integration on poverty reduction case study: D8 countries. Nagheli, Shekoofe; Nagheli, Elham; Sadeghi, Behruz Report Aug 1, 2013 5842
Middle East sovereign fund enters the Taiwanese stock market. Liu, Philip Dec 13, 2012 410
Business etiquette in China. Vollmer, Sabine Dec 1, 2012 577
Mega FHC of Taiwan limits investments in foreign governments. Li, Judy Brief article Oct 26, 2012 218
Gov't targets doubling investments by overseas Taiwanese businesses. Liu, Philip Oct 8, 2012 349
Survey of effective factors on absorption foreign direct investment (FDI) and its role in Iran's exports. Mehdi, Safdari; Reza, Motiee Report Sep 1, 2012 5698
Gov't solicits investments by Japanese ICT upstream firms. Liu, Philip Brief article Aug 27, 2012 252
FSC plans to raise mainland Chinese investments in stock market. Liu, Philip Aug 22, 2012 333
Analysis of industrial trends in China's overseas direct investment. Yang, Yanlin; Xu, Shuchang Report Aug 1, 2012 6229
The crowding-in and crowding-out effects of FDI on domestic investment in the Yangtze Delta region. Wu, Guoxin; Sun, Yu; Li, Zhuning Report Aug 1, 2012 6221
Impact of FDI on Import Demand and Export Supply Functions of Pakistan: An Econometric Approach. Report Jun 30, 2012 4982
Major Chinese business delegation will visit Taiwan in August. Liu, Philip Brief article Jun 6, 2012 252
Impact of the institutional environment on the choice of entry mode: evidence from Chinese enterprises. Wu, Xianming; Liu, Xueyuan; Huang, Qihai Report Apr 1, 2012 10382
Outward foreign direct investment from China and its policy context. Davies, Ken Report Apr 1, 2012 4929
Inward foreign direct investment in China and its policy context. Davies, Ken Report Apr 1, 2012 5969
Global health governance at a crossroads: trademark protection v. tobacco control in international investment law. Vadi, Valentina S. Jan 1, 2012 21961
Interrelation of countries' developmental level and foreign direct investments performance/Saliu issivystymo lygio ir tiesioginiu uzsienio investiciju veiklos saveika. Lankauskiene, Toma; Tvaronaviciene, Manuela Report Sep 1, 2011 7890
The real foreign hand backing Anna. Aug 25, 2011 1106
Risk exposure of the financial industry to U.S. bond hits NT$3 trillion. Liu, Philip Brief article Aug 9, 2011 261
Foreign investors use Taiwan 50 ETF as tax haven. Liu, Philip Brief article Jul 15, 2011 253
Canon of Japan invests NT$30 B. to build two plants in Taiwan. Shen, Ben Brief article Jun 10, 2011 217
The expansion of outward FDI: a comparative study of China and India. Hong, Zhao Report Mar 1, 2011 8344
U.S. direct investment abroad: trends and current issues. Jackson, James K. Report Feb 1, 2011 3374
Two-speed Rwanda attracts investment: recent events in Rwanda demonstrate how far the country has come economically since 1994 but also highlight just how far it still has to go politically, reports Neil Ford. Ford, Neil Dec 1, 2010 1995
Tripartite convergence for certainty in merger review under China's anti-monopoly law. Himmelberger, Adam W. Sep 22, 2010 13301
Investment protection under the proposed ASEAN-United States free trade agreement. Kahn, Jordan C. Sep 22, 2010 12848
Guangdong group boasts largest purchase in Taiwan. Li, Judy Brief article Aug 26, 2010 235
Global investment-solicitation panel comes into being. Liu, Philip Brief article Jul 8, 2010 281
Foreign currency speculators urged to pour hot money into local bourse. Liu, Philip Brief article Apr 20, 2010 278
Palestine woos investors. Smith, Pamela Ann Apr 1, 2010 551
Life-insurance sector invests US$5.67 b. more in TWSE in 2009. Shen, Ben Brief article Mar 23, 2010 269
Why It Pays to Diversify: Five reasons you shouldn't abandon the tried and true in a tough economy. Wild, Russell Mar 1, 2010 857
Chinese expansion and Western influence in 21st century Africa. Alexander Robinson, David Report Feb 1, 2010 4078
ECFA may draw investment of US$8.5B into Taiwan: IDB. Brief article Jan 18, 2010 264
Saudi banks boost overseas investments. Jan 13, 2010 616
The analysis of strategies used by foreign investors to enter the Romanian market. Harangus, Daniela; Duda Daianu, Dana Codruta Report Jan 1, 2010 1543
Uncertainties and opportunities for the Romanian investment climate. Corduneanu, Carmen; Milos, Laura Raisa; Milos, Marius Cristian Report Jan 1, 2010 1767
The economic and fiscal contribution of US investment in Ireland. Walsh, Keith Report Jan 1, 2010 11468
Terrorism, tourism and FDI: estimating a lower bound on the peace dividend in Northern Ireland. Muckley, Cal Report Jan 1, 2010 8359
French investments rise in Kingdom. Dec 7, 2009 571
Saudi-Yemeni joint transport venture launched. Brief article Nov 25, 2009 245
SAGIA begins promotion campaign in Europe. Oct 19, 2009 367
Indian investment in Saudi Arabia. Brief article Aug 27, 2009 137
Saudi Arabian investment in Yemen. Brief article Aug 27, 2009 239
A Fujian delegation visits Taiwan for intensifying economic exchanges. Brief article Aug 10, 2009 300
Kingdom's foreign assets drop SR 190 billion. Jul 29, 2009 459
Saudi firm to invest $3 billion in Turkey. Brief article Jul 16, 2009 213
Gov't starts accepting Chinese investment applications. Jul 1, 2009 402
Iraq's uphill struggle to woo investors. Smith, Pamela Ann Jul 1, 2009 2729
The effects of geographic distance on the foreign acquisition activity of U.S. firms. Ragozzino, Roberto Report Jul 1, 2009 12716
Behaviour of stock returns in selected emerging markets. Arora, Ravinder Kumar; Jain, Pramod Kumar; Das, Himadri Report Jul 1, 2009 6350
Abu Dhabi's new economy: oil, investment and domestic development. Davidson, Christopher Report Jun 22, 2009 10932
The global savings tsunamis. Aliber, Robert Z. Cover story Jun 22, 2009 1568
Entry of foreign firms raises attractiveness of Saudi market. Jun 22, 2009 335
$5 billion Saudi Arabia's investment firm launched. Brief article May 10, 2009 139
The casualty of investor protection in times of economic crisis. Claussen, Kathleen May 1, 2009 4412
Investment: the importance of judicial reform: last month's article by Omari Issa on 'how to attract foreign investors' triggered so much reader interest that we have decided to run a series of articles by him on the critical issue of creating a favourable climate for foreign investment in Africa. Issa, Omari Apr 1, 2009 1163
Global crunch presents stiff challenges to FDI despite new incentives; the developed and emerging regions will have their work cut out to attract direct investment amidst the global economic downturn. Researched and written by international economic analyst Moin Siddiqi. Siddiqi, Moin Mar 1, 2009 2500
Waiting for the storm to pass. Ford, Neil Feb 1, 2009 1785
Gulf investors look to Europe to balance their portfolios. Smith, Pamela Ann Feb 1, 2009 2073
Surviving the cold winds of a global storm: the current economic crisis is in a league of its own and few markets, emerging and frontier, will escape the consequences unscathed. But there is light at the end of the tunnel and the future may even become sounder. Siddiqi, Moin Jan 1, 2009 1520
How attractive are Italian regions for foreign investment? Methodological approach. Tardivo, Giuseppe; Viassone, Milena Report Jan 1, 2009 7272
Management of foreign direct investment in the direction of technological transfer the case of Romania. Corduneanu, Carmen; Milos, Laura Raisa Report Jan 1, 2009 1936
Riyadh To Have SWF. Jul 28, 2008 276
Diversity is the key: diversity is the key to improving Africa's export capability. After six decades of losing market share, Africa actually increased its share of world trade in 2006. This begs the question whether recent trade expansion is sustainable? Siddiqi, Moin Jul 1, 2008 1476
Doha declaration urges sustained commitment to international aid. Brief article Jul 1, 2008 170
Most desirable regions for foreign investment named. Marshall, Jeffrey; Heffes, Ellen M. Jun 1, 2008 453
OPIC and the franchising sector-advancing economic opportunities: "it's just a matter of finding the right partner and bringing them together.". Harwood, Timothy Mar 1, 2007 1363
Foreign direct investment and local linkages: an empirical investigation. Scott-Kennel, Joanna Report Jan 1, 2007 11632
Emotions and foreign direct investment: a theoretical and empirical exploration. van de Laar, Mindel; de Neubourg, Chris Apr 1, 2006 10802
Venezuela joins Mercosur: by joining Mercosur, Venezuela has leveraged its investment options. Thurston, Charles W. Jan 1, 2006 623
Privatization in the international petroleum industry: the interplay between politics, economics, and reliance. Rhea, John E. Sep 22, 2005 14624
The green zone. Brief Article Sep 1, 2005 137
According to a study by KPMG, foreign investments in India are decreasing due to weak infrastructure. Brief Article Jul 31, 2005 116
RUSSIA - Jun 26 - Putin Woos Foreign Business With Pledge On Investment Climate. Jun 30, 2005 323
International investing: more than just diversification. Chambers, Larry Jun 22, 2005 1349
Citizen Security and Justice Program. Brief Article Jun 1, 2005 96
Africa Economic Summit 2005: Africa opens for business; This year's Africa Economic Summit is held in Cape Town, South Africa, from 1-3 June. Organised by the World Economic Forum, it comes at a time when Africa finds itself perfectly poised to attract business and investors from around the world. Stuart Price reports. Price, Stuart Jun 1, 2005 1104
Equity investment: stock market investors have a wide range of forecasting tools to choose from, but even the most accurate method has its limitations. Goddard, Michael May 1, 2005 1429
Majors play the waiting game: western oil companies have lost no time in re-establishing themselves in Libya's oil-rich offshore fields but the majors are still playing a waiting game. Neil Ford has the story. Ford, Neil May 1, 2005 1077
Cuba adds red tape for potential foreign investors. Feb 1, 2005 373
Global law: helping Indiana businesses open international markets and the state attract foreign investment. Kaelble, Steve Oct 1, 2004 2220
1. US$ 23.4 billion needed for investment in power generating sector. Jun 29, 2004 713
On the virtues of travel. Holstein, William J. Editorial May 1, 2004 506
Entrepreneurs take on China: large North American corporations have taken advantage of the changing Chinese market, but the advances capitalism has made in this country now mean that entrepreneurs of all stripes can do the same. Demers, Julie May 1, 2004 1046
Putting the cart before the horse? A major donor conference has been planned for this month but the security situation is still far from stable. What should come first: Political stability or economic support? Neil Ford discusses. Ford, Neil Mar 1, 2004 1278
Development--yes or no: loyalty, repression, corruption. Quest, Linda Brief Article Aug 1, 2003 207
Thumbs up from investors. (Countryfile: Tanzania). Omolo, Leo Odera Brief Article Sep 1, 2002 326
French fancies: The Japanese and the French are locked in a high-spending mutual embrace. (Special Advertising Section). Thuresson, Mike Statistical Data Included Sep 1, 2002 1480
LIBYA - Moammar Mohammed Abdel Salam Abu Minyar Al Qadhafi. Brief Article Jul 29, 2002 330
Organizational characteristics and reverse technology transfer. (1). Hakanson, Lars; Nobel, Robert Statistical Data Included Oct 1, 2001 9971
ISRAEL - July 23 - Investment Robust. Brief Article Jul 28, 2001 471
Venezuela gas tender termed a success, but picture is complex. Brief Article Jul 5, 2001 939
Castro's Fig Leaf. Brief Article Jun 22, 2001 472
Peruvian political crisis appears to be taking toll on business and trade reform efforts : Foreign companies appear to be standing pat. Brief Article Oct 27, 2000 570
M&A In Asian insurance. Adamec, Daniel; Gibb, Gregory D.; Oberman, Raoul Brief Article Mar 22, 2000 849
Saindak Copper-Gold Project. Zahid, Tanvir Statistical Data Included Nov 1, 1999 1937
Profits of doom for Singaporean traders. Brief Article Oct 25, 1999 534
Malaysia counts on speedy growth. Sep 30, 1999 317
Foreign investors confront political risks. HOWELL, LLEWELLYN D. Brief Article Sep 1, 1999 902
Internationalisation and the Smaller Firm: A Review of Contemporary Empirical Research. Coviello, Nicole E.; McAuley, Andrew Jul 1, 1999 10496
Profiting from overseas opportunities. O'Connor, Tara Jun 1, 1999 3181
Cautious investment key to success in restive Russia. Hecker, Charles Jun 1, 1999 1057
In brief. May 31, 1999 274
Compensation design as a tool for implementing foreign subsidiary strategy. O'Donnell, Sharon Apr 1, 1999 6664
THE BONDS OF BUSINESS. Bustos, Sergio R. Statistical Data Included Mar 1, 1999 2552
Capital flows to Brazil in the nineties: macroeconomic aspects and the effectiveness of capital controls. Garcia, Marcio G.P.; Barcinski, Alexandre Sep 22, 1998 10368
When the going gets tough. Holmes, Craig A. Sep 1, 1998 1295
Investors look to development, offshore buys for superior returns. Jul 1, 1998 594
Conference on Investing in Russia Under the Law of Production Sharing Agreements. Panel Discussion Mar 22, 1998 12598
Strategic investment flexibility for MNE success in Russia: evolving beyond entry modes. McCarthy, Daniel J.; Puffer, Sheila M. Dec 22, 1997 11713
Can you invest abroad and stay at home? Beirne, Paul R. Dec 1, 1997 817
Fully oriented. Elias, David Apr 1, 1997 709
Financial sector reform and its impact on investment and economic growth: an econometric approach. Hasan, M. Aynul; Khan, Ashfaque H.; Ali, S. Sajid Report Dec 22, 1996 2994
Foreign direct investment and the demand for protection in the United States. Goodman, John B.; Spar, Debora; Yoffie, David B. Sep 22, 1996 12181
Investigating in a new environment. Van Nostrand, George; Luizzo, Anthony J. Jun 1, 1995 2208
Solving the puzzle: MNCs in China. Meier, Johannes; Perez, Javier; Woetzel, Jonathan R. Mar 22, 1995 3959
Political risk and the euphoria of emerging markets. Avasthi, David D. Jul 1, 1994 2998
Investors will be cautious but flexible in new year. Dreifus, Kenneth S. Column Jan 26, 1994 613
Mistaken notions about entering Mexico. Neff, Richard E. Jan 1, 1994 1136
A new matchmaker. Markrich, Mike Jun 1, 1993 502
Think big, act small, be patient. Allen, James; Rogers, Paul; Smith, John Jan 1, 1993 3421
The long and short of it. Hughes, Kent Mar 22, 1992 1435
ADRs: increasingly popular financial instruments. Brecha, S.A. Jun 1, 1990 1422

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