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Temperature monitoring--from the clinical lab to the cloud. Silva, Brenda May 1, 2020 1378
BEST PRACTICES in LAB MANAGEMENT: The MLO survey results show lab professionals are automating and streamlining operations. Wilson, Linda Apr 1, 2020 1887
Tim Bickley on developing a clear vision of clinical data. Interview Mar 1, 2020 928
Setting Up a Point-of-Care Testing Service in a Greenfield, Quaternary Hospital: An Implementation Review. Harris, Jonathan; AbdelWareth, Laila O.; Lari, Sara; Callaghan, Kate O.; Anderson, Peter; Mirza, Imr Oct 1, 2018 7071
How the clinical laboratory can contribute to providing value-based healthcare. Barton, Don; Rath, Marie Sep 1, 2018 1233
Preanalytical errors and critical variables in POCT. Ahuja, Aparna Jha Jun 1, 2018 1265
Legal liability in urine drug testing: Could your lab be exposed? Pappert, Gerhard; Hoyt, Carlton; Duperron, Yves-Vincent Jun 1, 2018 1755
How lab directors can help nursing staff eliminate mislabeled specimens. Trask, Linda May 1, 2018 1350
The proper handling of CJD-infected patient samples in the pathology laboratory. Pizzella, Nadine; Kurec, Anthony May 1, 2018 2062
Sustaining the business of laboratory testing beyond PAMA and reimbursement cuts. Romero, Liana F. Feb 1, 2018 1008
Sexual harassment and the lab. Lenhoff, Alan Editorial Jan 1, 2018 603
The role of medical devices in the data management processes of the modern clinical laboratory. Hall, Shawn Dec 1, 2017 1472
Applications of control charts in the molecular lab. Brunstein, John Dec 1, 2017 1606
The importance of external quality assessment in HIV enzyme immunoassay testing. Hill, Edward Dec 1, 2017 1810
Part-time laboratory director: Roles, responsibilities, and delegation of duties. Meghnani, Varsha Dec 1, 2017 1093
Strategies to maximize reimbursements. Kurec, Anthony Dec 1, 2017 948
Hybrid power in laboratory instrumentation. Schwedler, Jennifer L.; Basiji, David A. Nov 1, 2017 1012
An Ode to "Measurement Uncertainty". Anand, Usha Sep 1, 2017 944
IIVS: Institute for In Vitro Sciences: Advancing Science & Animal Welfare Together. Jun 22, 2017 428
The human side of lab automation: here are some best practices to break down the "silos". Belin, Sophie Dochez Jun 1, 2017 780
Transforming the microbiology laboratory to address the Triple Aim in healthcare. Dusich, Irene K. Apr 1, 2017 1093
Proficiency testing today. Orton, Sharyn Report Mar 1, 2017 1247
Achieving value: community outreach and other strategies for labs. Sollman, Patty Dec 1, 2015 1098
Is your POCT program inspection-ready? Mardis, Connie; Gundler, Daniel C. Dec 1, 2015 1078
Pathology practice management. Novis, David Oct 1, 2015 1182
Connectivity and control. Williams, Candace K. Sep 1, 2015 261
Laboratory-developed tests are not the practice of medicine. Allen, Julie Scott Sep 1, 2015 679
Raising the Bar: Using Bar Coding, Automation and Lean to Drive Efficiency. Appold, Karen Aug 1, 2015 1351
Transference and validation of reference intervals. Tate, Jillian R.; Yen, Tina; Jones, Graham R.D. Editorial Aug 1, 2015 2976
Using laboratory business intelligence to raise specimen collection quality and performance. Bickley, Tim; Ziaugra, Kristina; Joseph, Thomas Jul 1, 2015 778
2015 committees. Jan 1, 2015 1031
Wireless temperature monitoring systems: things to consider. Donovan, Mark Aug 1, 2014 958
Table of critical limits. Aug 1, 2014 2405
In the article "Lab testing is not a commodity", Peter Francis makes an interesting point about the perception that testing is a commodity, rather than a service. Brief article Jul 1, 2014 174
Random access gram stain automation: a review of current approaches. Bartholomew, Bruce Report Jul 1, 2014 1417
Variation: the problems it creates for your laboratory, and how to solve them. Manchinelly, Sergio Sanchez Report Jul 1, 2014 1179
Answering your questions. Kurec, Anthony Column Jul 1, 2014 929
Hematology. Viewpoint essay Feb 1, 2014 162
Genomics. Allain, Ginny Aug 1, 2013 809
Bioengineering evaluation and field test of the Stand-Alone Therapeutic Aid. Peizer, Edward; Bernstock, William M. Report Apr 1, 2013 520
Reflections on "Bioengineering evaluation and field test of the Stand-Alone therapeutic aid". Triolo, Ronald J. Apr 1, 2013 631
The technology is there: option for preventing lab labeling and tracking errors. Strobel, Mark D. Feb 1, 2013 882
How healthcare CAM drives action and resolves issues: achieving 100% accountability. Bostic, Brad Statistical data Feb 1, 2013 1379
Safe for now: CMS keeps MDx codes on Clinical Laboratory Fee Schedule, defers decision on Multivariate Analyses and Algorithmic Assays. Mertz, Alan Feb 1, 2013 811
Addressing laboratory workforce issues in Australia. Badrick, Tony C.; St. John, Andrew Dec 1, 2012 1027
Barcodes: a useful tool for the lab. Wray, Bruce R. Nov 1, 2012 1117
Barcode solutions: it may be time to refresh your laboratory technology. Brown, Doug Nov 1, 2012 1109
Late Dr. Haque had played a pioneering role in establishing Cath Labs in Pakistan-Prof. Ishaq. Jun 30, 2012 614
A study of 'rational use of investigations' in a tertiary hospital. Alvi, Yasir; Rahman, S.Z.; Zaheer, M.S. Report Jun 1, 2012 3488
Reimagining healthcare. Colpas, Phil Viewpoint essay May 1, 2012 506
The manual differential enters the digital age. Hagner, Ron Cover story May 1, 2012 2048
The future in focus: new microscopes are more efficient and easier to use than ever. Clymer, Mark Industry overview May 1, 2012 1142
Automated temperature monitoring systems: factors to consider. Kaur, Gagan May 1, 2012 922
Don't forget clinical laboratories. Weiss, Ronald L. Letter to the editor May 1, 2012 246
Meeting the challenges, serving the public: labs of the year 2012. Lenhoff, Alan Apr 1, 2012 3340
The impact of molecular techniques on cytology. Burton, Ruth Apr 1, 2012 2058
Acquiring a new analyzer: question: how can a lab acquire new instrumentation in an era of cost cutting? Answer: here's how one did it. Blacketer, Jordan; Redman, Wade Apr 1, 2012 1568
John Ledek guides BD's efforts to offer labs innovative solutions for Preanalytical Systems. Lenhoff, Alan Apr 1, 2012 1001
Use of lean response to improve pandemic influenza surge in public health laboratories. Isaac-Renton, Judith L.; Chang, Yin; Prystajecky, Natalie; Petric, Martin; Mak, Annie; Abbott, Brend Report Jan 1, 2012 2915
What color is your lab? For many public health laboratories, the answer is green. Maddox, Nancy Oct 1, 2011 659
Research in clinical laboratory science: professionals' involvement. Laudicina, Rebecca; Fenn, Joann; Freeman, Vickie; McCoy, Carol; McLane, Mary Ann; Mundt, Lillian; Po Report Sep 22, 2011 3843
Where is that specimen? Tribue, Vilette L.; Haug, Andrea M.; Straub, Monica L.; Cheng, Ruth A.; Castellani, William Organization overview Sep 1, 2011 1536
Flexibility that labs demand. Visuri, Steven Brief article Sep 1, 2011 140
Computerized inventory management systems help labs stay in control. McHugh, Thomas M. Brief article Jul 1, 2011 1281
Team troponin hits grand slam TAT. Felton, Suzanne Jul 1, 2011 523
Career research opportunities for the Medical Laboratory Scientist. McGlasson, David L. Report Jun 22, 2011 3507
Importance of clinical microbiologists for U.S. healthcare infrastructure. Carvalho, John Report Jun 22, 2011 3790
ASCLS Annual Meeting 2011: official abstracts of submitted papers, case studies and posters. Report Jun 22, 2011 4745
Industry execs 'go with the flow'--flow-cytometry trends, that is. Lynn, Karen May 1, 2011 871
Five rules that can build effective training objectives and plans. Patterson, Thomas L. May 1, 2011 1848
Five lab trends to watch. Ropella, Annie May 1, 2011 1786
Students as vital participants in research projects. Liddell, Patty W.; Heuertz, Rita M. Report Mar 22, 2011 2795
Assay lab fires up expansion: growing volume prompts SPJ Labs' move to larger shop. Larmour, Adelle Company overview Mar 1, 2011 673
Artel's founders partner liquid handling with QA. DiRamio, Demise Mar 1, 2011 710
GMP Laboratories of America, Inc. Mar 1, 2011 341
Protab Laboratories. Company overview Mar 1, 2011 304
Microscopes close up. Rogoski, Richard R. Feb 1, 2011 1055
Addressing management issues. Pontius, C. Anne Feb 1, 2011 889
Diary of the "mad" med-lab techs. Feb 1, 2011 857
It takes a community to resurrect a CLS program. Hammerling, Julie; Van Der Heyden, Brenda Report Jan 1, 2011 3342
CLS entry level competencies in flow cytometry. Davis, Diane; Nadder, Teresa Report Jan 1, 2011 2860
Labs get a PECOS reprieve. Senft, Donna J. Oct 1, 2010 974
Coag tests get tweaked. Rogoski, Richard R. Oct 1, 2010 1077
Esposito leads Phadia's allergy-testing team. DiRamio, Denise Oct 1, 2010 680
A new team of legal experts to answer your questions. Mazer, Robert E. Aug 1, 2010 689
What investors look for in a genomics venture. Wolf, Rina Aug 1, 2010 1454
Once is not enough: volunteering abroad brings repeated rewards. Lynn, Karen Aug 1, 2010 1271
PAML's scheduling/inspection solution. Bersch, Carren Discussion Jul 1, 2010 1478
Scholarly activities of the most productive CLS faculty and schools in the U.S.A. Waller, Kathy V.; Karni, Karen R. Report Jun 22, 2010 2354
ISO--approved method provides efficiency--enhancing tool to life--science labs. Rodrigues, George Jun 1, 2010 849
Make a plan for handling systematic testing errors. Harty-Golder, Barbara Jun 1, 2010 955
A lab tech. O'Brien, Cheryl Jun 1, 2010 474
White guides labs through turbulent financial seas. DiRamio, Denise Jun 1, 2010 613
What's the buzz on anatomic pathology? Web outreach reduces potential for errors. McLean, Andrew Brief article Apr 1, 2010 119
Plan puts phlebotomists on professional-development track. Ballance, Lisa O. Mar 1, 2010 1095
Why lab professionals should care about mass-fatalities planning. Williams, Thomas Jan 1, 2010 958
Analyzers faster, simpler in 2010. Rogoski, Richard R. Jan 1, 2010 1835
Addressing management issues. Pontius, C. Anne Jan 1, 2010 846
Jacketed reactors offer green solution: the traditional way to develop a manufacturing process is to do the initial development in round-bottomed laboratory flasks and make the transition to small-scale production-type reactors when the process is ready for piloting; but, suggests Tom Adams, Director Technical Sales, from De Dietrich Process Systems, laboratory-scale jacketed reactors may be an alternative. Adams, Tom Jan 1, 2010 1804
When someone wants to move in on your (lab) territory. Rogoski, Richard R. Dec 1, 2009 1481
TH Pullar memorial address: back to the future--are we headed there? Kendrick, Chris Report Nov 1, 2009 3731
A day in the life of a POL. Rogoski, Richard R. Nov 1, 2009 1284
Addressing management issues. Pontius, C. Anne Nov 1, 2009 1673
Transitioning medical laboratories demand flexibility. Bersch, Carren Interview Jun 1, 2009 1753
Document control practices in 120 clinical laboratories. Valenstein, Paul N.; Stankovic, Ana K.; Souers, Rhona J.; Schneider, Frank; Wagar, Elizabeth A. Report Jun 1, 2009 5950
Outsourcing sleep scoring. Proctor, Shawn May 1, 2009 1008
Critical values launch interpretive lab medicine and clinical pathology. Bersch, Carren; Hale, Kristin N. Interview Mar 1, 2009 3217
Design a risk-management program. Harty-Golder, Barbara Mar 1, 2009 818
Distance learning works when gas and airfares skyrocket. Keller, Donald Mar 1, 2009 2286
A dialog with Scarguard Labs. Studin, Joel R. Interview Feb 16, 2009 1171
Data innovations' Vail listens to customers. Bersch, Carren Feb 1, 2009 674
New public-health microbiology certification. Brief article Jan 1, 2009 127
Addressing management issues. Pontius, C.Anne Dec 1, 2008 1965
The future of medical laboratory science--a personal perspective of Dr Who. Hewett, Ross Nov 1, 2008 4086
Laboratory reimbursement--competitive bidding and after. Davis, Judy Sep 22, 2008 986
Functional assessment of hospital laboratory packaging and shipping preparedness in New York state. Pennell, Paula A.; Antenucci, Alan J.; Brennan, Lynn E.; Burhans, Robert L.; Ostrowski, Stephanie E. Sep 22, 2008 3470
CLST founder Peter Francis helps build sales volume. Aug 1, 2008 806
How could we truly revolutionize the medical laboratory? Aug 1, 2008 350
Table of critical limits. Aug 1, 2008 1994
Kershaw helps shape Sysmex' healthcare advancement. Dixon, Gary Jul 1, 2008 713
Kids' "go-to-work day" problems. Harty-Golder, Barbara Jul 1, 2008 1003
Extreme pipetting: soaking wet at Olympic National Park: Doreen Rumery, Laboratory Technical Manager and Quality Control Manager, and Bjoern Carle, Ph.D., Laboratory Applications Scientist, ARTEL, show that pipettes can perform exceptionally well in high humidity. This article highlights the influence of humidity on pipetted volumes. Rumery, Doreen; Carle, Bjoern May 1, 2008 1519
ASCLS continues collaborative efforts to address laboratory reimbursement and workforce issues. Garrott, Paula Mar 22, 2008 855
Wireless, paperless, anything but careless. Thibault, Megan Feb 1, 2008 1258
Targeting HbA1c: standardization and clinical laboratory measurement. Molinaro, Ross J. Cover story Jan 1, 2008 5923
What you don't know really can hurt you. Aldous, Wade Report Jan 1, 2008 2139
Tang's strategic moves for Olympus. Farrell, Patrick Dec 1, 2007 754
Solving the puzzle of laboratory preparedness: the National Response Plan. Gonzales, Richard Cover story Nov 1, 2007 5714
One lab's path to a quality-management system. Moran, Melissa Nov 1, 2007 2104
The ongoing experiment. Report Oct 1, 2007 672
Introduction: new directions in hemostasis and coagulation. Williams, J. Lynne Sep 22, 2007 494
Lost specimens. Harty-Golder, Barbara Sep 1, 2007 1073
Ethics: A code for the laboratory. Statland, Bernard E. Viewpoint essay Aug 1, 2007 2993
Ethos and the laboratory leader. Umiker, William Cover story Aug 1, 2007 2275
Addressing management issues. Frings, Christopher S. Column Aug 1, 2007 2256
Potential and pitfalls of NBS, and the reference lab's role. Bartholomew, Dennis William Cover story Jul 1, 2007 8057
Advance and contingency preparations meet changed inspection system. Jadwin, David R. Viewpoint essay Jul 1, 2007 1155
Inside vs. outside lab consultants. Frings, Christopher S. Jul 1, 2007 1032
Part II: tradition in transition; Ye olde work ethic. Bersch, Carren Editorial Apr 1, 2007 1227
Personal sacrifices distinguish MLO's Medical Labs of 2007. Bersch, Carren Cover story Apr 1, 2007 2951
Federal health policy 2007: opportunities and challenges. Mertz, Alan Apr 1, 2007 719
Estimating cost per test. Baer, Daniel M. Mar 1, 2007 357
Traditional lines blur between clinical and AP lab systems. Schonberg, Erika Feb 1, 2007 1939
Do your biohazard, bioterror, and emergency planning now. Poutanen, Susan M. Feb 1, 2007 1995
Answering your questions; is glucose drink a medication? Baer, Daniel M. Column Jan 1, 2007 496
Answering your questions; ACT correlations with PT/PTT. Baer, Daniel M. Column Jan 1, 2007 576
Advanced urinalysis technology and Lean management help a hospital lab improve productivity. Amacher, Kari Dec 1, 2006 1624
A brief history of medical diagnosis and the birth of the clinical laboratory, Part 5a--the foundation of molecular science and genetics. Bersch, Carren Cover story Sep 1, 2006 4760
George Kennedy and Leica join art with science. Long, Allison Sep 1, 2006 533
MLTs sail on the high seas and explore the ocean's treasures. Long, Allison Sep 1, 2006 1536
Who is in charge? Frings, Christopher S. Sep 1, 2006 950
Quantitative tissue cultures. Baer, Daniel M. Sep 1, 2006 542
HIV testing: an update. Zetola, Nicola; Klausner, Jeffrey D. Sep 1, 2006 3371
Bodycote Scottish lab acquisition. Brief article Sep 1, 2006 271
Is there meth-od to this madness? Bersch, Carren Editorial Aug 1, 2006 579
Efficient laboratory design. Garikes, Ron W. Aug 1, 2006 822
CLSI evaluation protocols. Tholen, Dan Aug 1, 2006 1600
Addressing management issues; Bad work situation. Frings, Christopher S. Column Aug 1, 2006 935
Answering your questions; Urine eosinophils screened by dipstick? Baer, Daniel M. Column Aug 1, 2006 318
Liability for inadvertent arterial draws. Harty-Golder, Barbara Aug 1, 2006 851
Bioterror defense and its impact on the clinical laboratory. Montoya, Isaac D. Mar 22, 2006 908
Bayer's Nosenzo talks business. Bassett, Carol Jan 1, 2006 671
A brave, new laboratory world: the future of stem cells and lab medicine. Kurec, Anthony S. Oct 1, 2005 1092
I hope you dance. Cavagnaro, Marian J. Column Sep 1, 2005 1083
Increased bronchoconstriction occurs with bronchial artery infusion of methacholine. Sullivan, Rachel D.; Charan, Nirmal B. Brief Article Jun 1, 2005 136
AMT's McCullough: from grass roots to high stakes; With a membership of 31,000 allied health professionals who can be contacted as part of a grass roots campaign, AMT is a Clinical Laboratory Coalition member that can add some political muscle to the message. Haigh, Amy Mar 1, 2005 513
CLIA 2003's new concept: equivalent quality control. Laessig, Ronald H.; Ehrmeyer, Sharon S. Jan 1, 2005 1949
From lab tragedy to industry reaffirmation: a perilous journey. Bersch, Carren Editorial Jan 1, 2005 2825
Medical-necessity determinations begin in the lab. Harty-Golder, Barbara Jan 1, 2005 681
Washington's forecast for 2005. Chambers, Amy Jan 1, 2005 830
Benchmark to a more successful lab operation. Durr, Kathryn J. Oct 1, 2004 1316
Choosing a reference laboratory? Blum, Ronald A.; Dearing, Linda; Cameron, Ian Aug 1, 2004 1207
'Back-to-the-future' connectivity. Atlas, Rob May 1, 2004 487
2004: A Lab Odyssey. Akiyama, Al M. May 1, 2004 634
Another privacy issue: slide disposal. Harty-Golder, Barbara Apr 1, 2004 572
Immunodiagnostic revolution. Sembiante, Tana Apr 1, 2004 1166
The role of esoteric reference laboratory as a partner for growth. Blum, Ronald A.; Dearing, Linda Jan 1, 2004 916
Lab safety enhanced. Sembiante, Tana Dec 1, 2003 1230
Effect of radiographic agents on lab specimens. Buettner, Louis Oct 1, 2003 516
Remote diagnostics monitors vital signs in the lab. Peele, James D.; Trochman, Allan Oct 1, 2003 1493
Competition and cooperation: labs in a complex industry. LaNeve, Scott Sep 1, 2003 2244
National security and the lab. Atlas, Ronald Sep 1, 2003 863
Sentinel bioterrorism responders: are hospital labs ready? York, Mary Aug 1, 2003 3073
MLO's gallery of experts presents key trends at CLMA 2003. Aug 1, 2003 1053
Patient's right to choose raises points with common grounds. (Liability and the Lab). Harty-Golder, Barbara Jul 1, 2003 715
Privacy rules and compromising patient care. (Liability and the Lab). Harty-Golder, Barbara Jun 1, 2003 740
The war may be global, but the battles are local. (Washington Report). Schwartz, Dr. Jared N. Jun 1, 2003 750
Addressing management issues: drawing blood without orders from a physician, and helping the hearing impaired in your audiences. (Management Q&A). Frings, Christopher S. May 1, 2003 1513
Addressing management issues: nonactive medical director and core lab supervisor working too many hours. (Management Q&A). Frings, Christopher S. Mar 1, 2003 1610
Talking with S. Wayne Kay: Quidel Corp.'s CEO shares his views. (Expert Opinion). Interview Feb 1, 2003 1654
Richard Fairfax of OSHA talks about the Bloodborne Pathogens Standard. (Lab Management). Ernst, Dennis Feb 1, 2003 1792
Answering your questions: wet mount bacteria reporting, venipunctures on children, Miller disk use and arterial blood for tests. (Tips from the Clinical Experts). Baer, Daniel M. Brief Article Feb 1, 2003 1557
Most clinical labs have bioterror detection plan, but gaps remain. (Survey of 180 Microbiologists). Boschert, Sherry Jan 15, 2003 362
Answering your questions: blood cultures collected from IV line, updating equipment and color atlas for urinalysis. (Tips from the Clinical Experts). Baer, Daniel M. Jan 1, 2003 1638
Addressing management issues: departmentalized laboratory; storage of records, reports and samples; and nontechnical employees as lab assistants. (Management Q&A). Frings, Christopher S. Jan 1, 2003 1691
A prospective, multicenter study of laboratory cross-contamination of mycobacterium tuberculosis cultures. (Tuberculosis Genotyping Network). Desmond, Edward P. Nov 1, 2002 3025
Estimated costs of false laboratory diagnoses of tuberculosis in three patients. (Tuberculosis Genotyping Network). Braden, Christopher R. Nov 1, 2002 4997
Automatic electronic laboratory-based reporting of notifiable infectious diseases at a large health system. (Research). Harrison, Lee H. Statistical Data Included Jul 1, 2002 5033
Laboratory critical values policies and procedures: a College of American Pathologists Q-probes study in 623 institutions. (CAP Laboratory Improvement Programs). Howanitz, Peter J.; Steindel, Steven J.; Heard, Nan V. Statistical Data Included Jun 1, 2002 6789
Quality indicators of fresh frozen plasma and platelet utilization: three College of American Pathologists Q-Probes studies of 8 981 796 units of fresh frozen plasma and platelets in 1639 hospitals. (CAP Laboratory Improvement Programs). Novis, David A.; Renner, Stephen; Friedberg, Richard C.; Walsh, Molly K.; Saladino, Andrew J. Statistical Data Included May 1, 2002 3908
Answering your questions on a manager who won't speak to staff, the importance of computer-literacy, and how to manage business reading. (Management Q&A). Frings, Christopher S. May 1, 2002 2420
The autopsy as a quality assurance tool: last rites or resurrection? Steigman, Carmen K. May 1, 2002 3197
Urine eosinophil method, no reagent expiration date, and shoe safety. (Tips from the Clinical Experts). Baer, Daniel M. May 1, 2002 1575
Case study: automation's impact on productivity and turnaround time. Dadoun, Ralph May 1, 2002 2631
Talking with Richard Aderman of Roche Laboratory Systems. (In the Eyes of the Experts Medical Laboratory Industry - 2007). Pontius, C. Anne Brief Article Apr 1, 2002 1961
Medical laboratory industry -- 2007: Talking with Albert Ziegler of Beckman Coulter. (In the eyes of the experts). Pontius, C. Anne Interview Jan 1, 2002 2293
Estimation of performance and sequential selection of diagnostic tests in patients with lung lesions suspicious for cancer. (Original Articles). Grzybicki, Dana Marie; Gross, Thomas; Geisinger, Kim R.; Raab, Stephen S. Jan 1, 2002 6677
From the editor. Editorial Dec 1, 2001 446
Meet Larry Crolla, scheduling rotation assignments, team spirit between shifts, when to purchase a service contract, and decision making at the highest company level. (Management Q&A). Frings, Christopher S. Brief Article Dec 1, 2001 3591
Answering your questions on implementing delta check standards, testing for hypoglycemia, the proper workload for phlebotomists, and patients obtaining lab results via the Internet. Baer, Daniel M. Statistical Data Included Sep 1, 2001 2254
Answering your questions on effective dissemination of information, footing fees for business travel, dealing with crisis management, and best use of a contact manager. Frings, Christopher S. Sep 1, 2001 3730
Dealing with "false experts" and overconfidence. Haun, Daniel E.; Leach, Angie Sep 1, 2001 1903
The Effect of Changes in Laboratory Practices on the Rate of False-Positive Cultures for Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Breese, Peter E.; Burman, William J.; Hildred, Mary; Stone, Barbara; Wilson, Michael L.; Yang, Zhenh Sep 1, 2001 2720
Finding control in quality control of unit-use prothrombin time tests. Pontius, C. Anne May 1, 2001 2096
Are you a multidisciplinary leader? Jenkins, Cindy Mar 1, 2001 1853
Lab organizations respond to tight labor market. CELIA, FRANK Brief Article Jan 1, 2001 844
Process redesign in the clinical laboratory: A success story. Wright, Linda; Ferguson, Donna Jan 1, 2001 2091
Managing an outreach business. Frings, Christopher S. Oct 1, 2000 1091
Management competencies for the POL, Part 2: Interpersonal skills. Pontius, C. Anne Sep 1, 2000 804
Crisis prevention and damage control: Managing whistle-blowers. Queen, David Aug 1, 2000 4231
How to negotiate effectively. Frings, Christopher S. Jul 1, 2000 1497
Committee on Medicare Payment Methodology for Clinical Laboratory Services meets. Pontius, C. Anne Brief Article Apr 1, 2000 1219
Toward optimal PT use. Shahangian, Shahram; Holmes, Edwin H., Jr.; Taylor, Roger N. Apr 1, 2000 5251
Mission (almost) impossible: Merge 2 hospital labs in 6 months. Ho, Daniel K. H. Apr 1, 2000 3841
Don't worry, be happy! Berger, Darlene Brief Article Feb 1, 2000 411
Financial state of the lab industry: Better days ahead? Wilson, Kevin Brief Article Jan 1, 2000 473
Answering your questions on cost-effectiveness of nucleic acid amplification, formalin fixation for IHC, and glucose critical values. Baer, Daniel M. Nov 1, 1999 1216
Answering your questions on alternative careers for laboratorians and necessary credentials for managing a high-complexity POL. Frings, Christopher S. Nov 1, 1999 1020
The use of cell-membrane fractions in anaerobic bacteriology An organic solution to a long-standing problem. Gannon, Colleen K. Nov 1, 1999 2391
Clinical trials: a golden opportunity for laboratories? O'Neal, Wendell Cover Story Oct 1, 1999 1939
People skills 101: laboratory involvement in point-of-care testing. Neale, Angela Oct 1, 1999 1542
How financial executives view their hospital labs. Ringel, Marcia; Gryniewski, Karen; Pfohl, Steve Cover Story Sep 1, 1999 3673
Shared governance: one lab's experience. Snyder, Nancy May 1, 1999 1906
The secrets of managed care: how to sign a winning lab services contract. Kaplan, Kerry Apr 1, 1999 2727
Phlebotomy on trial. Ernst, Dennis J. Apr 1, 1999 2748
Integrated laboratory networks: ideas that work - and some that don't. Schumm, Christine; Thurston, William H.; Weiss, Ronald L. Cover Story Feb 1, 1999 4114
Achieving excellent customer service through education, competency assessment, and accountability. Moses, Blair H. Feb 1, 1999 1733
Answering your questions on boosting phlebotomist morale and maintaining the chain of command. Bailey, Marti K.; Best, Michele L.; Blacklidge, Linda; Garcia, Lynne S. Oct 1, 1998 1466
Billing compliance strategies for physician office laboratories. Pontius, C. Anne Oct 1, 1998 665
Validating your laboratory information system. Scott, Chloe; Hengesbaugh, Jean Houger Cover Story Aug 1, 1998 3145
The competitive marketplace: an exciting future for laboratory medicine. Coffman, Norman B. Aug 1, 1998 1739
The central laboratory: who needs it? Brenblum, Edward G. Jul 1, 1998 735
Journey to the millennium: mentoring in the clinical laboratory. Kapanka, Amy R. Hamilton May 1, 1998 1779
Wanted: creative ideas! Encouraging creative problem solving in the laboratory. Bosch, Ruthanne Vanden Apr 1, 1998 1057
An emerging superbug: Staphylococcus aureus becomes less susceptible to vancomycin. Brown, James W.; Grilli, Anthony Cover Story Jan 1, 1998 4375
A principle-focused approach to lab management. Tulley, Richard Jan 1, 1998 1993
How to save time, money, and a precious resource via CQI. Austin, Thomas; Jarvis, Corrine Jan 1, 1998 1633
The laboratory's role in outcome assessment. Bissell, Michael G.; Jones, Harvey Jan 1, 1998 2748
Answering your questions on handling employees who cry, helping an overweight employee who's being shunned, and preserving high quality. Jan 1, 1998 1793
Answering the call to customer service. Konopka, Nancy J. Aug 1, 1997 1592
You don't have to miss out on a valuable profit center. Jahn, Mike Jul 1, 1997 2533
Understanding cost behavior in the lab: the key to financial success. Fantus, James Jul 1, 1997 1268
Secrets of power negotiating. Dawson, Roger Jul 1, 1997 2167
Rightsizing the right way. Medvescek, Patti Jul 1, 1997 2302
Answering your question on blood film reviews. Koepke, John A. Jun 1, 1997 581
A chemistry department in transition: how we became a reference laboratory. Tiffany, Debra S. Cover Story May 1, 1997 1523
The great divide. VandenBosch, Ruthanne May 1, 1997 1118
Socioeconomic factors affecting health status in the aging adult: a primer for medical laboratory managers. Ciesla, James R. May 1, 1997 4573
Answering your questions on how to handle rabble rousers and what to do about management that stifles change. Apr 1, 1997 1580
Corrective actions: what to do when control results are out of control. Seehafer, Julie J. Mar 1, 1997 2295
Preparing the lab for the year 2001: workstation consolidation. Luczyk, Kathleen Mar 1, 1997 1522
Answering your questions on motivating tired employees after lunch and handling lab staff mergers. Feb 1, 1997 1445
CQI by committee: a multidisciplinary approach. McCoy, Georgiann Cover Story Feb 1, 1997 1533
Streamline your automated hematology laboratory. Cornbleet, Joanne; Fernandes, Bernard J.; Miers, Martha Panel Discussion Feb 1, 1997 1888
How to assure consistently accurate lab results. Laubenthal, Connie Jan 1, 1997 713
The lab manager's role in assessing new technology. Lehmann, Craig A.; Leiken, Alan M.; Geidner, Robert Jan 1, 1997 2178
Management Q & A. Dec 1, 1996 2251
Management Q&A. Nov 1, 1996 1212
Cost analysis of immunochemistry instrumentation. Artiss, Joseph D.; Butros, Frank Nov 1, 1996 2293
Reengineering the clinical laboratory: transitioning to an open laboratory. Lehmann, Craig A.; Leiken, Alan M. Nov 1, 1996 1712
Restructuring the hospital lab: the view from Ontario. Ho, Daniel K.H. Jul 1, 1996 2469
Flowcharting in the lab. Apolloni, Karen K. Jul 1, 1996 1097
Improve microbiology procedures and utilization - while saving money. Rodriguez, Faon May 1, 1996 2875
A redesign of RBC morphology reporting. Payne, Nicoline; Bridgen, Malcolm; Edora, Felipe Apr 1, 1996 1884
The times, they are a-changin'. Zacharia, Mark Cover Story Dec 1, 1995 734
A new and VERY LARGE collection box. Jahn, Mike Dec 1, 1995 350
Young and in the lab: how to keep new hirees happy. Roseman, Ed Cover Story Nov 1, 1995 2638
Laboratory practices for diagnosis of tuberculosis - United States, 1994. Aug 11, 1995 1147
The practicalities of moving a hospital lab. Stensrud, Janet Aug 1, 1995 1882
Key trends in cost containment. Jun 1, 1995 2554
Laboratorians speak out on benefits, managed care, and the bottom line. Jahn, Mike May 1, 1995 3184
Launching a DNA lab. Farkas, Daniel H. May 1, 1995 4218
How labs contribute to rising health care costs. Barros, Annamarie Feb 1, 1995 1531
Reorganizing the laboratory to better serve patients. West, Betsy; Mitchell, Timothy Feb 1, 1995 1547
Management Q&A. Bailey, Marti K.; Blacklidge, Linda; Day, Carmel Marti; Garcia, Lynne S.; Parks, David; Street, Ted Column Dec 1, 1994 2241
Assessing the quality of management decisions. Statland, Bernard E. Cover Story Oct 1, 1994 2919
Total quality management: in its prime or past its peak? Maher, Lisa A. Cover Story Sep 1, 1994 3498
TQM: successes, failures, and wishful thinking. Maher, Lisa A. Cover Story Sep 1, 1994 2870
Paradigm changes in management: are we just spinning our wheels? Aug 1, 1994 1496
The emerging role of the technical consultant. Baer, Daniel M. Cover Story Oct 1, 1993 2966
Turnaround time down sharply, yet clients want results faster. Jahn, Mike Cover Story Sep 1, 1993 3878
Stats too high, yet labs cope. Jahn, Mike Sep 1, 1993 4019
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Strategies for handling imposed changes. Harmon, Shirley Sep 1, 1993 3140
Tough decisions. Hendrix, Bonnie B. Column Aug 1, 1993 744
Patient records: what to save, how to save it, how long to save it. Baer, Daniel M. Cover Story Feb 1, 1993 2760
Is there a union in your future? Maratea, James M. Nov 1, 1992 637
A master plan for implementing CLIA. Passey, Richard B. Nov 1, 1992 3498
Conducting QI studies that effect change. Bozzo, Paul D. Oct 1, 1992 1439

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