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Dealing with subpoena requests for digital data. Vogel, H. Steven; Rood, Deborah K. Mar 1, 2019 1371
Dynamic key management schemes: a survey. Vinoth, Chakkaravarthy G.; Ambiga, P. Report Oct 1, 2014 3286
Forging a partnership with IT to build a solid IG program. Richardson, Blake E. Jan 1, 2014 1915
Improving information retrieval using medical subject headings concepts: a test case on rare and chronic diseases. Darmoni, Stefan J.; Soualmia, Lina F.; Letord, Catherine; Jaulent, Marie-Christine; Griffon, Nicolas Report Jul 1, 2012 5358
Analysis of automated modern web crawling and testing tools and their possible employment for information extraction/Siuolaikiniu tinklalapiu automatizuotam narsymui ir testavimui skirtu priemoniu analize ir pritaikomumas informacijai rinkti. Grigalis, Tomas; Marozas, Leonardas; Radvilavicius, Lukas Report Feb 1, 2012 1880
Seeking Synchronicity: Revelations and Recommendations for Virtual Reference. Connaway, Lynn Silipigni; Radford, Marie L. Report Jun 1, 2011 303
Tried and True: Technological Transformation, from paper to disk to cloud: are the technologies for storing your vital information becoming inaccessible? Keep track of changes in media before your memory gets erased. Wagner, Cynthia G. Sep 1, 2010 637
IBM, social security administration and Medvirginia launch health record exchange. Solomon, Frank Brief article Jun 1, 2009 313
Archetype-based electronic health records: a literature review and evaluation of their applicability to health data interoperability and access. Wollersheim, Dennis; Sari, Anny; Rahayu, Wenny Report Jun 1, 2009 6214
Information leadership ... leading with the end in mind: information leadership is an approach to leadership that uses data to drive the mission, vision and values into the daily work. Sommers, Denise Apr 1, 2009 2108
Electronic litigation and the strategic value of metadata during legal proceedings: Lex Informatica Conference, 21st-23rd May 2008 Pretoria, South Africa. Hughes, Brendan Jan 1, 2009 1649
Retrieving PPI data from the PPI Web site. Dec 1, 2008 997
Retrieving PPI data from the PPI Web site. Nov 1, 2008 998
Information sharing: internet tools enhances interagency collaboration. Bhatnagar, Bryce Sep 1, 2008 758
Department makes SharePoint available worldwide. Brief article Sep 1, 2008 227
Taming the paper tiger. Siegel, Daniel J. Apr 1, 2008 1328
Third International Conference on Digital Information Management ICDIM 2008. Dec 1, 2007 1246
E-mail keeps fuel flowing; maintenance tool provides management capabilities for Exchange environment. Aug 1, 2007 905
Studies on ontology meta-model for isomorphic architecture of information systems based on organizational semiotics. Gan, Mingxin; Gao, Xuedong Technical report Aug 1, 2007 3991 and socially-driven authority. Ovadia, Steven Jun 1, 2007 3221
Performance analysis for shared services. Wang, Hai Report Apr 1, 2007 3532
Time for some resolutions. Castelluccio, Michael Jan 1, 2007 1035
What is application-attached storage costing your facility? As electronic healthcare databases grow, traditional backup systems may become inadequate. Is information lifecycle management the future of data storage? Rosenfeld, Ken Aug 1, 2006 1388
Skip this article: (if you don't back up your computer): a few mouse clicks can save your data. Petravick, Simon Jun 1, 2006 1972
"Bug's-eye" view or a "bird's-eye" perspective? Petrossian, Robert May 1, 2006 1701
Best practices in assessments build IT storage value. Aylstock, Fred Mar 1, 2006 1466
Data storage: products for schools: a Sacramento County technology director understands what it takes to keep a district's data in great shape. Fleischman, John Column Mar 1, 2006 745
2005 storage year in review. Chudnow, Christine Jan 1, 2006 3231
Mainframe lessons: slowly moving to non-mainframe systems. Moore, Fred Jan 1, 2006 1974
You've got mail (so what are you going to do with it?) A look at the tricky task of email excavation. Reinert, Jim Jan 1, 2006 1441
EU vote to keep call records for longer. Brief Article Nov 24, 2005 253
Volmer's PASS code. Brief Article Jun 22, 2005 131
GAO: IRS' IT system needs fixing. Brief Article Jun 1, 2005 91
Please, don't save everything. Swartz, Nikki Brief Article May 1, 2005 256
Smart storage. Apr 10, 2005 534
Aurora illuminates a CM aura. Apr 1, 2005 420
Unlocking enterprise data: metadata holds the key. Lamont, Judith Apr 1, 2005 1568
Four results to expect from enterprise search: with proof from four customers. Baum, Jim Apr 1, 2005 2017
"Findability": the key to enterprise search. Papadopoullos, Alkis Apr 1, 2005 2053
Search for the integrated enterprise. Schubmehl, David Apr 1, 2005 1701
Data protection and email retention policies. Brief Article Mar 1, 2005 328
Storage virtualization, Part 1 of 3: delivering non-disruptive operations, flexibility and simplified management. Lewis, Mark Feb 1, 2005 1427
Beyond storage consolidation: the benefits of iSCSI SANs. Schott, Eric R. Feb 1, 2005 1413
IP-SAN performance: best practices. Sante, Zophar Feb 1, 2005 2122
Data lifecycle management: hard drives are not enough. Wheeler, Jim Feb 1, 2005 1845
Data storage sticker shock: the need to recalculate data storage TCO. Therrien, Dave Feb 1, 2005 1512
The role of fixed content management in business and process modernization: an executive overview January 2005. Jan 1, 2005 365
Now that it's all digital, where do I put it? Exploring data storage technologies: "whether you want to store a megabyte, a gigabyte, or a terabyte, there are a lot of great technologies available today.". Breeding, Marshall Nov 1, 2004 1639
Data classification for ILM and DR. Moore, Fred Nov 1, 2004 379
A view from the top: providing a unified view of your customers. Whelan, Dan Sep 1, 2004 1989
Answering the right questions about search. Papadopoullos, Alkis Jul 1, 2004 2048
Is your company's archive really archival? What to do if you fear it isn't. Lawrence, H. Andrew Jun 1, 2004 1500
SAN-based data replication. Barkley, Patty Jun 1, 2004 2205
The impact of compliance on storage: will you benefit from increased demand? Moore, Fred May 1, 2004 1247
Information lifecycle management: the next wave. Harada, Rich May 1, 2004 1286
New ILM solutions for regulatory compliance: case study on how a customer achieves both financial and operational efficiencies. Rhodes, Glenn May 1, 2004 1961
Automation and real-time verification of passive component S-parameter measurements using loss factor calculations. Capwell, J.; Weller, T.; Markell, D.; Dunleavy, L. Mar 1, 2004 2163
Storage and security: why storage solutions and data security must go hand-in-hand. Moore, Fred Mar 1, 2004 1568
Think strategically, act tactically in 2004: how will your company master the ten biggest challenges? Moore, Fred Dec 1, 2003 1984
Reduce the cost of compliance: database archiving and Information Lifecycle Management. Lee, Jim Dec 1, 2003 1825
Automatic disk provisioning: the real story. Bradley, Mark W. Dec 1, 2003 1195
UK university opts for Innovative Interfaces' technology. Brief Article Sep 12, 2003 107
You can't win the game if you don't know the rules: what you should know to win the new storage game. Moore, Fred May 1, 2003 1541
Cost-optimizing RAID systems: comparing the availability, performance and cost of 36GB-drive striped parity (RAID-5) to 146GB-drive mirrored arrays. Sims, Richard Feb 1, 2003 1968
Accessing web-services. (Storage Management). Lemon, Scott Feb 1, 2003 1547
Electronic publishing in France: closed [temporarily] for stock-taking. Olle, Jean-Michel; Sakoun, Jean-Pierre Dec 22, 2002 3256
External memories: hypertext, traces and agents. Boy, Guy Dec 22, 2002 7630
Serial-Attached SCSI: the universal enterprise storage connection. (Connectivity). Mason, Harry Dec 1, 2002 1351
Consolidating with SAN: ensuring a SAN solution is the right solution. (SAN/NAS Backup). Morin, Joe Dec 1, 2002 1616
Storage area networking and data security: choosing the right solution for maximizing storage and integrity. (SAN/NAS Backup). Hsu, Calvin Dec 1, 2002 2844
A storehouse of solutions: options include speed, simplicity and cost savings. (Network Management). Levine, Ron; Ferrarini, Elizabeth M. Aug 1, 2002 2920
Optimize space and time: data center design depends on optical solution. (Cabling, Wiring and Enclosures). Aug 1, 2002 1649
Virtualization: One Of The Major Trends In The Storage Industry -- What Are You Getting For Your Money? NIEBDER, ROB Apr 1, 2001 2234
Storage Management Best Practices. STOUFFER, ERIC Apr 1, 2001 1131
CREATING A: Quality-of-Storage-Service Model. PUROHIT, ROBIN Apr 1, 2001 2482
Without Management There Is No Infrastructure. Toigo, Jon William Apr 1, 2001 1526
Breakthroughs In Enterprise Backup Solutions For NAS File Servers. Bolt, Rory Mar 1, 2001 1133
NAS/Tape Backup Strategies Cope With New Data Cornucopia. Chudnow, Christine Feb 1, 2001 1108
NT Embedded Is OS-Agnostic. Ferelli, Mark Interview Feb 1, 2001 2558
Global Storage Networks: Their Time Is Now. Chadha, Dr. Kanwar J.S. Feb 1, 2001 2381
Applications For Shared Data Clusters. Janzer, Anne Feb 1, 2001 2060
Is It Prime Time For TCO? Moore, Fred Feb 1, 2001 1323
Are You Managing Your Storage Resources? You Can No Longer Afford Not To. Casstevens, Beverly Feb 1, 2001 2295
The Age Of Virtualization. Flannery, Mike Feb 1, 2001 1680
ask THE SCSI EXPERT. Feb 1, 2001 608
Salvaging Information Engineering Techniques In A Data Warehouse Environment. Politano, Anthony L. Feb 1, 2001 3335
Records Management System Recovers Big Dollars. Harry, Joe Nov 1, 2000 1970
An Overview Of Network Storage Options For The Acronym-Impaired. BRECHTLEIN, RICK Aug 1, 2000 1539
SAN Appliances: Enabling Media Rich Internet Storage Networks. WOOLERY, ROBERT Aug 1, 2000 2083
Data Warehouses Can Become Treasure Troves. R. Cashman, Mary Ann Brief Article Jan 1, 2000 392
Implementing Fibre Channel Over A Wide Network. Knittel, Mark Nov 1, 1999 756
Records management of the future: anticipate, adapt and succeed. Dearstyne, Bruce W. Oct 1, 1999 7332
Record-retention policies. Hackett, Kelly P. Sep 1, 1998 724
Advantages of Computerized Patient Records. FRIEDEN, JOYCE Brief Article Sep 1, 1998 966
Bridging data islands. Balafas, Dino Jul 1, 1998 1181
Archival guidelines for the music publishing industry. Underwood, Kent Jun 1, 1996 2070
The bionic library: providing information in the digital age. Billings, Harold Apr 1, 1996 1510
Searching, retrieving, and failing within our deadlines. Nelson, Nancy Melin; Gabriel, John Column Dec 1, 1993 2359
NASA faces problems with satellite data. Mar 14, 1992 336
Creating bibliographies from NOTIS records. Welsch, Erwin K. Product/Service Evaluation Jan 1, 1992 1368

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