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Automated data mining methods for identifying energy efficiency opportunities using whole-building electricity data. Howard, Philip; Runger, George; Reddy, T. Agami; Katipamula, Srinivas Report Jan 1, 2016 7206
A parametric study of energy efficiency measures used in deep energy retrofits for two building types and U.S. climate zones. Case, Michael; Liesen, Richard; Zhivov, Alexander; Zhivov, Michael Report Jan 1, 2016 7948
Business and technical concepts for deep energy retrofit of public buildings. Zhivov, Alexander; Lohse, Ruediger; Shonder, John; Nasseri, Cyrus; Staller, Heimo; Moerck, Ove; Nokk Report Jul 1, 2015 11993
Analysis of energy demand for low-energy multi-dwelling buildings of different configuration/Skirtingos konfiguracijos mazaenergiu daugiabuciu pastatu energijos poreikiu tyrimas. Streckiene, Giedre; Polonis, Elena Report Aug 1, 2014 3668
Business value as the driver for management of building energy assets. Salahi, Niloofar; Lu, Yan; Mahani, Khashayar; Gharieh, Kaveh; Zhu, Jianmin; Jafari, Mohsen A.; Winsl Report Jul 1, 2014 6271
Optimizing building energy footprint using integrated reliability and EnergyPlus simulation approach. Mahani, Khashayar; Jafari, Mohsen A.; Salahi, Niloofar; Lu, Yan; Zhu, Jianmin Report Jul 1, 2014 7257
Revisit of energy use and technologies of high performance buildings. Li, Cheng; Hong, Tianzhen Report Jul 1, 2014 4743
The multicriteria assessment model for an energy supply system of a low energy house/Mazaenergio pastato aprupinimo energija daugiatikslio vertinimo modelis. Dziugaite-Tumeniene, Rasa; Lapinskiene, Vilune Report Mar 1, 2014 5130
Seattle scores well on energy efficiency. Brief article Feb 1, 2014 111
Development and application of a ZigBee-based building energy monitoring and control system. Peng, Changhai; Qian, Kun Report Jan 1, 2014 6254
An evaluation and implementation of rule-based home energy management system using the rete algorithm. Kawakami, Tomoya; Fujita, Naotaka; Yoshihisa, Tomoki; Tsukamoto, Masahiko Report Jan 1, 2014 4170
Smart grid and building operators. Davis, Phil Nov 1, 2013 1598
Smart grid--building energy management system: an ontology multi-agent approach to optimize comfort demand and energy supply. Zeiler, Wim; Boxem, Gert Report Jul 1, 2013 4614
Development of control-oriented models for model predictive control in buildings. Li, Pengfei; ONeill, Zheng D.; Braun, James E. Report Jul 1, 2013 3837
Evolutionary tuning of building models to monthly electrical consumption. Garrett, Aaron; New, Joshua; Chandler, Theodore Report Jul 1, 2013 8642
Analysis and comparison of absorbed solar radiation distribution models in perimeter building zones. Chan, Ying-Chieh; Tzempelikos, Athanasios Report Jul 1, 2013 8071
Cloud-based BEMS. Ponoum, Ratcharit; Cooperman, Alissa; Brodrick, James Nov 1, 2012 2155
Survey: energy management drives operational efficiency. Brief article Aug 1, 2012 158
Saving energy vital for business. Brief article Jul 1, 2012 183
Energy balance of a low energy house. Dziugaite-Tumeniene, Rasa; Jankauskas, Vidmantas; Motuziene, Violeta Report Jun 1, 2012 5907
The current state of energy retrofits for small and medium buildings. Wagner, Timothy C. Report Jan 1, 2012 3871
Retrofit energy efficiency modeling, assessments, and integrated technologies: seeking solutions for small and medium sized buildings. Sweetser, Richard Report Jan 1, 2012 5345
Advancing from the current state of energy retrofits to the future state. Freihaut, James; Hallacher, Paul Report Jan 1, 2012 2632
Practical and policy-relevant performance metrics for complex fenestration systems. Dave, Shreya; Andersen, Marilyne Report Jan 1, 2012 3969
Renewable energy utilization in Chinese buildings: technology development and demonstration projects. Shan, Ming; Yang, Ming; Yang, Xudong Report Jan 1, 2012 3082
Energy assessments of buildings and building sites--methodology and techniques. Zhivov, Alexander; Pietilainen, Jorma; Schmidt, Fritz; Reinikainen, Erja; Woody, Al Report Jul 1, 2011 11027
Explicit and tacit knowledge in construction of passive housing, knowledge models in Lithuania and the world/Isreikstines ir neisreikstines zinios pasyviuju namu statyboje, ziniu modeliai pasaulyje ir Lietuvoje. Rute, Jevgenija Author abstract Apr 1, 2011 2526
Best home energy improvements: find out which energy upgrades offer the most value for your home--especially when you're working with a tight budget. Pahl, Greg Aug 1, 2010 2624
Exergy aspects of operative temperature and its implications on sustainable building performance. Kilkis, Birol Report Jul 1, 2010 3558
Interim results of monitoring and simulating two existing, high performance buildings to achieve and maintain sustainable operation. Means, Janice K.; Grabow, Ryan; Turner, Jessica; Cebelak, Jonathan Report Jul 1, 2010 3975
Energy benchmarking: more than a single percentage. Chang, Roger Feb 1, 2010 1916
Getting to net zero. Crawley, Drury; Pless, Shanti; Torcellini, Paul Sep 1, 2009 3646
Top award winners. Mar 1, 2009 1794
New interest in buildings. Colker, Ryan M. Feb 1, 2009 768
Reduce off-gassing for better IAQ. Goedken, Anne K. Dec 1, 2006 763
Go on the green: doing green in this no-growth era can mean the difference between stopping and starting new-home building projects. Or it can simply mean more sales. (Strive for Sustainability). Fransworth, Christina B. Brief Article Aug 1, 2002 461
Power surge: fueling your bottom line with energy efficiencies. Jewell, Mark T. Statistical Data Included May 1, 2002 1624
E-tools key to energy management. Pekala, Nancy Brief Article May 1, 2002 625
Sustainable Slopes. KERLIN, KATHERINE Brief Article Nov 1, 2001 768
Growing Green. Otto, Laura Jan 1, 2000 2473
Energy efficiency: the right risk. Watkins-Miller, Elaine Nov 1, 1998 2061
Voluntary energy programs. McIntyre, Maureen Jan 1, 1997 1517
PayLess adopts building standards. Oct 5, 1992 380
Saving energy doesn't have to cost a lot? Wemple, Stephen Aug 19, 1992 700
Energy efficiency critical to responsible management. Ritorto, Joseph N. Aug 19, 1992 347
Teaching staff about boiler efficiency. Occhipinti, Vincent Aug 19, 1992 522

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