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DoD's Artificial Intelligence Problem: Where to Begin. Golden, Paul E. Mar 1, 2020 7052
A Framework to Understand and Improve Defense All-Source Intelligence Analysis. Kwoun, James S. Jul 1, 2019 5262
An Intelligence Law Primer for the Second Machine Age. Tramazzo, John C. Mar 1, 2019 7890
The 'Five Eyes' Deal; Others Won't Get It. Nov 4, 2013 480
Geo-statistical forecasting using attitudinal survey data in Afghanistan. Reanier, Patrick Oct 1, 2011 1894
The joint direct support airborne ISR Initial Capabilities Document. Ilse, Lee F. Jul 1, 2011 2325
Terrorism information sharing and the nationwide suspicious activity report initiative: background and issues for congress. Bjelopera, Jerome P. Report Jun 1, 2011 10392
IDF Is Probing Foreign, Left-Wing Groups. Leibovitz, Liel Mar 22, 2011 375
Value of intelligence expanded by DCGS-A. Pollachek, Brandon Jan 1, 2011 402
Pulp this item. Peters, Charles Brief article Nov 1, 2010 225
Theater of War. Oct 7, 2010 2257
Challenges to acquiring C4ISR systems based on service oriented architecture. Zimmerman, Lee; Siordia, Antonio Apr 1, 2010 2287
FIXING INTEL: A Blueprint for Making Intelligence Relevant in Afghanistan. Handley, John Feb 15, 2010 531
The role of intelligence in sustainment operations. Meeks, Heber S.; Brundige, Barton T. Jan 1, 2010 2210
In search of the art and science of strategic communication. Murphy, Dennis M. Essay Dec 22, 2009 5154
Terrorism information sharing and the nationwide suspicious activity report initiative: background and issues for congress. Randol, Mark A. Nov 1, 2009 10363
Metrics run the war in Afghanistan. Giraldi, Philip Brief article Oct 1, 2009 203
Enhancing interrogation: advancing a new agenda. Wahlquist, John A. Report Jun 22, 2009 6378
Israel fears Hizbullah attacks. Brief article Jan 5, 2009 212
Hunting Bin Laden: the Al Qaeda leader has been in the US crosshairs several times, but always survived. Now the Americans seem to be going after him again. Blanche, Ed Jan 1, 2009 3010
Logistics status reports and the logistics common operating picture: to avoid third-order effects that can cost Soldiers' lives, logistics planners must be able to develop a complete logistics operating picture of the battlespace. But that picture cannot be achieved unless units provide timely and accurate logistics status reports. McCarter, Timothy N., Sr. Nov 1, 2008 1810
Providing S-2 support for a brigade support battalion: during her deployment to Operation Iraqi Freedom, the author learned the importance of intelligence information to logisticians. Kahler, Mary K. Nov 1, 2008 2423
The discussions over Hezbollah are part of a larger debate in the intelligence community over terrorism in general. Giraldi, Philip Brief article Jul 14, 2008 249
NSCs enable expeditionary information. Wells, Geoffrey Jun 22, 2008 1075
Feithless. Brief article Jan 1, 2008 139
American Forces Press Service (April 17, 2006): Defense Science Board to study internet's impact on military Ops. Miles, Donna Jul 1, 2006 326
Public enemy No. 2? Hellinger, Dan Brief article May 1, 2006 121
Development and analysis of integrated C4ISR architectures. Lock, J.D. Aug 1, 2005 5482
OIF II: intelligence leads successful counterinsurgency operations. Metz, Thomas F.; Tait, William J., Jr.; McNealy, J. Michael Jul 1, 2005 3589
Challenges in recruiting Military Intelligence Warrant Officers. Beckham, Stephen Jul 1, 2005 1991
Focusing on the critical, not the urgent: the views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not reflect the official policy or position of the Departments of the Army and Defense, or the U. S. Government. Kem, Jack Jul 1, 2005 2255
Leading the Light Infantry Brigade Combat Team's Military Intelligence Company. Moon, Jerry Jul 1, 2005 964
The Air Force Office of Special Investigations: postured for the future. Williamson, Christine E. Jun 22, 2005 2702
Students of war. Desjarlais, Orville F., Jr. Apr 1, 2005 1946
An adaptive methodology for developing enemy courses of action. Kem, Jack Jan 1, 2005 1797
Developing a predictive capability in the Counterintelligence Integrated Analysis Center (CIIAC). Harlan, Charles E. Jan 1, 2005 2122
CSA's focus area 16: actionable intelligence ... Effects of high deployment OPTEMPO and constrained resources on the pace of MI transformation. Iwicki, Stephen K. Jan 1, 2005 1731
Army trying to get better grasp on war zone intelligence. Erwin, Sandra I. Oct 1, 2004 934
The Army's Nerve Center. Schwab, William P.; Jewell, Lorie Sep 1, 2004 950
Huddle begins ISR synchronization. Sanderson, J.R.; Sibayan, Jerome T. Sep 1, 2004 2681
What is "DCGS-A"? Bond, Stephen J. Jul 1, 2004 2305
Lessons learned from OJF: an SF battalion S2's perspective. Gellman, Brian Apr 1, 2004 5644
CSA's Focus Area 16: Actionable Intelligence. Iwicki, Stephen K. Apr 1, 2004 1331
USAIC fields two new intelligence manuals. Clarke, Stephen C. Apr 1, 2004 1452
300th Military Intelligence Brigade (Linguist). Apr 1, 2004 618
CSM forum. Haubrich, Lawrence J. Jul 1, 2003 723
Visualizing the information environment. Romanych, Marc J. Jul 1, 2003 2031
Determining battlefield effects in an urban environment: MOUT terrain analysis. Ahuja, Alfonso J. Jul 1, 2003 2687
The new counterintelligence response to the cyberthreat. Allen, Bobby Jul 1, 2003 2698
CI in information operations: enabling operators and defining emerging roles for CI in Army IO. Morton, Jason L. Jul 1, 2003 1932
Intelligence in support of strategic signal units. Lint, James R. Jul 1, 2003 1900
Global war on terrorism: polygraph--an intelligence tool. Castleberry, Joe Don Jul 1, 2003 1666
Intelligence support to information operations: today and in the objective force. (Doctrine Corner). Sieting, Lori A. Jul 1, 2003 2998
ASAS Master Analysts' support to IO--Information Engineering. (Sly Fox). Nunn, Matthew J. Jul 1, 2003 652
Reorganization of the U.S. Army Intelligence Center. (111th Training Notes). Watson, Russell W.; VanOtten, George A. Brief Article Jul 1, 2003 238
New intelligence office must fix information breakdowns. Erwin, Sandra I. Mar 1, 2003 1738
Synchronized chaos: visualization, integration, and dynamic thinking. Iwicki, Stephen K. Jan 1, 2003 3340
No cyber responsibilities for NORTHCOM. (Americas Report). Chaisson, Kernan Brief Article Jan 1, 2003 180
The Pentagon muzzles the CIA: devising bad intelligence to promote bad policy. Dreyfuss, Robert Dec 16, 2002 3313
Artificial intelligence? We've been collecting information at Guantanamo for the past seven months. But is it any good? (Gazette). Prados, John Sep 9, 2002 1309
Help from the Hill: military insiders want some to derail Bush's plans for Iraq. (Gazette). Vest, Jason Aug 26, 2002 1456
The 902d Military Intelligence Group and Homeland Security. Pratt, Ginger T. Jul 1, 2002 1600
Educating MI professionals to meet the challenges of changing geopolitical realities and modern asymmetric warfare. Van Otten, George A. Jul 1, 2002 3028
CIA support to Operation Enduring Freedom. Moore, J. Daniel Brief Article Jul 1, 2002 609
Army Intelligence Master Plan. (Leadership Notes). Agee, Collin A. Brief Article Jul 1, 2002 690
The challenges of Homeland defense. (Doctrine Corner). Stewart, Three Del Jul 1, 2002 2609
Update on Joint STARS, JTT, CGS, and the Distributed Common Ground System-Army. Bond, Stephen J. Jul 1, 2002 1076
308th Military Intelligence Battalion. Brief Article Jul 1, 2002 316
The 513th Military Intelligence Brigade in support of operation ENDURING FREEDOM. Berry, John F. Brief Article Apr 1, 2002 743
NGIC: Penetrating the fog of war. O'Connell, Robert; White, John Steven Apr 1, 2002 3329
USTRANSCOM. (Government). Apr 1, 2002 1391
Integrating criminal itelligence operations in the heartland. French, Mike; Klotz, Jim Mar 1, 2002 1336
The empire is listening: naval signals intelligence in the Far East to 1942. Straczek, Jozef Dec 1, 2001 7368
From The Editor. Brief Article Oct 1, 2001 514
Vantage Point. Marks, James A. Brief Article Oct 1, 2001 743
CSM Forum. Haubrich, Command Sergeant Major Lawrence J. Brief Article Oct 1, 2001 519
IPB with a Purpose. Smith, Lieutenant Colonel Thomas M.; Puppolo, Major David G. Oct 1, 2001 4178
IPB and Defensive Fire Planning. Leach, Major R. J. Oct 1, 2001 2621
Understanding Our Future Battlespace: Why We Need to Integrate I0 into the IPB Process. Flynn, Lieutenant Colonel Michael T. Oct 1, 2001 2918
The U.S. Air Force's Cryptologic Systems Group: Putting the "Super" in Information Superiority. Garcia, Gregory L. Jun 22, 2001 1463
VANTAGE POINT. Thomas, Jr., John D. Brief Article Jul 1, 2000 379
THE S2 WARRIOR? Norton, David E. Jul 1, 2000 1766
Information dominance. Libicki, Martin C. Nov 1, 1997 2376
Information Warfare and deterrence. Hayes, Richard E.; Wheatley, Gary Oct 1, 1996 2312
Chapter six: intelligence. Jan 1, 1996 6545
What is information warfare? Libicki, Martin C. May 1, 1995 615

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