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Farm to School: A Pathway to Student Engagement. Benjamin-Kirk, Samantha Sep 1, 2020 1832
GRADES K - 12: Kids Have Lunch with and get Mentored by Grown up Friends As Part of Lunch Pals Program. Feb 1, 2019 590
Student Centers: Building Community with New Dining Experiences. Genovese, Theresa M. Report Jan 1, 2018 3457
Compliance with school nutrition policies in Ontario and Alberta: an assessment of secondary school vending machine data from the COMPASS study. Vine, Michelle M.; Harrington, Daniel W.; Butler, Alexandra; Patte, Karen; Godin, Katelyn; Leatherda Report Jan 1, 2017 5289
Good food and nutrition go hand-in-hand for NEXCOM's dietitian. Sturkie, Kristine M. Sep 1, 2015 594
Midday eating while learning: the school cafeteria, homeschooling, and the open campus high school. Rud, A.G. Essay Jun 22, 2013 4490
Bringing educational thought to public school lunch: Alice waters and the edible schoolyard. Laird, Susan Essay Jun 22, 2013 6806
Postmodern dietetic: reclaiming the body through the practice of alimentary freedom. Lewis, Matthew T. Essay Jun 22, 2013 9254
Introduction. Rice, Suzanne Essay Jun 22, 2013 3479
Time to eat: school lunch and the loss of leisure in education. Smilie, Kipton D. Essay Jun 22, 2013 6897
Let's sit together: exploring the potential for human relations education at lunch. Ng, Jennifer; Sweeney, Holly Morsbach; Mitchiner, Melinda Essay Jun 22, 2013 5325
Classroom breakfast program feeds hungry, busy students. Brief article Oct 1, 2012 283
School Health & nutrition news and trends: federal policy and innovative ideas for decreasing childhood obesity continue to shape the state of School Health and nutrition across the United States. Let's take a closer look at some of the news and trends impacting our schools right now ... Jan 1, 2012 1153
Analysis of Verification Summary Data School Year 2008-2009. Ranalli, Dennis; Harper, Edward; Hirschman, Jay Report Mar 1, 2011 328
Vegan meals popular in school lunch program. Mangels, Reed Brief article Jan 1, 2011 276
Easy tricks to get your students eating well. Dec 1, 2010 525
Why school lunch is "nasty!". Julian, Liam Oct 1, 2010 4987
The School Breakfast Program. Author abstract Dec 1, 2009 219
Got breakfast? Brief article Dec 1, 2009 183
Meeting Total Fat Requirements for School Lunches: Influence of School Policies and Characteristics. Economic Research Report Number 87. Newman, Constance; Guthrie, Joanne; Mancino, Lisa; Ralston, Katherine; Musiker, Melissa Report Nov 1, 2009 217
Meeting Total Fat Requirements for School Lunches: Influence of School Policies and Characteristics. ERS Report Summary. Newman, Constance; Guthrie, Joanne; Mancino, Lisa; Ralston, Katherine; Musiker, Melissa Report Nov 1, 2009 272
H1N1 update: prescriptions for prevention: colleges and universities turn to food delivery, quarantine to serve ill students. Herrmann, Michele Nov 1, 2009 414
School Meals Initiative (SMI). Nourishing News. Volume 4, Issue 4. Author abstract Nov 1, 2009 195
Direct Certification Process. Nourishing News. Volume 4, Issue 3. Report Oct 1, 2009 225
School Meal Program Participation and Its Association with Dietary Patterns and Childhood Obesity. Final Report. Gleason, Philip; Briefel, Ronette; Wilson, Ander; Dodd, Allison Hedley Report Jul 1, 2009 251
School Meal Programs: Experiences of the States and Districts That Eliminated Reduced-Price Fees. Report to the Chairman, Committee on Education and Labor, House of Representatives. GAO-09-584. Brown, Kay Report Jul 1, 2009 339
Factors Associated with School Meal Participation and the Relationship between Different Participation Measures. Final Report. Moore, Quinn; Hulsey, Lara; Ponza, Michael Report May 27, 2009 335
Food Safety. Nourishing News. Volume 3, Issue 10. Author abstract May 1, 2009 168
Hogs and higher education. Brief article Mar 1, 2009 258
Dining halls feel squeeze from soaring food prices. Herrmann, Michele Aug 1, 2008 552
Initiative for Future Agricultural Food Systems (IFAFS) From Farm to School: Improving Small Farm Viability and School Meals. Kish, Stacy Report Jul 29, 2008 377
Procuring local produce. McClure, Ann Brief article Jun 1, 2008 216
Schools have a beef with USDA. Parcham, Penny; Harkin, Tom Brief article May 1, 2008 103
The dish on school food: the law says schools have to file a wellness policy with the government. Does that mean federal standards for pizza day are on the way? Kopkowski, Cynthia Feb 1, 2008 973
Educating early childhood teachers about nutrition: a collaborative venture. Cotugna, Nancy; Vickery, Connie Jun 22, 2007 3154
Healthy eating is on the menu. Website overview Jan 1, 2007 807
Schools can taste good: a chef leads the way in making good nutrition a required part of the school day. Gigliotti, Katherine Dec 1, 2006 1316
A Holistic Approach to Healthy School Meals: "How Hopkins High School Looked Beyond its Cafeteria when it Changed Meal Service from Fast Food to Nutritional Food. IssueTrak": A CEFPI Brief on Educational Facility Issues. Dufault, Timothy; Parsons, Meg Report Dec 1, 2006 169
Lounge acts. Oct 1, 2006 851
VRG outreach. Brief article Jul 1, 2006 310
Helping school kids reach nutritional excellence. Kretsch, Molly Oct 1, 2005 805
Helping schoolchildren make the grade in nutrition. Bliss, Rosalie Marion Oct 1, 2005 1475
The greening of school cafeterias. Gili, Enrique May 1, 2005 613
Establishing guidelines for veggie lunches in schools. Gorn, Heather May 1, 2004 682
Taiwan agricultural team helps here. Brief Article Feb 1, 2004 94
19 tips for increasing school breakfast participation: grades K-12. Sep 1, 2003 355
Cook up good behavior with a cafeteria makeover: an interview with Susan Graham. Interview Sep 1, 2003 908
Catering to all. (Note from the Coordinators). Stahler, Charles Mar 1, 2003 502
Lunch Line. Bogo, Jennifer Mar 1, 2001 1070
Going the extra mile. (ESP On The Team). Brief Article Feb 1, 2001 284
THE BOTTOM LINE. Brief Article Jan 1, 2000 804
Using point-of-sale technology in the school lunch room. Dorman, Steve M. Feb 1, 1998 852
Team nutrition. Jun 1, 1996 248
Happy meals: when lunch subsidies are chopped, kids eat better. Glass, Stephen Jun 22, 1995 2696
Recipe for success. Sep 1, 1994 863
Wall-to-wall school spirit. Sep 1, 1993 191
McLunchrooms! Rodd, Ira Emery Sep 21, 1992 675

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