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Assessment of governance principles application in forest protected areas: the case of six state forests in western Zimbabwe/Evaluation des applications des principes de gestion dans les zones protegees de foret: cas de six forets d'etat dans l'ouest du Zimbabwe/Evaluacion de la aplicacion de principios de gobernanza en areas forestales protegidas: el caso de seis bosques estatales en en el oeste de Zimbabue. Mutekwa, V.T.; Gambiza, J. Report Dec 1, 2016 13245
Historic land deal. Brief article Jun 1, 2016 103
Analysis of the effective stakeholders' involvement in the development of National Forest Programmes in Europe/Analyse de l'efficacite de l'implication des parties prenantes dans le developpement des Programmes Forestiers Nationaux en Europe/Analisis de la implicacion efectiva de las partes interesadas en el desarrollo de los Programas Forestales Nacionales en Europa. Balest, J.; Hrib, M.; Dobsinska, Z.; Paletto, A. Report Mar 1, 2016 11154
A foreordained formality: the utter uselessness of environmental impact statements for federal actions in experimental forests. Dearden, Matthew Sep 22, 2015 11577
Considerations on capacity building for national forest assessments in developing countries--with a case study of India/Considerations sur la solidification des competences dans revaluation des forets nationales des pays en voie de developpement, avec une etude-cas de l'Inde. Tewari, V.P.; Kleinn, C. Case study Jun 1, 2015 9279
Environmental ecotourism for sustainable development in Sekayu Recreational Forest, Malaysia: perception from the local communities. Bhuiyan, Anowar Hossain; Siwar, Chamhuri; Ismail, Shaharuddin Mohamad; Islam, Rabiul Report Aug 1, 2012 2561
A survey of the Trichoptera of the Fort Campbell Military Reservation, Kentucky and Tennessee. Etnier, David A.; Bauer, Bruce H.; Zirkle, Gene Jul 1, 2006 4810
What works: gaining ground against poverty: from Africa, three innovative solutions. Smith, Stephen C. Cover Story Feb 1, 2006 2027
ACF-Central Coast help Bushcare group on World Environment Day. Brief Article Aug 1, 2005 89
An Ocean of timber: the Navy forest. Ingle, Saul Apr 1, 2002 1204
The great experiment that failed? Evaluating the role of a "committee of scientists" as a tool for managing and protecting our public lands. Pasko, Brian Scott Mar 22, 2002 20112
BUILDING A BETTER FOREST. Brief Article Oct 1, 1999 542
A tale of two forests: an open letter to Forest Service Chief Mike Dombeck. Pope, Carl Column May 1, 1997 950
The Quincy Library group. Little, Jane Braxton Jan 1, 1995 2136
Connecticut's two-pocket woodland. Verner, Mary Jan 1, 1994 2190
The Boise quickstep. McLean, Herbert E. Jan 1, 1993 2365
Balancing act on the Shawnee. Selbert, Pamela Jan 1, 1993 1869
India's walled-in wildlife. Youth, Howard Jan 1, 1993 961
Fighting for the national forests. Davis, Norah Deakin May 1, 1991 3001
Green island in the sky. Berry, Jerry May 1, 1991 1704
Managing change by changing management. Sampson, Neil editorial Nov 1, 1990 977
Updating the old-growth wars. Gray, Gerald J. Nov 1, 1990 2391
War games and multiple use: is it mission impossible to train combat troops and manage natural resources on the same forested acres? Rideout, Greg Nov 1, 1990 2254
Should we downlist our national symbol? Thanks to factors from the DDT ban to its personal charisma, the bald eagle may soon soar off the endangered list. But then what? Casey, Carrie Nov 1, 1990 1666
Pickin' seed; you have to be a little squirrelly to do this, but it's the first step in ensuring the genetic superiority of the trees of the 21st century. Sherwood, Dan Nov 1, 1990 949
The scourge of leafy spurge. Miller, Judy Nov 1, 1990 241
Pathway through the '90s. Robertson, F. Dale Nov 1, 1990 1386
Charting the waters. Sample, V. Alaric Nov 1, 1990 1649
An easy way out. Heissenbuttel, John Nov 1, 1990 1682
Forest of torches: millions of drought-weakened, beetle-killed conifers are browning the Sierras and fueling fears of catastrophic fires. McLean, Herbert E. May 1, 1990 2349
Mr. Bush's lasting legacy. Sampson, Neil editorial Mar 1, 1990 1474
A very hot potato. McLean, Herbert E. Mar 1, 1990 2144
Federal forests. Shands, William E. Nov 1, 1989 2682
Fire gods and federal policy. Bonnicksen, Thomas M. Jul 1, 1989 2960
Forest planning: voices unheard. McLarney, William O. May 1, 1989 1118
Conservation in the Bush era. Odell, Rice May 1, 1989 1960
A case for Eastern old-growth. Bolgiano, Chris May 1, 1989 2222
Toward sustainable old growth. Sampson, Neil editorial Mar 1, 1989 927
AFA gears up for 1989. Sampson, Neil Jan 1, 1989 1711
Yellowstone and the let-burn policy; the fires that hopscotched across half the Park last summer also fueled a debate that may change the way we manage our wildlands. Bolgiano, Chris Jan 1, 1989 4551

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