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Government Communication with Industry: More Necessary Now Than Ever. Apple, Alan M. Mar 1, 2019 3627
The manufacturers' organisation. Scuoler, Terry Sep 1, 2017 353
IREM government affairs: holds steady course in midst of change. Salustri, John Mar 1, 2017 1082
Bridge To Somewhere. Fernandez, Jose W. Brief article Nov 20, 2013 255
The Magician Behind Iran's Vanishing Oil Tankers. Cotter, Michael May 16, 2012 326
Minor details: will these supremes care about "equal justice for all?". Minor, Bob May 1, 2012 1018
Tax changes welcomed. Brief article Apr 6, 2012 295
Talking business. Brief article Apr 6, 2012 276
Nuclear power's demise. Wasserman, Harvey Mar 22, 2012 1386
Recovery on its way--but industry needs a helping hand from the Chancellor. Hibbert, Lee Editorial Mar 1, 2012 561
Grab the chance to go for growth: the new-look Manufacturing Advisory Service aims to help firms expand, as Simon Griffiths tells Lee Hibbert. Hibbert, Lee Mar 1, 2012 1302
Grocers vs. government: state liquor monopoly overturned. Riggs, Mike Brief article Feb 18, 2012 197
Niger Delta making Shell responsible: Raymond Eyo wants President Goodluck Jonathan (pictured) to be more alive to his responsibilities by pushing Shell to do the decent thing in the Niger Delta: clean up the oil mess. Eyo, Raymond Feb 1, 2012 650
The end state: managing the DOD for the 21st century. Young, Mike Dec 1, 2011 3733
Politicos of all stripes turn their backs on the City to get their hands dirty again on the shop floor. Hibbert, Lee Nov 1, 2011 498
The budget's next battlefront. Sep 22, 2011 474
Pushing plutocracy. Hightower, Jim Aug 1, 2011 560
The politics of Saudi subsidies. Aug 1, 2011 1506
Designed to fail: the Obama administration's mortgage-modification program was created more to help lenders than homeowners. It's time to reverse priorities. Stanley, Marcus Jun 1, 2011 1967
Fannie, Freddie, and the future: the secondary mortgage market worked better when it was a true public institution. Immergluck, Dan Jun 1, 2011 3275
Industrial City to help boost Bahrain economy. May 11, 2011 349
Independent unions flourish in post-Mubarak Egypt. McGrath, Cam May 1, 2011 1152
SEC studies forming companies to handle municipal projects. Mar 30, 2011 682
Avast Ye Scurvy Dogs! Mar 22, 2011 485
If you save it, will they come? Ives, Mike Mar 22, 2011 3094
'Marshall Plan' For Bahrain & Oman. Mar 7, 2011 502
Special vehicles of state intervention in Russia and Kazakhstan. Kalyuzhnova, Yelena; Nygaard, Christian A. Report Mar 1, 2011 8358
Was the gradual approach not possible in the USSR? A critique of the Sachs-Woo 'impossibility hypothesis'. Islam, Nazrul Report Mar 1, 2011 26431
The expansion of outward FDI: a comparative study of China and India. Hong, Zhao Report Mar 1, 2011 8344
Logging, violence and pleasure: neoliberalism, civil society and corporate governance in West New Britain. Lattas, Andrew Report Mar 1, 2011 13483
Afghanistan's Willing Entrepreneurs: Supporting Private-Sector Growth in the Afghan Economy. DeAtkine, Norvell Brief article Jan 24, 2011 297
Nakheel gets $750 million Dubai funding. Brief article Jan 6, 2011 321
Too small to save: did the nation's largest community bank collapse because of its social-justice mission--or its financial ambitions? Fernholz, Tim Jan 1, 2011 3588
China's textile and apparel industry and the global market: five competitive forces. McCann, Jack Report Jan 1, 2011 6494
China's cheating! Brief article Dec 21, 2010 213
Borneo project: logging's ill-gotten gains hidden in plain sight. Mayer, Judith Dec 21, 2010 603
Under the eternal sky: multinational mining hordes eye mongolia's earthly fortunes. Awehali, Brian Travel narrative Dec 21, 2010 3359
Saudi Arabia tops region in ease of doing business. Nov 15, 2010 400
In the loophole: even with moderate tax increases, the rich find ways not to pay. Fernholz, Tim Nov 1, 2010 1137
Editorial. Tarricone, Paul Editorial Nov 1, 2010 410
The Lipitor loophole. Peters, Charles Brief article Nov 1, 2010 182
A long haul: how the government's policy to modernize trucks collides with its policy to promote high-wage jobs. Bensman, David; Greenberg, Molly Oct 1, 2010 2074
Who's in charge here? Mark, Jason Editorial Sep 22, 2010 569
Hide and leak: BP's cleanup is more like a cover up. Holding the company accountable will require digging for the truth. Ott, Riki Viewpoint essay Sep 22, 2010 2755
Regulation, cross-border trade and practical norms in West Nile, north-western Uganda. Titeca, Kristof; de Herdt, Tom Report Sep 22, 2010 10156
The next health-reform campaign: the supporters of reform knew they had to battle to get it passed. Now they need to wage another campaign to implement it. Starr, Paul Sep 1, 2010 2798
Getting insurers to behave: job no. 1: write new rules for health insurers and make sure they follow them. Cohn, Jonathan Sep 1, 2010 1669
Last Resort. Cheslow, Daniella Aug 31, 2010 1479
LOC offers compliance contractor help online. Brief article Aug 13, 2010 291
Slowed food revolution: Obama seeks to boost demand for organic food but doesn't offer meaningful support for the people who grow it. Rogers, Heather Cover story Jul 1, 2010 3502
Organic solutions: what would meaningful assistance for unconventional farmers look like? Potts, Monica Jul 1, 2010 736
BP escrow deal. Jun 22, 2010 1050
Housing inventory bulge. Whitney, Mike Jun 22, 2010 956
Returning Taiwanese businesses will invest NT$40 b. in 2010. Liu, Philip Brief article Jun 11, 2010 252
Medicaid funding for abortion: providers' experiences with cases involving rape, incest and life endangerment. Kacanek, Deborah; Dennis, Amanda; Miller, Kate; Blanchard, Kelly Report Jun 1, 2010 6340
Cleansing the temple: can financial reforms straighten out one of America's most byzantine institutions, the Federal Reserve? Fernholz, Tim Jun 1, 2010 1687
Reform and its obstacles: there is no mystery about how to simplify the financial system. The main obstacles are political. Johnson, Robert Jun 1, 2010 1645
Simplifying securitization with a better system, the economy can have plenty of credit without the outlandish risks and excess banker profits. D'Arista, Jane Jun 1, 2010 1660
Arab companies win 48 mining concession in Kingdom. Apr 1, 2010 348
An entrepreneurial recovery: big business gets the headlines, but thousands of upstart companies do most of the heavy lifting in the American economy. Schramm, Carl; Litan, Robert E. Mar 22, 2010 2292
Ghana cocoa still tops: though Ghana lost its position as the world's largest cocoa producer in the 1980s, it still produces the best quality cocoa beans in the world, and this makes the country a favourite of global buyers, reports Stephen Gyasi Jnr. Gyasi, Stephen, Jr. Mar 1, 2010 438
Tackling barriers to private sector progress: international economic analyst Moin Siddiqi looks at some of the ways in which obstacles to the development of small to medium business enterprises (SMEs) in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) might be overcome, backed by information from the World Bank, the OECD and the IMF. Siddiqi, Moin Mar 1, 2010 1435
Gateway to health care reform: building on success. Bennett, Cathleen Feb 1, 2010 616
Chinese companies enter into Saudi construction sector. Jan 27, 2010 455
Move to create insurance market regulator. Jan 27, 2010 458
Gentrification hangover: can a new era of affordable housing be created from the wreckage of failed luxury real estate? Katz, Alyssa Jan 1, 2010 3397
The plight of American manufacturing: since 2001, the U.S. has lost 42,400 factories--and its technical edge. McCormack, Richard Jan 1, 2010 2766
Playing ourselves for fools: the trading system America sold the world is killing U.S. industry. Here's a better way. Kuttner, Robert Jan 1, 2010 3370
The great industrial Wall of China: Beijing's mercantilism challenges America's market ideology and industrial future. Bartholomew, Carolyn Jan 1, 2010 2846
Losing our future: if we don't develop a national industrial policy for clean-energy production, the strategies of other nations will displace American companies and jobs. Fitzgerald, Joan Jan 1, 2010 2239
The GIA affair: With the challenge of self-financing now a stark reality, the management of Ghana International Airlines (GIA) has assured its customers of uninterrupted operations although a strategic partner is yet to come on board, reports Stephen Gyasi Jnr from Accra. Jnr, Stephen Gyasi Jan 1, 2010 685
Upgrading Jeddah's warehouse city. Brief article Dec 7, 2009 212
Nigerian banks still in the firing line. Obayiuwana, Osasu Nov 1, 2009 1342
Stuck on the low road: deregulation turned truck driving from a good job into a bad one. Now, thanks to local organizing and government action, there's a better road. Bensman, David Oct 1, 2009 1908
Banking sector in turmoil ... again! When everybody thought Nigeria's banking sector had at last found some stability in the steady hands of Prof Charles Chukwuma Soludo, in comes a new Central Bank governor to send shockwaves throughout the system. It looks like they are back to square one again, reports Osasu Obayiuwana from Lagos. Obayiuwana, Osasu Oct 1, 2009 2505
Project Apollo: the Genstar Report and the City of Calgary, 1973-1975. Foran, Max Report Sep 22, 2009 9110
Brokering the bailout. O'Kane, John Reprint Sep 22, 2009 2851
The fog of numbers. Kunstler, James Howard Sep 22, 2009 852
Present at the re-creation: the liberal financial experts out to reform capitalism. Fernholz, Tim Sep 1, 2009 2736
The structure and roles of China's party-state system in industrial relations: an updated review. Zhining, Ma Report Sep 1, 2009 4814
Pic ban can't quash Kenya's Jitu. Vourlias, Christopher Aug 24, 2009 689
When creditors are predators: we need to regulate to assure that loans work--and stop the loans that work people over. Fernholz, Tim Jul 1, 2009 2264
Community reinvestment: the broader agenda: CRA has created a cadre of community-friendly bankers. It's time to bring reinvestment policy into the 21st century. Willis, Mark A. Jul 1, 2009 2357
Beyond the international crisis: economy, politics, and culture. Cardoso, Fernando Henrique Jul 1, 2009 1143
The financial markets and fear itself. Jenkins, Holman W., Jr. Viewpoint essay Jun 1, 2009 4653
Regulation and American business. Echeverri-Carroll, Elsie; Ayala, Sofia G. Report Jun 1, 2009 4980
The ugly Canadian: forget middle power. Forget model citizen. We're becoming one of the bad kids on the block. Attaran, Amir Essay Jun 1, 2009 4360
Swine flu totem pole. Brodner, Steve Brief article Jun 1, 2009 121
Betting the fed: the Federal Reserve can do what democratic institutions can't. But its days as a shadow government may be numbered. Kuttner, Robert Viewpoint essay Jun 1, 2009 3229
The world economic crisis: indicators and solutions for. Bayoumi, Gamal Jun 1, 2009 2538
The nature of the current crisis and how to deal with it. Petkovski, Mihail Report Jun 1, 2009 2319
No nationalisation, we are South Africans! Commey, Pusch Mar 1, 2009 1153
How free are free markets? "Don't spend what you don't have. Don't chase your tail. Live and learn."--a wise elder. Cohn, William A. Jan 1, 2009 4228
ETS delay: win for big business. Brief article Jan 1, 2009 264
Token environmental policy continues in Australia: Australians elected the Rudd government in the hope it would protect the environment and take action on global warming, DR SHARON BEDER notes, but instead it is promoting an emissions trading scheme, despite evidence this will achieve little apart from higher prices for consumers. Beder, Sharon Jan 1, 2009 2958
Our capitalist government. Schmitt, Mark Jan 1, 2009 753
The meltdown. Reich, Robert Dec 22, 2008 517
Toxic cities: globalizing the problem of waste. White, Rob Case study Sep 22, 2008 5667
Spitzer and the bail-out for predator banks. Palast, Greg Jun 22, 2008 1391
Just seems too obvious. Allen, James Preston Jun 22, 2008 1054
Carbon trading won't work. Dorsey, Michael K. Viewpoint essay Jan 1, 2008 928
The Global Compact: shifting the politics of international development? Therien, Jean-Philippe; Pouliot, Vincent Jan 1, 2006 8813
An effective advocate: here's how the Consumer Electronics Association tackles--and often wins--public policy challenges. Shapiro, Gary Jun 1, 2003 1851
Setting up a legislative day. (Government Relations). Aron, Trudy Jun 1, 2003 500

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