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Pension Fiduciaries and Climate Change: A Canadian Perspective. Peihani, Maziar Sep 22, 2020 16759
Redefining Retirement in the 21st Century for the Small Employer and America. Reiss, Jerry; Watson, Roberta Casper Sep 1, 2019 4262
SEPs: Simple but not always optimal. Hoens, Thomas W. Aug 1, 2018 860
Help small businesses choose the right employee retirement plans: CPAs can help business owners make sense of the various options available. Williams, Jimmy J. Feb 1, 2018 3174
Sponsor Bias in Pension Fund Administrative Expenses: The Brazilian Experience. da Cunha, Claudio Marcio Pereira Report Jan 1, 2018 9995
How to prepare for the annual review of your employee retirement plan: Scrutinize these key areas to reduce the risk of errors, misunderstandings, or breaches of fiduciary duty. Scarinci, Cynthia Nov 1, 2017 1789
Dallas is about to go broke: Detroit's pension bankruptcy may not have been a special case after all. Boehm, Eric Mar 1, 2017 702
Global ageing: do privately managed pension funds represent a long term alternative for the Romanian pension system? Empirical research. Cristea, Mirela; Mitrica, Alexandru Report Jun 22, 2016 10073
The retirement age and the deficit. Works, Richard May 1, 2015 1025
Pension freedom. James, Daniel Mar 21, 2015 1063
Who's looking after your super? The role of unions in industry super. Feb 1, 2015 1255
Pensions making the number our own. Scott, Bob Aug 1, 2014 2519
N.H's retirement system: a promise, not a gift: it's not fair or just to change the rules after the game begins. Broderick, John Column May 30, 2014 647
Study of challenges of bank pension fund. Tavakoli, Mohammad; Tehrani, Gholamreza Memar zadeh; Kamkari, Kambiz; Memarzadeh, Gholamreza; kamkar Report Feb 1, 2013 3072
Who Benefits from Pension Enhancements? Working Paper 76. Koedel, Cory; Ni, Shawn; Podgursky, Michael Report Jun 1, 2012 257
Lessons from Rhode Island: bold changes to its pension plans have caught the attention of other states. Snell, Ron Feb 1, 2012 1366
Did you work for the NHS in the UK? The NHS UK pension fund provides excellent benefits, but there are significant benefits available by transferring your pension to Australia. Bennett, Michael Aug 1, 2011 606
Not easy, but worth it: lawmakers spent the past five years shoring up public retirement plans. Snell, Ron Jul 1, 2010 1847
Underfunded Teacher Pension Plans: It's Worse than You Think. Civic Report No. 61. Barro, Josh; Buck, Stuart Report Apr 1, 2010 355
Swedish Pension Fund Divests From Elbit Systems. Brief article Apr 1, 2010 91
Pensions: time to vote with our money: the vast pool of 'workers' capital' tied up in pension funds represents a potential source of leverage for the securing of more responsible corporate behaviour. Howarth, Catherine Report Mar 22, 2010 3749
Golden handcuffs: teachers who change jobs or move pay a high price. Costrell, Robert M.; Podgursky, Michael Jan 1, 2010 3636
Pension funding relief? Companies ask Congress for some leeway in making the huge pension contributions resulting from last year's losses. Kelly, Susan Nov 1, 2009 445
GASB proposes to modify guidance on ARC adjustment for pensions and OPEB. Gauthier, Stephen J. Oct 1, 2008 763
Chile's Social Security success: unlike America's Social Security system, Chile's pension plan is sailing relatively smoothly. As many countries follow Chile's lead, should the United States also get on board? Whelan, James R. Aug 4, 2008 4017
Are we retiring people too early? In an excerpt from a 1959 Saturday Evening Post article, the writer challenges retirement at 65 and accurately forecasts problems with pension plan funding. Tunley, Roul Excerpt Jul 1, 2008 832
Labor-linked Investors Urge Whole Foods Board to Dump CEO Mackey. Brief article Jul 26, 2007 270
Accounting for pensions: Chris O'Brien and Margaret Woods explain why boards should see the arrival of FRS17 as a sign that they should get more actively involved in fund management. O'Brien, Chris; Woods, Margaret Apr 1, 2006 1520
THE NEW REALITY OF PENSIONS. Edelson, Sharon Mar 13, 2006 1344
Who's minding the gate? How pension consultants' hidden financial incentives may be hindering your plan's performance. Sharkey, Edward E. Dec 1, 2005 3182
Public employee pensions: thinking the unthinkable. Petersen, John Nov 14, 2005 1628
Finance: governments eye pensions. Brief Article Oct 1, 2005 120
American Airlines makes contribution to pension plans. Brief Article Sep 16, 2005 82
Delta says it may miss pension payment for October. Brief Article Sep 16, 2005 156
Creative retirement planning for highly compensated executives: nonqualified deferred compensation arrangements offer many solutions. Nearhood, Donna Jun 27, 2005 1058
A million dollar benefit? Brief Article Apr 1, 2005 129
Raising the bar on retirement planning: Individual Pension Plans provide enhanced benefits for business owners, but evaluate the strategy carefully before proceeding. Hood, Andrew Apr 1, 2005 1468
Retirement system reform. Brief Article Jan 1, 2005 101
Underfunding may trigger pension bailout. Jan 1, 2005 357
Pensions: European plans often falling short. Heffes, Ellen M. Jan 1, 2005 501
Helping clients generate cashflow in retirement plans. Wagner, James R. Dec 1, 2004 610
Super size me: sometimes it's good for financial managers to keep an eye on the really big picture. David Allen explains why the UK pensions crisis is a classic example of the interdependence of 'megatrends'. Allen, David Oct 1, 2004 742
United Airlines claims closing pension funds is best option. Sep 24, 2004 126
PBGC proposes bigger penalties for notification failures. Barlas, Stephen Brief Article Jul 1, 2004 189
Congress passes pension fund liability computation reform. Barlas, Stephen Brief Article Jul 1, 2004 132
Get ready! As financial professionals, you'll need to explain pension issues and reporting to executives and directors. West, Robert N. Jun 1, 2004 4734
Burd under heavy fire at Safeway. May 3, 2004 665
Brazilian shareholder scrutinizes AmBev sale. Brief Article Mar 22, 2004 107
TIAA-CREF looks for signs of improvement. Heffes, Ellen M. Mar 1, 2004 480
Pension investment policies: why, how, and to what effect? Pension investment policies that thoughtfully address all of the elements in GFOA's recommended practice can go a long way toward helping public pension systems grow assets and deliver retirement benefits. Fink, Kim Feb 1, 2004 1162
Financing retirement in Japan. Dec 22, 2003 1127
Help clients keep 401(k) plans up to date. Nov 1, 2003 544
Pension profits become corporate costs. Shilling, A. Gary Oct 1, 2003 3219
GM's pension gamble: like many other companies, General Motors has a huge pension problem. But are "co-cos" the way to solve it? The answer is: "it depends.". Gersten, Alan Oct 1, 2003 1126
Whose side are you on? It's not too hard for finance directors and pension trustees to find out where their company's fund is being invested, writes Cathy Hayward--but they might not like what they discover. (City). Hayward, Cathy May 1, 2003 859
Black-hole sums: the pensions industry is in dire straits and the cost of providing employees with a decent retirement income is spiralling. Cathy Hayward considers the alternatives available to finance directors faced with fund deficits and a stock market showing few signs of revival. (Finance Pensions). Hayward, Cathy May 1, 2003 3508
The great pension crunch: how the crisis is destroying jobs--and what can be done about it. Blackburn, Robin Feb 17, 2003 2547
Canada Pension Plan is financially sound. (General). Brief Article Jan 20, 2003 189
Native benefits plan named Aboriginal Business of the year. (Mishtapew Awards). Petten, Cheryl Brief Article Jan 1, 2003 304
Pension power!: Mexico's retirement savings are set to become big business. Lee, Morgan Nov 1, 2002 2703
Vicente Corta Fernandez. Lee, Morgan Nov 1, 2002 1604
401(k)ave-in. (Networks). Brief Article Oct 21, 2002 347
Swedish pensions insurers Alecta and SPP freeze payment of client-company funds. Brief Article Oct 3, 2002 108
Access to advice may be a good thing: afraid to provide 401(k) investment advice to your employees? Congress wants to ease your fears, while advisory service vendors are expanding their offerings. (Investment Education). Stolz, Richard F. Column Sep 1, 2002 2531
Pickering's proposals `fall short': many stakeholders were hoping for more radical plans. (Pensions). Hayward, Cathy Brief Article Sep 1, 2002 307
Old-age pensions. Aug 1, 2002 573
Money talks ... and walks. (Editorial). Brief Article Jul 8, 2002 85
EUROPEAN DIARY. Brief Article May 1, 2002 1559
In Enron's wake: after congressional reforms, retirement plans will still have risk. Could voluntary employer matching suffer? (Employee Benefits). McKimmie, Kathy May 1, 2002 1573
A flakey deal. (Editor's Note). Moritz, Gwen Brief Article Mar 11, 2002 752
Cash balance plans should you consider one or not? (Benefits). Zall, Milton Mar 1, 2002 2009
Finnish pensions should be simplified - claim. Brief Article Feb 18, 2002 114
Protecting our retirements. (People). Brief Article Jan 1, 2002 155
401 K: Bolstering retirement benefits. (Retirement Plans). Woodland, Steven D. Brief Article Dec 1, 2001 982
Continued commitment to ownership-based governance. (The Shape of Things to Come). Monks, Robert A.G. Brief Article Sep 22, 2001 356
Early Retirement Penalties In Defined Benefit Pension Plans. Doerpinghaus, Helen I.; Feldman, Daniel C. Sep 22, 2001 5713
What's at stake? McDonald, Janet Sep 1, 2001 2145
Beyond economically targeted investments: redefining the legal framework of pension fund investments in low-to-moderate income residential real estate. Sauchik, Alec Aug 1, 2001 18277
The Rest of the Story. Brief Article May 7, 2001 130
Can you be liable for retirement fund disasters? SHARKEY, EDWARD E. Apr 1, 2001 2953
Look to Annuities to Salve Pension Fears. Toale, Thomas Mar 1, 2001 2298
The Effects of Adopting Cash-Balance Pension Plans. Maury, Mary; Shoaf, Victoria Mar 1, 2001 6198
FAMILY HISTORY AND PENSIONS: The Relationships Between Marriage, Divorce, Children, and Private Pension Coverage. YABIKU, SCOTT T. Statistical Data Included Sep 1, 2000 8973
A New Plan. Mackey, Michael Jun 1, 2000 1412
Trends: 401(k) Industry to Face Challenges and Growth Throughout 2000. Barstein, Fred Industry Overview Jun 1, 2000 1182
Best Practices in Pension Administration. Greifer, Nicholas Apr 1, 2000 3202
Regulatory Activity Continues in Washington. DOTSON, BESTY Dec 1, 1999 2074
"Focus on Pension Investments". Greifer, Nicholas Oct 1, 1999 154
IRA's and estate planning. Leifer, Howard Sep 1, 1999 1035
Cash balance pension plans: will the public sector follow the private-sector stampede? Owens, Tom Aug 1, 1999 2057
Pension plan loan was prohibited transaction. Josephs, Stuart R. May 1, 1999 542
Privatization of Public-Sector Pensions. CLARK, ROBERT L.; CRAIG, LEE A.; WILSON, JACK W. Mar 22, 1999 7587
Teachers expands its curriculum. Pellet, Jennifer Interview Nov 1, 1998 4324
New pension plan self-correction programs. Hollingsworth, Tracy Brief Article Aug 1, 1998 296
The business economist at work: Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan Board. de Bever, Leo Apr 1, 1998 3071
Pension distribution planning and qualified domestic trusts. Lipoff, Lawrence M. Jun 1, 1997 2169
New self-correction policy for retirement plans. Kleinheksel, Douglas K. May 1, 1997 1099
Pension funds show heightened interest in REITs. Dec 18, 1996 1223
Current developments in employee benefits. Richardson, Terry Nov 1, 1996 7809
One big happy pension fund. Wolfarth, Al Nov 1, 1995 2055
Guarding the gate. Apr 1, 1995 918
Pension portability and labor market efficiency: a survey of the literature. Dorsey, Stuart Jan 1, 1995 9918
Keep an eye on your pension. Nov 1, 1994 1028
A physical check-up of a retirement system's investment program. Halpern, Samuel; Henderson, Elizabeth Parker Jun 1, 1994 1425
Pension maximization and the REA. Cunningham, W. Patrick Jun 1, 1994 2222
US Housing Secretary to address REI conference. May 18, 1994 311
Is your pension plan worth less than you think? Benovitz, David M. Jan 1, 1994 2071
Derivatives - power tools for pension funds. Martin, Allan C. Nov 1, 1993 1487
How to avoid a splitting headache. Riebold, Mary S. Nov 1, 1993 1510
Who owns public pension fund assets? New York Supreme Court ruling. Johnson, Lawrence E.; Lantry, Terry L.; Parrish, Barbara K. Jun 1, 1993 2977
Standardizing pension advisor reporting. Interview May 1, 1993 1988
Final regulations on participant-directed investments. Lockwood, Charles Apr 1, 1993 687
Canadian government responds to TEI submission on GST credits for pension plan sponsors. Mazankowski, Donald Jan 1, 1993 603
The School Employees Retirement System of Ohio's prescription for cost-effective health care. Anderson, Thomas R.; Hartsook, Robert Dec 1, 1992 1830
Pension buy-ins worth another look. Dec 1, 1992 959
Locating a 401(k) provider: what to do when a client asks for help. Zarowin, Stanley Brief Article Aug 1, 1992 325
ICMA-RC celebrates 20 years of service. Jun 15, 1992 452
Account balance pensions: the best of both worlds. Fiore, Nicholas J. Apr 1, 1992 144
Public pension funds: a balancing act. Eitelberg, Cathie Dec 1, 1991 1670
Exploding law firm. Jun 10, 1991 96
Alltel supports variety of employment benefit plans. Apr 29, 1991 154
St. Vincent's $35.4-million pension plan. Apr 29, 1991 145
$7.7 million-pension fund has 23 participants. Apr 29, 1991 150
$12 million pension plan was started in 1943. Apr 29, 1991 126
Southwestern Energy's pensions have combined assets of $23.7 million. Apr 29, 1991 170
The inevitability of getting involved. Jan 1, 1991 1389
Underfunded pension plans now mean more company liability. Levit, Alan D. May 1, 1989 1985

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