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The Role of Librarians in the Implementation of the National Policy of Education. Itsekor, Victoria O.; Jegbefume, Maureen Chukwudum; Oyewole, Oluwatofunmi Jesudunni Report Jan 1, 2019 5091
What educators should know about college-for-all policies: a more thorough understanding of community college occupational programs might give districts, schools, teachers, and advisers the tools to help students make informed choices among all their options. Ahearn, Caitlin; Rosenbaum, James; Rosenbaum, Janet Feb 1, 2016 2844
The value of sub-baccalaureate credentials: access to reliable data will help students and their parents--as well as government policymakers--make informed educational decisions. Schneider, Mark Jun 22, 2015 3011
As schools change, so should our policies: demographers see a continuing shift in the makeup of the student population as the white population decreases, "minority" populations increase, citizens age, and fertility declines. Ferguson, Maria May 1, 2015 1279
ESEA at 50: the Elementary and secondary education Act has had a good run, but it's time to evaluate how well the 50-year-old law serves the needs of today's America. Jennings, Jack Apr 1, 2015 3103
In the battle over testing, only the children should win. Ferguson, Maria Apr 1, 2015 1349
Courts join crackdown on school bullies: bullying has proven resistant to school efforts to end the practice; now, the courts are joining the fight. Darden, Edwin C. Apr 1, 2015 1223
70 years and going strong. Jones, Alan H. Mar 22, 2015 3674
Odds and ends. Mar 6, 2015 347
Quote to note. Brief article Mar 6, 2015 183
Room for improvement: how can we expect A+ teachers from C- training programs? Weiss, Suzanne Mar 1, 2015 2959
Think vaccinations are a pain? Try avoiding them in court: when individual rights collide with the state's authority to provide for the general welfare, the state almost always wins. Darden, Edwin C. Mar 1, 2015 1300
Opportunity and transformation: how writing centers are positioned in the political landscape of higher education in the United States. Salem, Lori Report Sep 22, 2014 9685
PDK. Emerging leaders speak out. Sep 1, 2014 524
Common core: put to the test: state legislatures have become ground zero for the new Common Core education standards. Exstrom, Michelle; Thatcher, Dan Sep 1, 2014 2486
Learning and teaching in the 21st century: an education plan for the new millennium developed in British Columbia, Canada. Boyer, Wanda; Crippen, Carolyn L. Report Sep 1, 2014 6202
Educational biographies in Germany: from secondary school general education to lifelong learning? Friebel, Harry Report Jul 1, 2014 6189
Participations: dialogues on the participatory promise of contemporary culture and politics: Part 4: knowledge and education. Bird, S. Elizabeth; Couldry, Nick; Hepp, Andreas; Livingstone, Sonia; Losh, Elizabeth; Mittell, Jaso Report Apr 1, 2014 13462
South African education has promises to keep and miles to go: the fall of apartheid brought promises for education progress in South Africa, but much of it remains unrealized, especially in small and rural towns. Letseka, Moeketsi Essay Mar 1, 2013 1313
March of hegemonism? Probing political function in the higher education of Brunei Darussalam. Kershaw, Roger Report Jan 1, 2013 14668
Obama's education record. Petrilli, Michael J.; Eberhardt, Tyson Mar 22, 2012 2694
Research and policy: antithetical or complementary? Cambridge, Barbara Report Sep 22, 2011 5131
What the U.S. could learn from South Africa about education and social justice. Books, Sue; Ndlalane, Thembi Jul 6, 2011 9593
Nursing Education 2.0: the need for social media policies for schools of nursing. Skiba, Diane I. Mar 1, 2011 1792
Emergence of educational policy for students with emotional disabilities: 1955 and beyond. Handler, Beth R. Report Jan 1, 2011 6882
Policies regarding equal opportunities in education. Suciu, Marta-Christina; Neagu, Ana-Maria Report Jan 1, 2011 1989
The race to change: the competition for $4.35 billion spurred legislators to make far-reaching changes in state education policy. Will they make a difference? Weiss, Suzanne Dec 1, 2010 1101
The policy and politics of rewriting the nation's main education law: the issues are difficult and politics tricky, which means that renewing the Elementary and Secondary Education Act next year will be particularly challenging. Jennings, Jack Dec 1, 2010 3174
Will unbundling provide the best education for all? As with so many reform ideas, we can be pretty sure that unbundling will work out well for some children and not well for other children if we don't heed some key lessons. City, Elizabeth A. Essay Nov 1, 2010 2329
Sustained dialogue and civic life: post-college impacts. Diaz, Ande; Perrault, Rachael Sep 22, 2010 8250
Visibility matters: policy work as activism in teacher education. Horn, Stacey S. Report Sep 22, 2010 6257
Citizen Perceptions of Government Service Quality: Evidence from Public Schools. Program on Education Policy and Governance Working Papers Series. PEPG 10-16. Chingos, Matthew M.; Henderson, Michael; West, Martin R. Report Jun 1, 2010 274
Regulations overshadow science in Ohio's educational standards. Gels, Philip A. Apr 1, 2010 680
Retaining Teacher Talent: Convergence and Contradictions in Teachers' Perceptions of Policy Reform Ideas. A Retaining Teacher Talent Report from Learning Point Associates and Public Agenda. Coggshall, Jane G.; Ott, Amber Author abstract Jan 1, 2010 339
Approaches to Research Priorities for Policy: A Comparative Study. Occasional Paper. Wilkinson, Diana Author abstract Jan 1, 2010 149
P-20 Longitudinal Data Systems. Race to the Top: Accelerating College and Career Readiness in States. Muldoon, Lesley Author abstract Jan 1, 2010 363
Aspects regarding the right to education. Saramet, Oana; Manu, Ramona Elena; Toma-Bianov, Anamaria; Gabor, Dan Olimpiu Report Jan 1, 2010 1977
Framing the literacy issue: correcting educational misrepresentations in U.S. society. Ntiri, Daphne W. Report Dec 22, 2009 6085
Fighting for Quality and Equality, Too: How State Policymakers Can Ensure the Drive to Improve Teacher Quality Doesn't Just Trickle down to Poor and Minority Children. K-12 Policy. Jerald, Craig D.; Haycock, Kati; Wilkins, Amy Author abstract Nov 1, 2009 265
Upcoming events. Brief article Oct 16, 2009 194
ESEA reauthorization. Oct 2, 2009 461
Elevating the teaching profession. Brief article Oct 2, 2009 323
Humility and wisdom: necessary ingredients to reverse the widget effect. Borko, Hilda; Liston, Dan; Whitcomb, Jennie Editorial Sep 1, 2009 1812
Expanding secondary education in India. Stewart, Vivien Sep 1, 2009 1296
Education reset: the next version of No Child Left Behind is not going to happen without state lawmakers demanding a bigger say. Boulard, Garry Cover story Sep 1, 2009 2437
What teachers need: research into why teachers leave the profession is helping lawmakers craft better policies to hold onto them. Exstrom, Michelle Sep 1, 2009 1650
Who's who at ED? Brief article Aug 7, 2009 282
Questions in the Answers to Primary School Educational Reconstruction in Sierra Leone. Hinton, Samuel Author abstract Jul 1, 2009 282
Voting on labor-market integration and education policy when citizens differ in mobility and ability. Haupt, Alexander; Uebelmesser, Silke Report Jun 22, 2009 8294
Legislative Update, June 9, 2009. Report 09-20. Blair, Julia Author abstract Jun 1, 2009 165
Change in Educational Policy and Practice through Online Communities of Practice. Gauthier, Karey Rose Author abstract May 1, 2009 233
Regional teacher initiative. Brief article Apr 10, 2009 113
Testimony of Morton Bahr for the National Commission on Adult Literacy to the House Subcommittee on Education and Labor. Bahr, Morton Author abstract Feb 12, 2009 275
Getting better at implementation. Christie, Kathy Feb 1, 2009 1511
Money and policy make languages go round: language programs in Australia after NALSAS. Slaughter, Yvette Report Feb 1, 2009 5516
HEA negotiated rulemaking. Brief article Jan 5, 2009 133
Equity and quality in educational policies. Drobot, Loredana; Anghel, Cornelia; Constantin, Alina; Pasca, Dorina; Chis-Toia, Dorina Report Jan 1, 2009 1771
Think inside the clock: education policies almost always have time requirements, and it doesn't take many policies before the available time runs out. But by using some creative planning techniques, schools can save time and money, too. Crawford, Marilyn Dec 1, 2008 2550
Language Policy in Education and Its Affect in Cyprus Issues on the Development of Identity and Interethnic Relationships. Karmellou, Christalla Author abstract Nov 25, 2008 235
New policy changes give parents more choices. Nov 20, 2008 1951
Can School-Wide Positive Behavior Support Be an Evidence-Based Practice? Renshaw, Tyler L.; Young, K. Richard; Caldarella, Paul; Christensen, Lynnette Author abstract Nov 18, 2008 221
NCLB update. Nov 7, 2008 2324
Policies to Improve Instruction and Learning in High Schools. NGA Center for Best Practices Issue Brief. Report Oct 28, 2008 419
Higher Education Opportunity Act. Aug 29, 2008 481
Salvaging an "unsalvageable" law. Miners, Zach Brief article Aug 1, 2008 256
Kennedy's illness impacts HEA: conference draft report raises educators' concerns. Dessoff, Alan Aug 1, 2008 1052
Complexity and the universe of education. Martinez, Alejandro J. Gallard Essay Jun 22, 2008 6294
Apply Deming's methods to K-12 curriculum and improve student achievement. Kelly, Thomas F. Report Jun 22, 2008 7748
Accountability in K-12 Education. Education Policy Brief. Armour-Garb, Allison Report Jun 1, 2008 135
Education secretary boldly sidesteps no child left behind. Miners, Zach Jun 1, 2008 328
Upcoming events. Brief article May 9, 2008 136
A letter to the 44th president of the United States. Clift, Renee T. May 1, 2008 3713
Retelling the Story: Official Tales of Technology and Head Start Teachers' Technophobia. Arikan, Arzu Report Apr 9, 2007 274
A Blueprint for Excellence: 2007 Progress Report and Call to Action. New Jersey's Strategic Plan for Higher Education. Report Jan 1, 2007 160
The significance of art education policy in the Southeastern College Art conference. Brewer, Thomas M. Jan 1, 2007 3051
Survey on Early Childhood Advisory Councils. NGA Center for Best Practices Backgrounder. Report Jan 1, 2007 163
The Condition of Higher Education in New Mexico, 2005-2006. Report Dec 1, 2006 358
Developing a Statewide Higher Education Affordability Policy. Commission Report 06-10. Author abstract Jun 1, 2006 274
Looking at Curriculum Change in Tasmania: Will Essential Learnings Promote Successful Reform? Watt, Michael G. Author abstract Jan 1, 2006 240
Creating a Longitudinal Data System: Using Data To Improve Student Achievement. Report Jan 1, 2006 331
Value-added assessment and systemic reform: a response to the challenge of human capital development. Hershberg, Theodore Dec 1, 2005 6149
The Condition of Pre-K-12 Education in Arizona: 2005. Author abstract Sep 1, 2005 951
High School Agenda: Who's Doing What. Report May 1, 2005 130
Advances in Brain Research: Implications for Educators. Stickel, Sue A. Report Mar 5, 2005 136
Stop the Insanity! It Takes a Team to Leave No Child Behind. Butzin, Sarah M. Dec 1, 2004 1807
Separation of food and state. Ahlseen, Mark Report Mar 22, 2004 3261
WASHINGTON COMMENTARY: An 'Incomplete' for the New Brand of Federalism. Lewis, Anne C. Sep 1, 2003 1200
Help wanted: choice, accountability, and transparency will mean little without a new generation of school-based leaders to light the way. (Forum). Keegan, Lisa Graham Mar 22, 2003 2082
Ticket to nowhere: in the wake of A Nation at Risk, educators pledged to focus anew on student achievement. Two decades later, little progress has been made. (Feature). Peterson, Paul E. Mar 22, 2003 3727
The chasm remains: A Nation at Risk failed to address the unique problems of urban schools and minority children, whose test scores continue to lag behind those of whites. (Feature). Celio, Mary Beth Mar 22, 2003 1665
Reform blockers: the American political system advantages those who prefer the status quo, which is why so little has changed in American education. (Feature). Moe, Terry M. Mar 22, 2003 3054
High hurdles: in the realm of teaching, A Nation at Risk's recommendations lost out to a regulation-driven quest for teacher professionalism. Now the pendulum is beginning to swing toward market-based solutions. (Feature). Finn, Chester E. Mar 22, 2003 3490
Nebraska's showdown. (Inside the law: the latest news about No Child Left Behind). Pascopella, Angela Brief Article Mar 1, 2003 263
Dealing with the details: specific plans for NCLB. (Inside the law: the latest news about No Child Left Behind). Pascopella, Angela Brief Article Mar 1, 2003 204
The urban education dragon: can the next generation of superintendents tame big-city schools? (From the Editors). Jan 1, 2003 673
Friendly competition: sleek education management firms are a vital component of the charter school movement, but innovation is more likely from the visionaries who create unique, grassroots charters. (Forum). Hassel, Bryan C. Jan 1, 2003 4027
Yellow flag: the charter school movement will need to overcome a raft of political obstacles and high-profile scandals. (Forum). Manno, Bruno V. Jan 1, 2003 3569
Special needs: how to bring accountability to special education? (Forum). Brief Article Jan 1, 2003 125
Sisyphean tasks: the reams of paperwork that currently serve as special education's accountability" system distract from the practice of teaching and learning. It is time to focus on results. (Forum). Wolf, Patrick J. Jan 1, 2003 4027
Reaching the ideal: special education has its problems, but they mainly follow from the failure of schools to comply fully with the law. (Forum). Turnbull, Ann P. Jan 1, 2003 3422
Political educator: Paul Vallas became the nation's most sought-after superintendent by bringing order and energy to Chicago's moribund school system. (Feature). Russo, Alexander Jan 1, 2003 3068
The big stick: school reform in Chicago depended on setting standards and promoting systemwide improvement. (Feature). Wong, Kenneth K. Jan 1, 2003 2938
The Philadelphia experiment: the story behind the Philadelphia school district's unprecedented move to turn 20 schools over to for-profit operator Edison Schools. (Feature). Mathews, Jay Jan 1, 2003 3526
Developing university and public school partnerships to promote excellence in teacher education. Harper, Cynthia; Sadler, Barry Dec 22, 2002 1002
Toward educational equality within the context of school teachers' managing. Li, Nan Dec 22, 2002 1889
State certification/licensure standards for educational diagnosticians: a national review. Zweback, Stanley; Mortenson, Bruce P. Dec 22, 2002 1874
Stakeholders' survey focuses leadership search. Noonan, David W.; Perreault, George Dec 22, 2002 1473
Alabama's reading overhaul. (District plus: tips and ideas for successful district leadership). Brief Article Dec 1, 2002 302
Classroom research and cargo cults. Hirsch, E.D., Jr. Oct 1, 2002 8273
The outsider comes in: what is the third-largest school district in the country doing with a young, non-traditional educator as its CEO? Well, according to whom you ask, Chicago Public Schools just might be carving out the template on how to run big, inner-city education. D'Orio, Amy Aug 1, 2002 2332
WASHINGTON COMMENTARY: A Second Chance for Policy Makers. Lewis, Anne C. Column May 1, 2002 1025
Promoting Responsible Accountability in Schools and Education. Sirotnik, Kenneth A. May 1, 2002 9776
The Once and Future K-12. Hufstedler, Shirley M. May 1, 2002 3838
Emphasizing Performance Goals and High-Quality Education for all Students. Cavazos, Lauro May 1, 2002 5241
Education Reform Through Standards and Partnerships, 1993-2000. Riley, Richard W. May 1, 2002 5367
Leadership in Education: A View from the States. Hunt, James B. May 1, 2002 4535
Maryland school board power struggle. (Notebook: usable education information from schools, business, research and professional organizations). Angelo, Jean Marie Brief Article Apr 1, 2002 258
Education technology spending. (Notebook: usable education information from schools, business, research and professional organizations). Angelo, Jean Marie Brief Article Apr 1, 2002 297
Effects of no child left behind. (Notebook: usable education information from schools, business, research and professional organizations). Angelo, Jean Marie Brief Article Apr 1, 2002 127
New Orleans initiates iBook program. (Notebook: usable education information from schools, business, research and professional organizations). Angelo, Jean Marie Brief Article Apr 1, 2002 275
Abolish the school board? Angelo, Jean Marie Brief Article Apr 1, 2002 89
Bush's 2003 budget proposal includes provision for private education. (Government spotlight: the latest news from and about education from the U.S. government). Angelo, Jean Marie Apr 1, 2002 585
Court unanimously oks peer grading. (Legal Brief). Angelo, Jean Marie Brief Article Apr 1, 2002 105
Teachers as learners and leaders. (Mathematics & Science). Ezarik, Melissa Brief Article Apr 1, 2002 223
Planting the roots of reading sophistication. (Language Arts). Ezarik, Melissa Apr 1, 2002 534
Geography education: it's a small world. (Social Studies). Ezarik, Melissa Brief Article Apr 1, 2002 267
4 1/2 day school week: this district uses a two-pronged approach to improve its offerings: high-tech tools for the students and lots of professional development for the staff. (district profile). Fratt, Lisa Apr 1, 2002 1224
Leading sensibly: this California superintendent uses a measured approach to education while creating high-performing students. The result has netted her the AASA's Superintendent of the Year award. (administrator Profile). D'Orio, Wayne Apr 1, 2002 749
Opening the web for disabled users: federal accessibility regulations bring spin-off benefits to K-12 schools. (The Online Edge). Dyrli, Odvard Egil Apr 1, 2002 656
Cash cows or marketing mania? Here's a framework on how to craft a school-business partnership that benefits both parties. (Public Opinion). Pfeifer, R. Scott Apr 1, 2002 648
Tying the knot: from curriculum planning to teacher collaboration across and within grade levels, articulation keeps a district foreign language program together. (Focus: foreign language)(Cover Story). Ezarik, Melissa Brief Article Apr 1, 2002 2961
Service learning in action: could your district use a program that can increase student's interest and their grades, while at the same time benefiting the community? Crane, Elizabeth Apr 1, 2002 2567
Word of the day: it's a simple idea that has multiple meanings. (Speaking Out). Stager, Gary Apr 1, 2002 714
Distill the rumor mill. (District plus: tips and ideas for successful district leadership). Brief Article Apr 1, 2002 234
Can districts meet the new federal teacher goal? (Notebook: usable education information from schools, business, research and professional organizations). Angelo, Jean Marie Apr 1, 2002 604
The new way to integrate: by income, not race. (Notebook: usable education information from schools, business, research and professional organizations). Angelo, Jean Marie Apr 1, 2002 450
Awaiting renaissance in the south's invisible research triangle. Stevenson, Joseph Martin Mar 22, 2002 1214
Comparison of character traits for JROTC student versus non-JROTC students. Bulach, Cletus R. Mar 22, 2002 2607
Assessment of a field-based teacher education program: implications for practice. Hayes, Michael T. Mar 22, 2002 2545
Round and round they go: take my urban school district, please. (Forum). Brief Article Dec 22, 2001 211
Old wine, new bottles. (Forum). Cibulka, James G. Dec 22, 2001 5085
Can't let go: just a few years back, school-based management was the rage in Cleveland. Except that the central office wasn't all that interested in relinquishing control. (Forum). Ryan, Patrick J. Dec 22, 2001 3368
Backpacks and cake mixes: the elusive search for sustained innovation. (understanding the times). Kinnaman, Daniel E. Oct 1, 2001 700
A good fight? D'Orio, Wayne Brief Article Oct 1, 2001 269
No creationism in Hawaiian schools. (News). Brief Article Oct 1, 2001 181
Aquaculture program sends fish species to Idaho school. (News). Brief Article Oct 1, 2001 250
Math wars: old vs. new: modern day Hatfield vs. McCoy: when traditionalists debate constructivists about math education. Covino, Jennifer K. Oct 1, 2001 2452
The Special Ed. Fiasco. Brief Article Sep 22, 2001 664
The School Principal: State Standards Versus Creativity. Ediger, Marlow Jun 1, 2001 2175
Washington Commentary - A Performance Test for Districts and States. Lewis, Anne C. Apr 1, 2001 1186
Stateline - Telling It Like It Is. Christie, Kathy Apr 1, 2001 1791
Public schools need 'upstart' leaders. HAENLEIN, JOY Brief Article Dec 22, 2000 528
America's Hope: Making Schools Work for All Children. Lunenburg, Fred C. Statistical Data Included Mar 1, 2000 3673
Between Scylla and Charybdis: Teacher Education's Odyssey. Brabeck, Mary M. Statistical Data Included Nov 1, 1999 3857
Responding to Goodlad: The Primacy of Teacher Education in SCDEs. Ducharme, Edward R.; Ducharme, Mary K. Nov 1, 1999 3087
Whither Schools of Education? A Response to John Goodlad. Soder, Roger Nov 1, 1999 2854
Help Make Change--and Keep Up. Reynolds, Abigail R. Brief Article Sep 1, 1999 557
Orchestrating Simultaneous Renewal. Theobald, Paul; Rochon, Ronald Apr 1, 1999 4445
Teacher-to-teacher professional development through state-sponsored networks. Pennell, James R.; Firestone, William A. Jan 1, 1998 2850
Becoming 'First in the World' in math and science: moving high expectations and promising practices to scale. Hawkes, Mark; Kimmelman, Paul; Kroeze, David Sep 1, 1997 2945
State Structures for the Governance of Higher Education: Michigan Case Study Summary. Bracco, Kathy Reeves Author abstract Jan 1, 1997 263
Schools in turmoil: after takeover, what then? Peirce, Neal R. Dec 16, 1996 815
On education as a commodity *. Khan, M. Ali Critical essay Dec 22, 1993 21503

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