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An Empirical Examination of the Major Relationship Factors Affecting Franchisees' Overall Satisfaction and Intention to Stay. Adeiza, Adams; Ismail, Noor Azizi; Malek, Marlin Marissa Report Jan 1, 2017 9900
How to mix your franchise veterans with new franchisees: creating a culture where franchisees support one another is a tremendous benefit to your franchisees and the success of the franchise as a whole. Murphy, Steve Jul 1, 2016 1066
Berlitz' pioneering role in the history of franchising: records accidentally discovered during a renovation, together with company archives, prove that Berlitz started franchising in 1889 and is perhaps, the oldest franchisor still franchising today. Martinez, Rogelio Feb 1, 2016 1269
5 key lessons to an effective franchise acquisition: acquisitions are critical to the evolution of most businesses. Holt, Peter Column Nov 1, 2015 1029
Financing your franchise. Brown, Carolyn M. Brief article Nov 1, 2015 160
Local level assaults on franchise model continue. Hanscom, Jeff Column Nov 1, 2015 931
Don't set and forget: tips to avoid common errors in running your franchise system. Coffey, Rick Nov 1, 2015 1033
Are you losing franchise deals? New sales study provides hiring and training practices for franchise development. Olson, Steve Oct 1, 2015 1215
The benefits of franchise resales: whatever the stage or reason, franchise resales occur, but if left unmanaged can be stressful, troublesome and filled with hassle for all parties. Sellyn, Johnny Oct 1, 2015 1305
Franchising for peace: social franchising seeks to apply a business structure to make the world better. Himelfarb, Sheldon; Pope, John Oct 1, 2015 1218
Making the most of your meeting or convention: back to the "real" basics. Lehman, Helena Aug 1, 2015 1328
The evolution of franchise finance: franchisees should have a sound understanding of their financial positions and match funding with long-term plans. Jones, Randy Jun 1, 2015 1223
How to measure hiring success within your executive team: providing A-players with measurable goals will motivate the entire team to reach success. Young, Allan Feb 1, 2015 1267
Honoring the trust code: building relationships to drive economic value: how to build trust that drives superior results. Bachelder, Cheryl A. Column Jan 1, 2015 1181
Women dominating predominantly male industries: in all cases, relationship building and listening will serve well with clients. McKinnon, David Jan 1, 2015 1075
With franchisee support, you get what you pay for: supporting the growth of your franchisee family with adequate operational guidance and support mechanisms helps in the long run. Wiseman, Edith Oct 1, 2014 1085
The new world of owning a franchise: fast-growing service businesses often have lower startup fees, lower real estate costs. Blakford, Sam Sep 5, 2014 462
From childhood dream to a thriving franchise: four key catalysts can help aspiring franchisors turn their dream into a successful franchise reality. Fiume, Frank Mar 1, 2014 867
Let's call a halt to hiring our veterans. Tanner, Greg Mar 1, 2014 1268
The dangers of noncompliance: failing to make compliance a priority at the outset of a relationship can result in bigger issues later, some that can be insurmountable. Cheng, Amy Feb 1, 2014 911
Meeting the challenges and opportunities facing your franchise brand: smart management makes an honest and strategic assessment of opportunities and challenges. Mitchell, Bill Column Jan 1, 2014 1231
The challenges and joys of owning a niche franchise: franchisors seeking to create a niche concept don't need to reinvent the wheel. Nelowet, Scott Column Oct 1, 2013 1190
7 steps to becoming a successful franchisor: you need a lot of support, a lot of capital, and a lot of expertise. Hughes, Alan Jun 1, 2013 504
Legal issues related to international franchise expansion: while the world offers U.S. franchisors a host of potential new markets, every international expansion must be undertaken with care. Weinberg, Larry; Tyre, Kendal Mar 1, 2013 1310
Exploring entrepreneurial cognition in franchisees: a knowledge-structure approach. Seawright, Kristie W.; Smith, Isaac H.; Mitchell, Ronald K.; McClendon, Richard Report Mar 1, 2013 12664
Thriving in a slow economy: former Army cook creates recipe for success with Edible Arrangements. Brown, Carolyn M. Mar 1, 2013 960
Training for new efficiency strategies: streamlining training practices increases efficiency and strengthens the brand. Salter, Jeff; Morris, Ashley Column Feb 1, 2013 962
Thriving as a seasonal franchise: the key to prosperity is to operate as efficiently and effectively as possible during your off season while also using the time to plan ahead for next season's growth. Johnson, Willan Column Jan 1, 2013 955
5 Myths about franchising: debunking common beliefs about franchise ownership to help you buy the right one. Holmes, Tamara E. May 1, 2012 1760
Franchise business development model: theoretical considerations/Fransizes verslo vystymo modelis: teoriniai samprotavimai. Kavaliauske, Monika; Vaiginiene, Erika Dec 1, 2011 5268
Helping you make the right career decisions. Donkin, Chris Brief article Sep 2, 2011 280
Optimize revenue by optimizing markets: as a result of market optimization, both the franchisor and franchisee benefit greatly. Stinneford, Bill Jul 1, 2011 1300
Looking at adding another brand as a multi-unit franchisee: when acquiring another brand, a clear and specific timeline needs to be set in place well in advance of the acquisition. Shirley, Ken May 1, 2011 1395
Is franchising right for you? Not all entrepreneurs thrive on a predetermined business model. Morrow, Emerald S. Apr 1, 2011 1999
IFA's annual convention welcomes you: building the franchise industry's future takes key players. It takes you. Feb 1, 2011 794
Taste of franchising event: reflects sector's diversity. Feb 1, 2011 1169
Seeking sales in new markets: the best practices for the development of untapped markets provide a repeatable path to market penetration. Siebert, Mark C. Feb 1, 2011 1647
What to look for when hiring franchise salespeople: a salesperson needs to be a true superstar and the organization needs to do everything to locate and hire the best. Alvord, Brent H. Feb 1, 2011 1475
Site selection-key aspects for franchisors to consider: a good franchise in a poor location will become a poor business. Willerton, Dale Feb 1, 2011 1422
Encouraging brand compliance on social media: franchise organizations need to think about how brand compliance fits with the decentralized nature of social media. Shih, Clara; Smith, Ben; Andrew, Chris Feb 1, 2011 1170
Make the most of your face-to-face investment: maximizing ROI at franchise expos: franchising is, and always will be, about establishing and building relationships. Goldstein, Joel Feb 1, 2011 1119
Five must-do franchise support tactics: regionalized franchisee leadership makes it easier and quicker to have immediate and constant insight into your organization. Rotondo, Mike Jan 1, 2011 1710
Taking charge of multi-unit income statement management: multi-unit income statement management is first and foremost culture driven. Robles, Stephen Jan 1, 2011 1371
A win-win approach to the modernization of franchised facilities: control the process and make sure to take the right steps. Wieber, Dean; Schuenke, Tom Jan 1, 2011 1072
Ensuring financial strength to support growth initiatives: keep the financial strength of your business in check, so when the right opportunity arises, you will be able to quickly access capital to execute growth initiatives. Renaud, Eric Dec 1, 2010 2017
Payment processing that protects your bottom line: ultimately, the right payment processor should be consultative and provide unique solutions that adhere to your unique business needs. Coffey, Barry R. Dec 1, 2010 1399
Understanding and beating benchmarks on your recruitment web site: you don't have to spend more money to get more leads. Bugarski, Boris Dec 1, 2010 1178
Convention budgeting best practices: creating and managing a budget can reduce worry and optimize your annual convention investment by increasing the effectiveness of the experience. Friedman, Steve Nov 1, 2010 1141
Sponsorship programs lift your bottom line: sponsorships give you the opportunity to educate a key audience about your concept in your own words and images. Holt, Peter D. Nov 1, 2010 1196
Supplier members are critical to IFA growth. Caldeira, Stephen J. Oct 1, 2010 652
Want leverage? Multi-unit franchisees deliver substantial savings: involving multi-unit franchisees in the overall purchasing process can change franchise buying and save lots of money for the industry. Hashim, Aziz Oct 1, 2010 1206
Building franchising's core: exercises for great relationships. Walker, Kenneth Sep 1, 2010 418
Trust: key to successful franchise relationships: many challenges in franchise systems can be avoided if franchisors and franchisees have more open and frequent communication, mutual respect and transparency. Modell, Charles S. Sep 1, 2010 1422
Creative in-sourcing boosts franchisee performance: don't overlook your most valuable and cost-effective assets: your franchise owners. Murphy, Daniel M. Sep 1, 2010 1282
Strengthening the field-representative, franchisee relationship: the field representative is the cornerstone on which most successful franchise organizations are founded and their relationships with franchisees pave the way to mutual success. Pearce, Jack Sep 1, 2010 1773
Training: an investment in performance improvement: want increased franchisee satisfaction, stronger operations, increased sales performance, greater revenue and brand value? Here's how. Monson, Catherine Sep 1, 2010 1812
Geo-marketing: site selection by the numbers: new technology tools make it easier than ever to quickly crunch large amounts of data and identify high-quality locations. Vaughan, Kellen Sep 1, 2010 1097
Seasonal franchises: strategies to advance: while seasonal franchise concepts offer a unique set of challenges, the rewards can be plentiful. Lemcke, Jennifer Aug 1, 2010 1695
August congressional recess: meet your lawmakers while they're back home: share franchising's concerns, let them know you'll be seeing them soon in Washington. Nethercutt, Meredith Aug 1, 2010 341
Lunch pail lead generation: executing best practices: lead generation doesn't have to be complex or over-complicated. McNabb, Nate Jul 1, 2010 1483
Lead generation and her sisters: a close family: pay close attention to lead generation's "sister" processes: creating a franchisee profile and lead follow-up procedures. Altiery, Mario Jul 1, 2010 2453
Making the best use of franchise consultants: communication, consistency and education pay dividends. Rotche, John Jul 1, 2010 1604
Web ROI: turn your web site into a high-performance "conversion machine" and understand common development mistakes that can rob you of your potential. Greenbaum, Martin Jul 1, 2010 2103
Get more leads, engage customers with social media: franchises should use social media to generate more leads, deepen customer engagements and promote their brands. Laduque, Jeremy Jul 1, 2010 1751
Franchising out of the box: identifying Non-Traditional Multi-Unit Sites: requirements and specifications for non-traditional locations will alter from franchise to franchise and location to location. Mathis, Stuart Jul 1, 2010 1340
McHyperlocal: franchising commumty news: mainstreet connect provides the tools to do local journalism online. Fitzgerald, Mark Jul 1, 2010 550
Take on a charitable cause ... and run with it: now more than ever, "social entrepreneurship" is popular with customers, prospective franchisees. Mailloux, Kristi Jun 1, 2010 1268
Energize your multi-unit expansion plan. Walker, Kenneth May 1, 2010 426
Multi-unit infrastructure models: determining what works best: the only way a concept can turn into a brand and a brand can turn into a powerhouse is by evolution. Vojnovic, Greg May 1, 2010 1764
Engagement: a key driver of franchise success: making beautiful music with your franchisees. Hackel, Evan May 1, 2010 1693
Purchasing cooperatives: opportunities and challenges: purchasing cooperatives present significant benefits to their owners and to the franchise systems that are fortunate to benefit from the expertise and quality goods and services they can provide. Loonam, Suzie Apr 1, 2010 1985
Franchise expos drawing the crowds: April International Franchise Expo exhibitors' excitement level up after January event in Miami draws flow of prospects. Goldstein, Joel Apr 1, 2010 1113
Match your brand to the best international market. Zwisler, Carl E.; Wallman, Katherine L. Mar 1, 2010 2096
When the going gets tough, you need a 4x4: in these challenging times, the spoils will go to those who have the fortitude to keep trying and the insights to work smarter, as well as harder. Tschantz, Ralph F. Mar 1, 2010 1195
Franchising's history--continuing excellence. Company overview Mar 1, 2010 1264
Businesswoman honored for outstanding leadership. Brief article Feb 1, 2010 255
FranPAC report card. Adams, Victoria Feb 1, 2010 520
Ensure your convention experience generates "take-away": every franchisor should be well-equipped to generate meaningful take-away at your next franchise system convention. Goldman, Linda Feb 1, 2010 1412
Key steps to event marketing: hosting events provides a great opportunity for a franchise to attract prospective customers or grow deeper relationships with its existing customers. O'Brien, Kevin Feb 1, 2010 2078
Keep your international expansion expectations realistic: all too often franchisors require that their international agreements be substantially the same as those which they use in their home countries. Zaid, Frank Feb 1, 2010 2389
Improving unit-level performance through better people-practices: the world's best processes become worthless unless people can execute them consistently. Hawthorne, Dan Jan 1, 2010 1935
Royalty audits: dirty word or holy grail of increased profitability? Adopt a collaborative royalty-audit program that involves the franchisees, rather than challenges them. Rhodes, Michael; Iannuzzi, Michael; Hellner, Stephen Jan 1, 2010 1869
The art and science of franchisee satisfaction: there are predictable patterns in the franchise relationship and proven strategies that franchisees and franchisors can adopt to manage their relationships more effectively. Nathan, Greg Jan 1, 2010 1670
Mentor or protege? A formal mentorship program is the answer: many a franchisee and franchisor have grown their businesses because of a mentorship program. Homsey, Harvey H.H. Jan 1, 2010 1320
Start 2010 by meeting new prospects in Miami Beach: exhibitors offer tips of the trade on how to make Franchise Expo South a success for your company. Goldstein, Joel Conference news Jan 1, 2010 1175
"Everything you are taught in the military is very valuable to being a business owner," said U.S. Army veteran Mike Turner, who became a PostalAnnex+ pack and ship franchisee in Monument, Colo. through using VetFran discounts offered by the company. Brief article Jan 1, 2010 111
Tacit Knowledge Barriers within Franchise Organizations. Cumberland, Denise M.; Githens, Rod P. Author abstract Jan 1, 2010 230
How to stimulate a franchising business. Panczel, Zoltan Tibor Report Jan 1, 2010 1797
Courting multi-unit operators in a challenging economy: franchisors should be prepared to go above and beyond. Wood, Tom Dec 1, 2009 1075
Planner-to-planner tips for site visits: by being fully prepared you'll get the most out of your visit to determine if it is the ideal location for your group. Gabri, David Nov 1, 2009 868
Thinking beyond star power to boost your next event: the key roles of strategy, content, and innovation: truly great meetings require a clear strategy, exceptional planning, compelling content, a smart communications strategy and flawless execution. French, Mark Nov 1, 2009 1190
Field reps: the link to corporate: a good field representative is both a student and a reporter who is always looking for great new ideas that are working in the field. Bourdow, Joe Nov 1, 2009 1253
Establishing and justifying international license fees: the franchisor and the licensee need the chance to make an acceptable return on investment. Edwards, William; Shaw, Robert Nov 1, 2009 1479
Creating a 360-degree view of your franchisees: it's the way to long-term success and profitability. Snyder, Mike Oct 1, 2009 1216
Building better local marketers: enabling franchisees to translate national marketing strategy into local execution. Gombert, Pete Oct 1, 2009 1493
Addressing health, quality-of-life issues: one of the most promising developments in recent years is the use of franchising to meet pressing health and quality-of-life issues. Seid, Michael Oct 1, 2009 1224
Some assembly required: by designing the operating conditions in franchise systems, rather than expecting them to evolve on their own, franchisors and franchisees can accomplish extraordinary results in a predictable and reliable way, even in today's challenging economy. Schnell, Brian; Szleifer, Rony Oct 1, 2009 2024
IFA supplier forum--the first place to look for suppliers and advisors: welcome to the IFA Supplier Source Book. Ainsley, Kay Oct 1, 2009 1926
Franchise relations: driving franchising's performance. Dwyer-Owens, Dina Sep 1, 2009 411
Creating winning dynamics: franchisees, franchisors and compliance: an effective compliance management program starts at the first meeting, embraces reasonable discretion and promotes creative solution. Trivedi, Rajiv K. Sep 1, 2009 1324
Should you roll out initiatives in troubled times? Shuy, Tim Sep 1, 2009 1245
Troubled franchisees: franchisor to the rescue? Weathering the current economic storm requires clear, level-headed thinking and a strategic process for action. Berg, John E.; Palmer, Ryan R. Sep 1, 2009 1809
Maximize resources, minimize legal costs: the key to minimizing legal expenses is understanding that lawyers have to sell their time. Drumm, H. Michael Sep 1, 2009 1288
Marketing your franchise as an "add-on" business: now is the time to show franchisees how industry diversification into complementary concepts can add even more value to their businesses, families and teams. Smith, Gina-Lynne Sep 1, 2009 1297
Sea, sand and strategy: franchising's leaders plot future course: IFA summer board of director's meeting attracts largest-ever attendance, sets new FranPAC fund-raising record. Aug 1, 2009 899
IFA launches 50th anniversary promotion with new logo design. Harrison, Alisa Aug 1, 2009 679
Minority small-business owners: tapping franchising's power: here are several inspiring stories about six committed and creative minority franchisees who offer insights for all operating in a challenging environment. Cover story Jun 1, 2009 179
Building recruitment and support strategies for franchises: change is unavoidable and being flexible may be the key to long-term, sustainable success. D'Ambrosio, Maria Jun 1, 2009 1233
Evaluating business development opportunities in urban markets: has your franchise system researched buying powers lately of racial and ethnic minorities? Brewer, Miriam L. Jun 1, 2009 1312
Making your brand attractive for multi-unit development: franchisors must be focused on a number of key areas to help facilitate growth. McDougall, Dave Jun 1, 2009 1053
Under new management? Engaging franchisee-owners: a new executive's key to future success should include participation and inclusion. Mangiamele, Paul Jun 1, 2009 1865
Attention management teams: what's beyond the recession? Coley, Art Discussion May 1, 2009 2285
From single-unit owners to multi-unit achievers: a challenging but rewarding growth strategy. Fiorentino, Rocco Cover story Apr 1, 2009 1613
Nurturing multi-unit operators to success: nurturing multi-unit operators requires training, guiding and nourishing them on the path to success. Kartarik, Mark Apr 1, 2009 1379
How multi-unit operations boost a franchise: the benefits far outweigh the challenges. Chalupnik, Carolyne Apr 1, 2009 1154
Minimize the messages, multiply the messengers: giving employees direction on priorities will mobilize your organization and benefit the entire organization. Hansen, Todd Apr 1, 2009 1500
What will the healthy families Act mean for your franchised business? Congress will likely consider legislative measures to mandate a minimum amount of employer-provided paid sick leave in 2009. Straczewski, Jason Apr 1, 2009 1104
Franchising scholarship to aid freshman's career aspirations. Reynolds, John Apr 1, 2009 364
Understanding top legal issues in international franchising. Rogers, John L.; Richards, Michael S.; Friedman, Susan Mar 1, 2009 2489
Harnessing the benefits of fleet tracking: vehicle-fleet tracking saves money. Teixeira, Ed Mar 1, 2009 1289
The basics of franchising: the relationship. Slater Vincent, William Mar 1, 2009 2394
Best practices: promoting consistency within a system: consistency lays the foundation and creates expectations, employees, franchisees, vendors and customers. McEntire, Margaret Feb 1, 2009 1360
Next global stop: ranking franchise-friendly countries. Duckett, Brian Feb 1, 2009 1494
Women's Franchise Network chapters offer benefits: local networking and educational events offer "bonding" opportunities for like-minded women in franchising. Brody, Mary Beth Feb 1, 2009 1310
Looking for a few good VFPCs: (VetFran participating companies). Feb 1, 2009 453
Attracting franchisees: grow with the right candidates. Scrivano, David Feb 1, 2009 1992
Do you really know your franchise prospects? Taking the time to "peel the layers" closes more deals and seals lasting franchisee relationships. Smith, Monty Feb 1, 2009 1504
Developing effective lead generation strategies: do your messages cut through the clutter of 3,000 marketing notices a day? Mangum, Kelly Feb 1, 2009 1214
Which comes first, a franchisee or a site? It is in the franchisor's long-term best interests to take the "egg first" (or the "location first") approach to site selection and leasing. Willerton, Dale Feb 1, 2009 1020
Seamless leadership 2009. Shay, Matthew Jan 1, 2009 520
Great expectations: why you should attend IFA's convention. Discussion Jan 1, 2009 1049
The state of franchising: 2009: the franchising community is going to see a rise in closed units as higher operating costs root out inefficient and underperforming units. Johnson, Darrell M. Jan 1, 2009 2014
Considering inward course adaptations and improvements. Francis, John Jan 1, 2009 501
Implementing a thorough review and revision system. Johnson, Gail Jan 1, 2009 482
Rights of suppliers in an economic downturn: franchisors and other suppliers must remain diligent in dealings with customers in a distressed economy. Viscount, Michael J., Jr. Jan 1, 2009 1995
Crisis management: what's your strategy? Do not underestimate the potential risk and costs of a crisis. Bloom, Bruce V. Jan 1, 2009 1203
How to grow a great franchise: differentiate your franchise product, attract attention and secure sales to grow a great franchise. Arnold, Morgan J. Jan 1, 2009 1162
The psychology of the winning franchisee: a top racehorse driven by the right jockey can be slowed down enough and trained enough to win races. Greenberg, Herbert Jan 1, 2009 1261
Better convention results with a better RFP. Friedman, Steve Nov 1, 2008 494
It's the experience, stupid: how to create an event that drives business objectives and delivers bottom line results. French, Mark Nov 1, 2008 1275
Convention's over, now what? Do you want a packed convention next year? Start with these tips now. Casey, Michael Survey Nov 1, 2008 1801
Carrying the ball for franchising: IFA suits up for super bowls of politics: Denver kicked off, Minnesota received. Rather than the Broncos lining up against the Vikings, it was the Donkeys versus the Elephants, grinding out three yards and a cloud of dust in their quadrennial struggle for the White House. Nov 1, 2008 554
Latest franchising awareness ad features Jani-King. Harrison, Alisa Nov 1, 2008 325
IFA member survey provides important insights: rapid growth a sign of association's response to members' needs and interests. Greenbaum, Steve Survey Nov 1, 2008 1474
Franchisees: then and now: the business of franchising domestically and internationally is evolving. Berni, Fred Nov 1, 2008 1707
Target audience in the crosshairs? Take care in aiming before firing out your marketing messages. Cornish, Rick Nov 1, 2008 1182
Certified franchise executives program expands to India. Reynolds, John Nov 1, 2008 502
So you want to franchise your business: new book presents guidance all business owners should heed if they're considering franchising their business. Nov 1, 2008 465
Lender-franchisor partnerships: shared risks-shared rewards: franchise companies that grasp the concepts of risk management today will be the top brands of the coming decades. Rodi, Bob Oct 1, 2008 2506
Taking the "manual" out of operations and training manuals: play well with the map of your brand's DNA to produce best-in-class tools to help franchisees be successful. Larson, Kathy Oct 1, 2008 1899
Learn to listen: listen to learn: building effective communications opens the door to opportunities for trust and rapport. Brown, Christopher M. Oct 1, 2008 1383
Foundation announces grants to VetFran franchisees. Oct 1, 2008 1308
Communication key to fruitful franchise relations. Greenbaum, Steven J. Sep 1, 2008 354
Investing in your association will pay dividends. Shay, Matthew Column Sep 1, 2008 671
Coaching franchisees to success in a challenging economy: the tough economy has invaded every aspect of the business world. The affects of rising gas prices, food costs and curbing spending habits among consumers are being felt in every industry. In franchising, the softening of the economy is serving as a loud wake up call to franchisors. Murphy, Daniel M. Sep 1, 2008 1484
Talk to me: good communication as a business strategy: the cornerstone of franchisee communications is field support. Schumacher, Joe; Posey, Robin Sep 1, 2008 1158
Helping franchisees develop a strategic plan: the strategic-planning process offers a stronger approach to running the business by the numbers. White, Steve Sep 1, 2008 1338
Managing product sales to franchise owners: fulfillment service companies can handle distribution needs and free franchise systems of difficult chores. Rogers, Mary; McCann, Peter Sep 1, 2008 1214
Building compensation packages for sales pros: franchisors need to understand their salespeople and what is required to keep them producing at their maximum potential. Spadea, Tom Sep 1, 2008 1622
Getting the word out: building a co-op program: aim for flawless execution of your advertising plan, but be prepared to change strategies if your customer base shifts. Prasifka, Chris Sep 1, 2008 1366
Litigation insurance: is your franchise protected? Franchisors should take a closer look at their directors' and officers' insurance policies. Carlson, Scott Sep 1, 2008 1171
IFA expanding outreach to China market. Poza, Carlos Sep 1, 2008 752
Penetration testing: why franchise systems need information security: regular penetration testing of applications and system security are necessities which will help mitigate the risk of a data breach and system compromises. Chan, Henfree; Schaeffer, Bruce S. Aug 1, 2008 1954
Disclosure law violations: understanding the penalties. Buckberg, Joel R.; Suwanski, Jillian M. Aug 1, 2008 2500
Political engagement is good for franchising. Shay, Matthew Column Jul 1, 2008 554
Measuring franchise development performance: disciplined use of the right measurement tools will then lead to performance-improving decisions. Davis, Ben Jul 1, 2008 1821
IFA delegation advocates micro-franchise development for Africa AIDS relief: the health crisis in Africa and lack of government resources combine to make a desperate situation that has drawn the attention of IFA leaders and franchising executives who are working to advocate for and implement sustainable solutions. Straczewski, Jason Jul 1, 2008 509
Are franchisees independent contractors? Not everyone agrees: it appears that the law of unintended consequences is once again asserting its presence and franchisors of all shapes and sizes, especially those with franchisees who have few, if any, employees, and are conducting business as sole proprietorships, should proceed with extreme caution. Pressman, Arthur L.; Rubinstein, Gregg A. Jul 1, 2008 1386
Veterans program and new grant fund encourage franchise ownership and education. Jul 1, 2008 1032
No franchise is an island: franchisees and franchisors rely on each other: the overall goal of a Franchise Advisory Council is to facilitate communication between franchisor and franchisee and provide a platform for the sharing of ideas and implementation of ways to maximize profits for both parties. Dwyer, Janice M. Jul 1, 2008 1269
Toward operational excellence in franchising: achieving synergy, adding value, and security competitive advantage by exploiting entrepreneurial traits and core competencies. Rahatullah, M.K.; Raeside, Robert Report Jun 22, 2008 6676
Creating a culture of inclusion. Greenbaum, Steven J. Viewpoint essay Jun 1, 2008 435
Attracting women and minority franchisees: programs that work: for franchise companies seeking to advance their recruitment activities to attract more women and minorities, consider the path two well-recognized franchisors used to broaden their brands' reach to these important audiences. Brewer, Miriam L. Jun 1, 2008 656
Minorities attaining success in franchising. Jun 1, 2008 5814
Alternative franchise financing can close the gap: buy a franchise with retirement funds and other untapped resources. Nilssen, David Jun 1, 2008 1327
Diversity training: making it work, making it effective. Velasquez, Mauricio Jun 1, 2008 1100
Establishing and Maintaining an effective franchise relationship: it all begins with establishing a corporate culture of respect and commitment. Monson, Catherine Jun 1, 2008 1203
Building a healthy franchise culture. Nathan, Greg Jun 1, 2008 667
Attracting and retaining qualified franchisee: the bottom line is the bottom line. Wagner, Bill Jun 1, 2008 1158
Shape up your brand: every franchisor and franchisee needs to be confident that the brands are at peak performance during challenging times. Rogers, Jim Jun 1, 2008 1497
Thinking big? Don't overlook small communities for expansion: franchisors who aren't already considering smaller markets for expansion should explore the possibility. Tanner, Greg Jun 1, 2008 1365
Welcome new IFA members! Brief article Jun 1, 2008 140
Addressing the most common franchisee claims: common-sense steps that franchise systems often fail to apply. Brody, Mary Beth May 1, 2008 1745
Post-purchase synergies: they come in all types: there are endless possibilities in organizing a multi-brand company that can take advantage of a variety of cost-savings measures that will contribute to the overall profitability of the multi-brand company. Pearce, Ted P. Industry overview May 1, 2008 2221
Improving performance using franchisee growth groups: who are the smartest people in the room? Gerson, Keith May 1, 2008 1528
When all else fails, go make a sales call! There's only one reason not to sell and that's because you've closed your doors. Homsey, Harvey H.H. Apr 1, 2008 1960
Franchising continues its global reach. Greenbaum, Steven Mar 1, 2008 476
Purchasing international multiple-unit development rights: learn what potential multi-unit candidates want from your franchise system. Weinberg, Larry Mar 1, 2008 1899
Legal enforcement of international franchise relationships: what makes sense for the business: in the international arena there is no substitute for good prior planning and judgment. Schmidt, Roger; Mazero, Joyce Mar 1, 2008 2572
Franchising in Brazil: a survey conducted by the Brazilian Franchise Association in 2006 shows that the number of franchise units in that country increased 11 percent in 2006, compared to 2005. The total revenue of business-format franchises amounted to more than U.S.$18.5 billion. Caffe, Candida Ribeiro Mar 1, 2008 1483
Veterans program promotes business ownership and education. Mar 1, 2008 885
Michigan: a profile: this profile is part of an occasional series examining the issues and atmosphere guiding politics and policy in the various states. Flanagan, Troy Mar 1, 2008 654
What you should know about the Diversity Institute: a primer. McCarthey, Eric Mar 1, 2008 1240
Communicating a franchisor's value without crossing the line: the best way to avoid fraud claims when communicating a franchisor's value is for the franchisor to put itself in the franchisee's shoes and disclose to prospective franchisees what it would consider material if it were deciding to buy the franchise. Caruso, Carmen; Van Leeuwen, Brandi Mar 1, 2008 1366
Predicting the future, one customer at a time: customer analytics can help improve site-selection efforts and uphold the reputation of your brand. As more franchises realize the hidden value in their data, it's easy to predict the future of customer analytics. Hollander, Rich Mar 1, 2008 1140
IFA Convention to deliver three "Es"-empowerment, enlightenment and education: when the International Franchise Association's major annual event comes to a close, it is the sincere wish of the Convention Committee that each attendee leaves with many new ideas to enhance the brand development. Feb 1, 2008 553
The art of closing the sale in 10 easy steps: these steps convey messages of confidence to future franchises and customers. Beagelman, Steve Feb 1, 2008 1517
The new frontier of franchise disclosure. Grueneberg, Susan Feb 1, 2008 1201
Financing re-imaging projects: national funding program can be the solution to revitalizing a brand. Anderson, Rick Feb 1, 2008 1332
International Franchise Association programs and calendar of industry events. Calendar Feb 1, 2008 328
Maintaining unity in a franchise system: maintaining unity within a franchise system is paramount if a brand is to succeed. Several members of the franchising industry, representing different brands and offering varying views, provide their insights on what is involved in ensuring cohesion among corporate, field and franchisee operations. Boswell, Matt; Burnett, Jeffrey; Helgerson, Lonnie; Mowery, James Jan 1, 2008 2000
You're "lobbyist?" So, what do you do, anyway? From strength in numbers to targeted outreach, IFA promotes franchising industry's interests. Bonanno, Jessica Jan 1, 2008 2343
Managing the outside sales representative: by using behavioral techniques, franchise systems can determine the traits necessary for success. Boyens, John Jan 1, 2008 1789
Ensuring your franchise's involvement in diverse neighborhoods: engaging in and building relationships in the diverse communities where you own a franchise helps ensure success. Farrow, Freeman Jan 1, 2008 1475
Back to the basics of effective franchise relations. Shay, Matthew Nov 1, 2007 524
Effective communication = winning franchise relations: to achieve positive relations with franchisees, there has to be a genuine interest in what they have to say. Prendamano, J.J. Nov 1, 2007 1521
The franchisor-franchisee relationship: build trust and keep it. Sanderson, Rhonda Nov 1, 2007 1122
Reaching the summit through well-managed partnerships: what the franchising industry can learn from great expeditions. Burris, Jack Nov 1, 2007 932
Gaining an edge with vendor-supplier relations: positive franchise relations don't just happen, people need to work at it and have a plan to develop it. Baldine, Peter V. Nov 1, 2007 978
Volume of "voice of franchising" turned up on Capitol Hill. Nov 1, 2007 645
Veterans' program eases career switch to franchising: franchise trade association provides assistance to military veterans. Nov 1, 2007 883
Join IFA's veterans' program to help build the ranks of franchising. Oct 1, 2007 817
Toward a theory of social venture franchising. Tracey, Paul; Jarvis, Owen Sep 1, 2007 9650
Buying a franchise: what you need to know: find basic franchising information quickly and easily at Sep 1, 2007 1140
Lessons from a compulsive networker: networking out of one's comfort zone can be challenging and uncomfortable, but with a little time and effort one will find it to be very rewarding. Hales, Marcia Sep 1, 2007 1290
Collective banking: leveling the playing field of commercial banking: there are more than 80 value elements a franchisee may experience from membership in a banking syndicate. Szajna, John L. Sep 1, 2007 1968
Consider New Zealand your next franchise development stop: with a robust and fair legal system with no franchising legislation, New Zealand is attractive and high standards are being maintained by the Franchise Association of New Zealand through its membership having to comply with the Code of Practice. Germann, Stewart Sep 1, 2007 1870
Keeping the franchise family connected: today's conferencing technology makes communication easy and affordable. Ligon, Mike Aug 1, 2007 1392
Ten-gallon hats, cowboy boots and PowerPoint presentations: IFA Leadership not only changes attire, but entire Jackson Hole, Wyo. summer business meeting format. Aug 1, 2007 846
Building and repairing trust of the franchisee-franchisor relationship: key steps to ensuring a profitable relationship. Holmes, David Aug 1, 2007 1512
Salvaging your franchise after hitting a roadblock: ultimately, keeping franchisees happy is what helps drive franchise growth and prosperity. Chaitovsky, Aaron Aug 1, 2007 1241
Overlooked financial resource supports emerging markets. Andrews, Alan Aug 1, 2007 1705
Sales and marketing intelligence focus of new research guide: Franchise Update Media Group of San Jose, Calif. recently released a comprehensive research guide to sales and lead generation performance in franchise recruitment. The guide is designed to aid franchisors, development consultants, and advertising and marketing suppliers. Brief article Aug 1, 2007 256
Mediation ethics for the franchise lawyer and business executive: courts' approach varies widely. Pressman, Arthur L.; Block, Bradley S. Jul 1, 2007 1607
Helping franchisees adapt when a system is being acquired: the best way to help franchisees adapt to an acquisition is going to be through strong, effective and consistent communications. Pearce, Jack Jul 1, 2007 2074
Combining the power of multiple franchise brands to develop in emerging markets: the importance of "thinking big.". Steck, Paul Jul 1, 2007 1022
Who's managing your leads? Burris, Bill Jul 1, 2007 951
Does your franchise need an international partner? Having a third party that understands franchising to nurse both parties through the process can be invaluable. Duckett, Brian May 1, 2007 1397
A new take on "show me the money:" the franchise diversity and development initiative. Brewer, Miriam L. May 1, 2007 1027
Finding your way to fruitful franchise relations. Shay, Matthew Apr 1, 2007 583
Trends in multi-unit franchising: the multi-unit model is a significant factor in the continued expansion of franchising. Johnson, Darrell Apr 1, 2007 1275
Which franchising structure fits your system? Franchise systems must consider carefully whether a multiple-unit franchising approach is appropriate for their business. Lowell, Bret Apr 1, 2007 1736
Preparing your organization for growth: a personal view. Wilkins, Phil Apr 1, 2007 543
Developing master franchise-owned and corporate-owned offices. Crawford, Jerry Apr 1, 2007 516
Consistency: the key to branding: in RQM, repetitiveness is important and its means remaining persistent and consistent with the marketing message whether it's two units or 200 units. Findley, Gary Apr 1, 2007 1319
Steps to improve the franchisor-franchisee relationship: if the culture fits both parties, and if both parties are committed to a common goal, the relationship will be good and success begins. Homsey, Harvey H.H. Apr 1, 2007 1273
Collecting and analyzing franchisee financial statements: "I can't guarantee what you will make, but I can tell you what the average franchisee is making.". Devereaux, Ross Apr 1, 2007 1942
Franchising your concept in Egypt: Egypt holds the promise of much needed expansion in the private sector. Fath, Hussein Aboul Apr 1, 2007 1394
Will this concept work internationally in a new country ... again? Entering new markets requires a dedicated approach to understanding all there is to know. Dring, John Mar 1, 2007 2215
OPIC and the franchising sector-advancing economic opportunities: "it's just a matter of finding the right partner and bringing them together.". Harwood, Timothy Mar 1, 2007 1363
The future of Latin America: some excellent prospects, some serious challenges await those who franchise in this rapidly-changing region. Le Sante, William Mar 1, 2007 1295
Part II: understanding initial investment requirements of franchise systems. Mar 1, 2007 1121
Part III: royalty and advertising fees vary widely in franchise systems. Mar 1, 2007 1139
PART V: the continuing franchisee-franchisor relationship: unit renewal terms: vast majority of franchisors offer renewal terms to their franchisees. Mar 1, 2007 1043
Part VI: Increasing number of franchise systems provide "earnings claims" to franchise candidates:. Mar 1, 2007 836
Creating an effective operations manual: a "how-to" guide: the franchise operations manual documents the business model and the business model institutionalizes the buying experience and removes the element of surprise from the many customer experiences occurring every day in multiple locations. Gappa, Robert Mar 1, 2007 2777
Building more effective women leaders through mentoring. Hartnett, Rosemarie E. Mar 1, 2007 861
Franchisee to franchisor: what it takes to make the transition: while making the transition from a franchisee to a franchisor may be a huge step, it is an exciting new field of business. Caswick, Rob Feb 1, 2007 1640
Generation Y not now? Make way for the fresh faces of franchising. Cochran, Jacy Jan 1, 2007 1983
Reaching the next level with private equity. Barton, Ray Jan 1, 2007 1466
Turning around a struggling franchise company. Monson, Catherine Jan 1, 2007 2030
What it takes to succeed in franchise sales. Dorney, Brian Jan 1, 2007 1583
Franchises add trade shows to marketing mix. Goldstein, Joel Jan 1, 2007 1565
Franchise executives share insights on leadership. Jan 1, 2007 1938
Tried and true--best practices of franchising. Shay, Matthew Dec 1, 2006 580
Increasing market share through strategic branding: developing a strong franchise brand requires that franchise companies clearly communicate the vision for the brand to the field and enforce compliance to that identity. Sells, Nikki Dec 1, 2006 1294
Keeping up with Internet marketing technology: don't let the tail wag the dog. Okumura, Ken Dec 1, 2006 1511
Franchise marketing techniques: experts in the field impart their best advice on ways to boost marketing efforts. Dec 1, 2006 2150
Making demographics, research and modeling work for a franchise system: one of the most critical ways to "know" customers is to understand their preferences and purchasing behavior. Orton, John Dec 1, 2006 1622
Why go global? Compelling reasons to expand internationally. Edwards, William Dec 1, 2006 1524
Community relations: building awareness through local involvement: give your franchisees a "heart" in their communities. Scrivano, David Dec 1, 2006 1266
The profile of franchising: 2006: this is fifth in the series of IFA Educational Foundation-FRANdata research reports about the franchising sector. Dec 1, 2006 1114
Taking calculated risks: when tough decisions happen to good franchisors. Greifeld, Phil Dec 1, 2006 1228
Three avenues to "destination success". Houck, Ken Dec 1, 2006 1751
"Psychic" technology for franchise companies: knowing what franchisees don't know ... before they don't know it. Martin, Dan Dec 1, 2006 1104
Self-evaluation: is franchising for you? Nov 1, 2006 1424
Franchising basics: online courses and resources: what you need to know when buying a franchise and where to learn it. Nov 1, 2006 1101
Qualifying and matching candidates: the backbone and success of a franchise system is to create a selection process that matches the ideal candidate's skill level, financial investment level and financial expectations. Kiekenapp, Marc A. Nov 1, 2006 1930
The "dos" and "don'ts" of lead follow-up. Schott, Max J., II Nov 1, 2006 2083
Marketing strategies to enhance a franchise system's expansion: for franchise systems considering geographic expansion, there are marketing initiatives that should be integrated into the expansion strategy before opening new locations. Lee, John W. Nov 1, 2006 960
Thinking about re-energizing your current brand? Determine how to decide and implement the re-imaging of your franchise. Myer, Larry Nov 1, 2006 1782
Building strong business and community relationships: the key to establishing a presence in the market: creating a strong brand identity through the power of networking. McPherson, Bill Nov 1, 2006 1055
Six key ways to stay ahead of the competition: by conducting research, knowing what customers want and following a strategic plan, you can outdistance competitors. Hoose, John Nov 1, 2006 1741
Communicate, communicate, communicate: in a global environment, how are U.S. and foreign franchisees kept on the same communications page to solidify the brand? Myres, Ken Nov 1, 2006 1914
How to select a lead referral network: criteria for reducing a franchise system's risk, optimizing costs and enabling faster scaling. Omholt, David E. Oct 1, 2006 1366
Cracking the code of franchise brand marketing: cooperating for success: "life did not take over the world by combat, but by networking. Life forms multiplied and complexified by co-opting others ..." Drs. Lynn Margulis and Dorion Sagan in Microcosmos. St. Jacques, Michael; St. Jacques, Philip Oct 1, 2006 1686
Metrics that matter: benchmarking. Batchelor, Rick Oct 1, 2006 1493
The profile of franchising: 2006: this is the third in the series of IFA Educational Foundation-FRANdata research reports about the franchising sector. Oct 1, 2006 1150
Franchise-friendly candidates get fund-raising boosts. Brief article Oct 1, 2006 193
How to select a franchise supplier. Zwisler, Carl E., III Oct 1, 2006 3823
To disclose or not to disclose, that is the question. Joost, Stephen Oct 1, 2006 1244
What to consider before adding a retail storefront to your services franchise: retail storefronts give franchise owners the tangible product they need to entice potential customers into making a purchase, and likewise, make the franchise concept more appealing to the potential franchisee. Winter, Dave Oct 1, 2006 1171
How to nip nepotism in the bud: nepotism should never be a problem or consideration at a growing, thriving franchise company. Morrissey, Heidi Oct 1, 2006 1634
Why retirees make ideal franchisees: they're experienced in business and in life, bring wisdom and quite a few other desirable attributes. Caldwell, Ken Oct 1, 2006 934
The key to happy franchisees: here is a plan to implement a four-step, franchisee-centered process to generate healthy bottom lines. Recknagel, Todd Sep 1, 2006 1463
The essence of good franchise relations: "people just want to be listened to.". Holmes, David Sep 1, 2006 2637
Principle #7: great leaders nurture leaders: the principle you dare not ignore if you want to succeed. Hogan, Paul Sep 1, 2006 1865
The role of mentoring to improve franchise relationships. Moran, Barbara Sep 1, 2006 921
The Yellow Ribbon. Brief article Sep 1, 2006 255
Managing the chaos of technology: processes are essential to successful franchising and there are multiple ways to implement, manage, and improve them. Larson, Kathy Aug 1, 2006 2565
Managing prospective franchisee leads: technology can be used to manage contacts, build relationships and get results. Baron, Paul B. Aug 1, 2006 2163
Online training: things to know before you launch: upfront planning efforts will pay huge dividends at the end of the project and increase the likelihood of the training program being a success. Bigley, Nancy A. Aug 1, 2006 1732
Improving your franchise network through proactive transfer: key steps to ensuring a smooth and meaningful transfer of an existing franchise. Monson, Catherine Aug 1, 2006 1464
Franchise system offers unusual spot for conferences, meetings. Murphy, Susan Aug 1, 2006 893
Franchisors head West with rave reviews for IFE. Goldstein, Joel Aug 1, 2006 1223
DVDs on the run to franchise. Brief article Aug 1, 2006 92
Unleashing your inner lobbyist. Bonanno, Jessica Jul 1, 2006 1529
Thinking outside the "franchise owner in a box": five ways to create distinction among your owners to follow. Machusic, Karin Jul 1, 2006 589
Technology and franchise relations: help or hindrance? Communication has been and always will be the foundation to building strong, healthy franchise relationships, relationships that are essential to the success of franchising. Higginson, Don Jul 1, 2006 1772

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